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Chapter one: Damn school

'It seems that this city never sleeps. Man, I feel tired...' mused blonde teen as he laid his head

on top of desk. It was dark in his room and from outside he can clearly hear music beating.

He growled loudly and went back to his homework-stupid trigonometry! It was seventh

time when he tore piece of paper and throw it away... stupid music is still beating:

^The beat is rocking and never stoppin'

The DJs' playin' and my body swayin'...^

'Damn it! Why I must be the only one whose in the house when ther's party out! Stupid math teacher, I should kill him... Then I will never Ever have homework! Besides, what is with these numbers? They look like monsters form my imaginary world that I had when I was little...."

He looked through the window again. Lights from the town were blinking, calling him to go out and to forget about stupid homework and stupid place that he was living in. His room was clean, though the apartment was old, rusty, and starting to crumble. It smelt on old and alcohol. Joey looked back on his work sheet and started to finish his Ra damned homework. By the time he finished it was eleven o'clock. He sighed and stood up. He prepared his backpack for tomorrow because he knows he will be late for class. How he knows that? Well, he was preparing to jump through the window. It was not so high because he lived on first floor. He checked his clothes- boots with cargo pants, tight black shirt and leather jacket over it. He smirked and jumped down on the street. He looked around and started walking in direction of sweet and tempting music. He inhaled deeply fresh air of the oncoming night and he smiled. After some time he was in front of most famous disco in the whole domino. The bodyguard recognized him and smirked.

-I thought you had homework to do tonight Joey.-smirked his friend.

Joey smirked back.

-I finished it long time ago. Any interesting persons?

-You will fall on your pretty ass when you see it.

Joey raised an eyebrow.

-Oh really? And why is that?

-Go in and look for yourself.

Joey was now really in state of pure puzzlement. Who is that person who can make ruckus by only showing up? He rushed inside and was welcomed by beats of strong music. His eyes glanced around mass of people, searching for a person that was 'out of this place'. He frowned. He did not saw anybody that he did not already seen. There was that girl which hair he burned in science class, and guy that he beat up twice, then two girls that always pass by his window of his apartment, guy that he always argue with, then blonde girl… WAIT? WHAT! Was that…? No, he was seeing things. It was not him. He almost tripped over his own feet. The guy was right; he almost fell on his ass. The group of girls was chattering and giggling near him… he did not noticed. Or he did but he did not paid attention to it. He smirked and walked towards lean figure in tight black jeans and black turtleneck. Joey stood in front of him and smirked. Blue eyes looked up and person frowned slightly on sight before him.

-What do you want Wheeler?

Joey chuckled.

-Who would tell that mighty Seto Kaiba would willingly leave his office and go to such ORDINARY PLACE with ORDINARY PEOPLE that were talking in ORDINARY WAY?

Seto tried to glare at blonde, but he felt like he could not do it. He felt dizzy from all the smoke in disco and he felt like throwing up. He should not have that drink earlier that evening. It was getting him. Joey gave him confused look- the mighty Seto Kaiba has not retorted with some witty and sarcastic remark. Seto looked at him blankly- as if it was normal thing that he was there and that Joey Wheeler was making rather stupid questions.

-And your point is…? - asked Seto rising his eyebrows.

Joey looked at him in complete disbelief. Was Seto Kaiba drunk or something?

-My point is that you are not acting like yourself Kaiba. - answered Joey slowly, eyeing him carefully.

Kaiba smirked and his eyes took shape that Joey never witnessed before – mischief. Seto slowly pushed himself from the wall and slid up to Joey. He leaned towards Joey and asked huskily:

-And why is that?

Joey gulped. It was rather dangerous to be on this little distance with Seto Kaiba and those girls were sending him murderous glares. He looked back at Kaiba to see him watching him with dazed eyes, its original sapphire blue color was now deeper blue, almost black.

-Kaiba, do you realize that you are drunk? – asked Joey. Kaiba chuckled.

-Isn't that purpose of going out in nightclubs?

He leaned again towards Joey and rested his forehead on Joeys'. Joey felt his stomach flip backwards. What the hell was wrong with him?

-You know… I never thought I would think of this less say it but... can you...- Kaiba suddenly trailed off as he brought his right hand towards Joeys' face, tracing with his finger delicate skin of Joeys' cheek. Joey could feel himself breathing deeply as he felt that finger stopping on the edge of his mouth.

-… can you show me… how it feels…? - ended Kaiba his unfinished sentence.

Joey looked up at Kaiba, not breaking attachment of their foreheads.

-You will not remember… there is no point…-started Joey but he was cut off by pleading look in Setos' eyes. He was startled- he never saw that look in Kaibas' eyes. Kaiba never plead for anything- he always gets what he wants. He decided; it did not matter if Kaiba does not remember later- so he leaned in and pressed his lips ever so gently on Kaibas'.


Sunrays broke into small and old apartment. His inhabitant was in the hurry as always- he overslept and now he was going to be late for school. Again. He jumped in his uniform and grabbed his backpack that he, luckily, prepared last night. He stormed out of the house and ran towards his school. It was nice day and it was not cold. Blonde boy brought up his hand and touched his lips carefully- he could not imagine what happened last night. It was too unreal. He sped up and reached school few minutes before bell rang. He stormed into his classroom and panted out, rising up his hands above his head in cheering manner:

-I made it!

He heard chuckle from his friends and he walked up to them. He sat down and looked around. Kaiba wasn't here yet. That was very strange. Joey frowned.

-Where the heck is rich boy? - asked Joey Yugi.

-He was here but he did not felt good so he went to school nurse.

Joey chuckled. Tristan raised an eyebrow.

-What's so funny? He is sick and you are laughing?

-If you only know, why is he sick. - answered Joey and Tristans' eyes grew wide.

-Please tell me!- he begged Joey.

In that moment entered Seto with math teacher close behind him. Tristan went on his seat and Kaiba sat down -unlucky him- next to Joey. Joey send worried look towards him and Seto noticed that so, naturally, he send back glare. Joey shocked his head and turned towards teacher. Seto was still confused- why was Joey sending him worried look? Why did he care about him? Seto sighed- he could remember meting Joey last night in that club, but he cannot remember what happened. The only thing he knows is that he woke up on the backseat of his limo. The yelling of the teacher brought him up from his thoughts:

-Wheeler! Do you know to do ONE math problem correctly?

Seto looked at Joey, who had his usual sheepish smile on his face. Teacher sighed.

-You will never manage to learn alone so… I will assign you a tutor.

Joey gulped at this. What was that math-freak planning to do? And who could be his tutor?

-Mr. Kaiba, can I ask you for a favor? Could you please help him about this? There is no such person in this class that can teach him properly, so the only one that can help him is you.

Joeys' mouth fell open and he looked at Kaiba. This is not good…not good at all…

Kaiba had blank expression on his face.

-No problem.- was an answer.

Joeys' eyes grew wide on this. Is he actually agreeing on tutoring HIM? Stupid school, stupid teacher and stupid MATH! After what happened last night, he will end up in enclosed room… alone… with him… damn that math teacher and damn that stupid school! They are tempting him…

Kaiba looked at Joey whose face expression was pure disbelief. He tore up piece of paper and wrote down:

"Kaiba corporation. 5 o'clock straight" and he throw it towards blonde boy. Joey read it and cursed again: damn that school…


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