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For what shall it profit a man,

if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.

Mark 8:36

Chapter 7: Behind Those Sorrowed Eyes... - Part ONE

The car continued to wind down the curvy road, between the shady trees, and I couldn't help but notice that Edward was driving much faster than I would have imagined a normal human would have the guts for. Was he showing off? Was this typical behavior for him? And why did every single thing about him, like the indent where the corner of his lips met his face, or the darker bronzed ends of his hair, turn me on so much?

We didn't talk much. Not that it was an awkward silence, but a different type of silence. I found that being in his car, in his presence alone, was uncomfortably comforting to me. I could sort of relax around him, let my arms hang free. It was very strange for me to discover this type of comfort. I wasn't used to it, unless I was with Charlie -- and not even during all those times was I completely myself.

We spoke with our eyes, more less. He'd glance over at me with his diamond green eyes, and smile an angelic smile, and I'd smile back and look away real quick, afraid of what he could be thinking. Then, a few moments later, he'd catch me looking at him again -- perhaps staring or daydreaming, truthfully -- and chuckle, asking "What?" in this adorable, sing song voice.

Like just a second ago. For the fourth time. Back to back.

Gosh, I'm ridiculous!

I bit my lip, looking back toward the dotted lines flying under us in the middle of the road. "Nothing. I'm sorry."

Edward smiled his gorgeous side smile, and glanced back over to me as he mounted a left curve. He kept the car steady between the lines on the road, even though he wasn't paying actual attention to it.

"What do you have to be sorry for, Bella?"

I shrugged. "Staring at you," I shamefully answered.

A soft chuckle escaped through his pale throat. "You weren't staring." He mused back.

I fidgeted more. "I didn't mean to."

Edward kept his piercing eyes drilling right into my soul, to the point I was almost gasping for air. We rode in silence for a few moments, staring at each other like this. He was incredibly beautiful. I couldn't figure out if he looked more like an angel, or if that wasn't even enough to describe him. He was utterly perfection. "I hadn't noticed, Bella. But you still don't have to apologize to me. I want you to be comfortable around me."

I bit the inside of my lip and forced my face away from his stare as a smile took it's place on my lips, and I noticed we were finally going under 90 miles per hour. We were slowing down.

Edward slowed to an 18 mile per hour pace and took a solid left turn onto a more secluded road than we were just on. "We're almost here."

I nodded, flustered nerves kicking in. I didn't know how I was going to play this off and be so normal. I was never normal... not really.

And listening to his heart beat through his chest at such a steady pace, his hypnotizing inales and exhales of breath, and watching his eyelashes bat against his pale skin... it was all enough alone to make me want to jump on him now, and that would be very bad, considering they would have to come looking for him eventually.

And they knew I was with him.

Shit. I was so screwed.

We curved around a few more s-curves and pulled up the hill, and the car hummed to a stop. My mouth hit the floorboard as soon as I looked over my right shoulder. He wasn't rich -- rich was an understatement. This house was incredible. It had four stories to it, if you counted the bottom layer. It was rich in color with these deep browns and mahoganies, and large extravagant windows throughout the entire frame. There was charcoal grey accents along the house as well, allowing it to blend in with the dark, deep forest that surrounded us at all angles.

I could see in different rooms of the house from the car window, and I had the unsteady feeling that there was nothing normal about this house. It wasn't like anyone else's here in Forks. No one else could afford this type of luxury, quite honestly. Besides Charlie, and he refused to move out of the house we were in, stating that we'd look "too obvious" if we did that, considering his job was only a Police Chief. Despite the title, the police in this town didn't make that much money. I'm surprised he still bribed me with my M3.

Edward hopped out immediately and ran around the front of the car, opening my door before I even had the seat belt off. His beautiful hand extended out to me, and I held my breath as I took it, knowing I wouldn't be able to deny him -- or myself -- such satisfaction.

He beamed as he pulled me along the steps and to the front door with the fine wooden frame and glass center. "This is a house of relaxation, Bella," he assured me as he opened the door and let me in. "You can be yourself here. No worries, okay?"

I nodded, unable to speak. I felt my grip gain a little strength on his hand, but he didn't seem to mind it.

"...So you can stop shaking." He continued with a comforting smile.

I froze at that expression, unable to let go of his hand. I hadn't even realized I had been shaking. Why did he have to be so in tune with me all the time?

I took in the white walls and delicate art and sceneries placed sparatically and perfectly around the house, as he shut the door behind me. The house was silent, the way it would sound if it were unoccupied. I held my breath as I focused my ears, but heard no heart beats. There wasn't anyone else here. This wasn't good. I continued to glance around until I found the staircase, and froze yet again.

"Is that an actual tree inside your house?" I asked, bewildered.

Edward chuckled with a nod. "Yes. Alice loves to climb it to get to the kitchen, instead of taking the staircase. Don't ask, I don't know why."

"Huh..." I responded, unable to come up with anything better than that.

