Spit my name out with hate
Let it be your dying scream
Let it linger on your lips
As darkness comes to claim its right
And lead you to eternal night
Let my image guide you there.
Let my vision steal your sleep
And fill your days with hate for me.
Let me be all that you see.

Call my name out, worshipping
Let it be your final cry
Whisper it passionately
As your dreams are filled with me.
Let my face inspire you
Heart and soul in bond to me
Let me be all that you see.

For eighteen years I ran and hid
But now it's time to stand and shine.
Better that you bow to me
Cringe from me, worship me
Know my superiority.
My face should be engraved
In your eternal memories
(but you will never see inside
nightmares and my thrashing nights
never see my memories
running, hiding, ever victim
all my insecurities
let my mask be all you see)

Hatred's passion, worship's lust
All are much the same to me
Love me, want me, seek to kill me
All the same-- you know my name.
Let me be the important one
No matter what the way may be
Let me be all that you see...