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Chapter 3. Damn tables

Here he was- staring at the blackboard with bored look on his face, trying not to fall asleep. And here he was trying to recollect what happened few days ago.

After that incident in elevator, Joey thought that Kaiba will continue to bug him about what happened at the club. After 'elevator hacking' he had few more lessons with Kaiba for this math stuff tutoring and it seemed that this learning material was not that hard at all. They are having test currently but he already finished so he was now just staring at the blackboard, trying to amuse himself with something other than boredom. He glanced to his right.

Seto Kaiba had finished his test fifteen minutes ago and was staring at one spot, making Joey wonder what the brunette was thinking about and how in hell he managed to stay unfazed by boredom. Joey would always shift from side to side, chew on his pencil cap or doodle something but since it was middle of the test he couldn't doodle, cap of his pen was all nibbled down to the bits and he mustn't shift because damn teach will think that he was cheating. Therefore, it is still not clear to him- how Kaiba manages to stay still for thirty minutes (since he needs only fifteen to finish the test).

Kaiba felt that someone was staring intently at him and he looked to his left to notice that 'his student' who recently finished solving the problems, was watching him. He glared at him but the other boy just huffed slightly and stuck his tongue at him. 'Very mature Wheeler, you just never stop to impress me just how much of brat you can be' Kaiba thought sourly and cursed that he could not voice his thoughts out. Instead he rolled his eyes at blonde and looked in front of himself, leaving blonde to pout. Joey was disappointed that his fun ended so quickly so he sighed.

Blonde hoped that Kaiba will make his boredom a bit more bearable but it seemed that brunette did not have intentions to help him. He huffed to himself and tried to sit still. What is twenty minutes of sitting still? Nothing.

Joey groaned as his stomach growled loudly and he received snicker from Yugi on his right. He tried to ignore his spiky-haired friend and continued to stare at the blackboard contemplating what he will have for lunch. He didn't notice look of disbelief from Kaiba. Brunette wondered where all the food manages to settle in blonde. His appetite is so big that it looks like was starving previous day. He slightly shocked his head. He had to admit that Wheeler always managed to amuse him to some extent.

When school bell finally rang, there was outburst of delight from Joeys side that left teacher looking incredulously at him as he sprinted out of classroom.

Blonde managed to arrive in cafeteria in record time and he took his place in lunch line, grinning like a madman he is. He whistled to himself as he watched his friends stumble in cafeteria, panting and clutching for their guts as they ran after him, trying to keep up. Joey just grinned.

As they took their lunch they headed to sit. They were chatting when they noticed that only table where Kaiba was sitting was empty. Joey groaned but approached to him first, the rest (containing of Yugi, Ryou and Duke) standing behind him, like they wanted to hide themselves from Kaiba and outburst he may let out. "Kaiba, can we sit here?" The brunette looked up from his laptop; fork on halfway to his mouth.

He raised and eyebrow and group behind Joey gulped. "You want to sit here? At this table?" Joey nodded and gave him sheepish smile: "The rest are all occupied and besides we can make you company." Kaiba snorted: "Last time I checked I didn't ask for company." The group winced. Kaiba looked at them: "And they don't seem thrilled to sit here either." Joey looked at the group behind him and chuckled: "Don't mind them, they are fine." Kaiba snorted again and returned to his laptop and meal: "Do whatever you want. Just don't disturb me."

Joey sent him bright smile and nodded at the rest of the group: "See? It's not that bad." He chuckled as he sat down ignoring dark glare from brunette who returned to his lunch after few moments of staring. Yugi eyed Seto again and when he saw that other boy did not pay any attention to them, he sat down and smiled at Joey. Bakura sat next to Yugi and Joey placed himself next to Kaiba, grinning from ear to ear.

Joey was fully aware that his presence was annoying hell out of brunette but he did not really care.

The silence settled over the table as they chewed slowly and gulped down their meals. Joey was all fidgety, which drew attention from brunette. He realized that concentrating on his work was currently very hard task. After some closer (and hidden) observation, Kaiba started to notice things about blonde. It was not like he wanted to notice them- it was impossible not to glance at him every time blonde fidgeted on the bench. The blonde had little, hidden mole right underneath his ear. The usual, shaggy blonde mess of Joey's hair covered it perfectly that you needed really good close look-up to notice it. Other thing that Kaiba noticed is that blonde had really long eyelashes. Kaiba saw many girls around batting their eyes at him but there was no girl that had eyelashes as long as Joey. And looking at him from the sides, his eyelids seem to be always closed halfway.

He had to snap back from his close-up-puppy-observations when Ryou decided to speak up suddenly: "Guys are you getting ready for our school trip?" Joey looked up at him and smacked forehead: "Crap, I forgot about it! I was so distracted with these math problems!" While he continued to grumble, Duke piped up: "Where are we going again?" They looked at each other, deep in thoughts. Kaiba sighed and looked back at computer: "We are visiting Kyoto and Osaka." They looked at him and back at each other. Joey grinned from ear to ear and cheered: "School trip, here we come!"


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