Edward smiled as he stood beside me and placed his warm hand on the middle of my back, rubbing it gently. "Are you okay?" He asked concerned, pushing me forward gently to walk with him toward the staircase... and the tree.

I nodded and tried to control myself from panicking, with little help. I didn't know what was worse at this moment... the fact that he was touching me and I liked it, that there was a tree in their house, or that I felt so comfortable and so nervous at the same time just being here, with him.

We strutted side by side along the staircase and I took in their family portraits along the wall with a smile. They were perfect, and flawless... and though some of the kids were adopted, it didn't appear that way through the solid frames. They all seemed very close, connected, so powerful.

Edward pointed to the attractive blonde man with penetrating eyes and a strong jaw line in the back row, with his left hand on Alice's shoulder. "That's Carlise," he replied, as if he heard my unanswered questions. "He's my father. He's very comforting. He's a doctor at the nearby hospital here. And this.." he pointed to the woman beside him, equally as beautiful, with honey brown tendralls and a smile that you could drown in, "Is Esme, my mother. She's very caring and sincere. She is a successful architect with an obsession with interior design, as you probably could tell."

I nodded, soaking in the picture more. Each person in it was gorgeous. Each had smiles on their faces. Each looked like they had a story to tell, by the expressions in their perfect eyes. And Edward, standing on the other side of Esme with his arm over her shoulder, outshined them all. He looked so happy and very secure there. It made me smile for a moment, thinking about all he lost with his biological parent's deaths... At least he was able to gain some security back.

A sting swelled over my body as I became internally jealous. I have yet to have that type of comfort, even through all these years. Even through all the trying. It just never came for me.

"You guys are beautiful," I spoke softly, smiling up at him. "Very... fitting."

He smiled back at me calmly, inhaling deep. "We are," he replied. "Fitting, I mean. These guys are my family, no if's, and's, or but's about it. They make this life easier, more bearable. It's almost like saving grace, you know?"

I nodded, staring into his eyes again. I found it was so easy to get lost in them. So comforting...

Edward smiled as he led me further up the staircase and around the corner, to the empty kitchen. Like the rest of the house, it was beautiful as well. With it's mahogany cabinets, large windows over the stainless steel sinks, granite countertops, it definetly fit right in with the coziness of the house. It was so open, extremely bright and welcoming.

Edward smiled at me as we stood next to the island. "Can I get you a glass of water?"

And it starts. "No, thank you," I replied as softly as I could imagine, through my shaky voice. "I'm not thirsty."

He nodded, continuing to penetrate me with his eyes.

"W-What?" I asked, beginning to feel anxious.

He raised our hands, bringing them to my attention that I haven't yet unlocked mine from his yet. I stared at them, at our fingers intertwined with each other's in perfect shapes, as if the were destined to hold like that. I hadn't even noticed I grabbed his hand again!

"I didn't know if you wanted me to drag you along to the refridgerator with me..." he mused, voice like velvet. "...Not that I'd mind much, if you didn't."

I relunctantly let go of his silk, warm hand, and felt more emptier than I had in years, watching him as he walked the seven steps away toward the fridge. I didn't like these emotions. They meant I was becoming more attatched to him, more in need of him, and that was not a good thing.

Edward poured himself a glass of ice water from the spout inside the freezer door and walked back over to me. My heart felt less heavy, standing still in my chest.

"Where is everyone?" I asked. "I thought we left after them."

Edward nodded, grabbing my hand and causing more electricity to run through my body. He pulled me along the open hall and into their living room, complete with plush white couches and a tv screen bigger than Charlie's bathroom in any given direction. "They went to get the pizza. You like pepperoni, right?"

I nodded, swallowing hard. "That's fine."

Edward smiled and sat down on the couch, pulling me beside him. I knew it should feel awkward, considering that there were two plush couches beside this one, as well as two large, overstuffed grey chairs. There was plenty of other seating around this room alone, and I shouldn't have to be sitting so far next to him.

But I couldn't help it. Yet again, another bad idea.

He leaned over and grabbed the remote with his long fingers, before adjusting his body around the way he wanted in the cushions of the couch. He smiled at me as he turned the tv on. "Is this okay?"

I looked past his delicate features, toward the large screen. Food network. Great. "Yeah, this is fine."

Edward hesitantly glanced to where my eyes lead and busted out laughing. "No," he replied, still chuckling softly. "I didn't mean the channel. I meant this. Us, the... way we're sitting."

I bit my lip as I looked down toward my thigh. It was completely pressed up against his with my knees pointed in his direction, and my body was leaning in toward his chest more than I had intended. I tried to pull back a little, but something inside me held me down, held me still. I nodded, holding my breath tighter.

Edward smiled and rested his hands over his legs, flipping through the channels. My eyes focused on his right wrist, and the icy blue vein that drew a jagged line along the thin skin there. I licked my lips.

