Just a quick little oneshot. I wrote this a while back and stumbled on it yesterday, edited it today, and here we are. :)

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The timelines tangled around her like spider-webs, drawing her to her death. I'm honestly surprised he couldn't see it, but he was the Doctor; of course he wouldn't. His time sense isn't worth Staazula when he doesn't see what he likes.

Of course her death was my fault! Incidentally, so was her birth and every second of her existence, but that's obvious. She was born to die like that, and she served her function well. It was an unfortunate necessity, to be sure, but it was a necessity nonetheless, and I cannot regret it.

She heard his heartbeat in her mind before it had begun, reached out and touched him, and he became real. The slow pulse reverberated throughout Time, drawing her in until she had no other choice.

Me also.

I gave his wrist that weakness. I led Jack to the severed limb. I guided the hand to its home. I showed Caan the folly of the Daleks. I threw my signature along every wall. I ensured Rose stayed with the new Doctor. I. Me.

Oh, so you think that's the end, do you? You think that was my goal? To abandon my host in a world where she doesn't belong, trapped with a false Time Lord? No, no, my mortal friends. I see you still have much to learn. This is not the end.

It's only just beginning.


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