Oh, I feel cheated, dark lover.
I sent you on ahead of me
And yet there you are, and here I am,
Far more than worlds apart.
I paid the ferryman your fee.
You should have been here to greet me,
My psychopomp, dark lover.
You should have come on down with me.

Claim all you will it's only hate
You can't fool me, dark lover.
Bound like the twin soul that fled me at birth
Black to my brightness, light to my dark.
You were always the other side of me
My demon, my killer, my victim, my love.
Always, you could have been one of us.
Almost, you could have been me.

But now you're still there on the far shore
With more than a world between us
Free of me now for a lifetime
When you should have greeted me here.
Still, I can be patient, dark lover.
I can sit here and wait for eternity now
And sooner or later, you'll come to the gate.

And I will be your psychopomp.

I'll see you in Hell, dark lover...

A psychopomp is a guide to the land of the dead. This is based on implied FoeYay (see TvTropes for the definition) between Katse and Joe, or at least on Katse's part.