"I bet you're wanting a much needed break from baseball, with my practice earlier today..." Edward assummed, skimming past all the sports channels.

My eyes continued to focus on his frail wrist as my mouth began to water uncontrollably, and I nodded slowly, my reaction late. I felt my ears close inward, causing me to hear only the echo of his strumming heart and his inhaling. I wasn't able to notice what he had chosen, but I could tell it involved action, as there were girls screaming and guns blasting through the surround sound speakers. My eyes zoned in tighter to the vein, and I felt my right hand twitch, the urgency to grab it.

I balled my fingers into tight fists and slid a few inches away from him. Edward noticed and looked at me, but didn't say anything. I needed to change the subject, to focus my mind on something else.

"So..." I stuttered, uncomfortably drawn to the rumble in his chest. "Do you like it here, at the new school?"

Edward sighed, leaning in to me a little. "Yes," his velvety voice replied. "It has a few minor deductions, but the majority of the town is very intriguing."

I nodded, tearing my eyes away from his arm. "And what brought you here?"

Edward reached over and turned off the tv, causing pain to rip through me as the sound of his heart got louder. "My mother passed away a little over half a year now."

My eyes met his and expected there to be pain, but it didn't seem to cross his eyes. "Can I ask how?"

He smiled, reaching over and fiddling with my thumb with his index finger. "She got sick. Scarlett fever. It happened very fast... Unexpectedly."

I bit my lip, knowing I shouldn't press it further, but I couldn't help it. "I'm so sorry to hear about that, Edward. I know it's hard to talk about."

He nodded, continuing to play with my hand. He seemed a little hesitant, but mostly calm around me... I couldn't believe how comfortable he seemed to be. It was clear I didn't intimidate him, but I hadn't expected to be his confidant, either. "Yeah, it has been. Thankfully, Esme was my mother's best friend in college, and they stayed in touch. I'd spent summer's here with Carlisle and Esme, and was very close to the kids here. So it made the ultimate transition easier for me."

"Were you close with your mother?"

"Yes, extremely. I had lost my father when I was five years old -- He was murdered. After that, my mother never really moved on, so it was just her and I, and I was the only man in her life. I did what I could to protect her, to help her with the bills and all, but when she got sick..." His voice trailed off for a moment, but he regained his control quick. "...When she got sick, we called in Carlisle to fly and be her caretaker. There was nothing I could do, and that brought more pain to me than anything before. I felt so helpless and I watched as my faith floated away from my soul. It had been replaced with hate and confusion..."

I nodded, unable to respond. I wound my fingers through his, unable to fight back with myself. I never felt more connected with anyone. It was as if he had been describing me, so many years ago.

"It was Carlisle that told me she... didn't make it... and he was the only one I actually broke down with. He sat there all night, curled up with me in the middle of the hallway on the cold floor, and let me cry on his shoulder for hours. He didn't care if there were nurses passing or people looking. He just wrapped his arms over my head so I couldn't see them, and let me get it all out. I don't know what I would have done without him being there for us."

"You must feel very lucky to have him in your life. And the rest of them."

Edward smiled, gripping his fingers with mine. "I am."

I watched as his thumb began to make delicate strokes across mine.

"So, what about you? I mean, do you like it here?"

I sighed, pulling my hand away from his and putting mine between my legs. "Not really. It gets tiring after so many years."

"And your parents?"

"C-Charlie's the Chief of Police here. He works long hours, as he is very dedicated to serving our community. It's his release, I guess you could say. Keeps him in line."

"And your mother?"

I looked up at him, and I could tell my expression gave myself away, as his eyes began to read mine perfectly.

He frowned. "...When?"

I bit my lip, looking back down at my hands. I watched as he pulled my right arm back to him, and interlocked our fingers again. "A long, long time ago."

"I am so sorry, Bella. I know it's hard. I know it is." He rubbed my hand between his, as if to warm them up, unsucessfully. "...How did it happen?"

I shrugged, my eyes tightening as I tried to block the images from my mind, the echoes of her screams. "She was murdered, as well."

He frowned again. "What was her name?"


"Renee and Charlie..." He whispered.

I nodded, swallowing hard. "What were your parents names?"

"Elizabeth and Edward Masen. I was named after my father, and my grandfather, for that matter."

I smiled, taking in that thought.

We were silent for a few long, lingering moments. I watched as he continued to rub my hands between his and listened to his heartbeat drown out all the devastating thoughts in my head. I felt so comfortable with him. I've never talked to anyone about any part of my life before, but with him it seemed to spill out.

I felt myself leaning toward him once again, and his heart beat pound through my chest. He looked up at me and smiled, locking his eyes with mine. We stared at each other as we thought to ourselves, me wondering how on earth he could be so beautiful and so relateable, yet holding my hand? I so badly wanted to taste him, to have the red amung my lips... His scent was intoxicating me, and as my eyes melted in front of his, I felt myself losing my balance. It was as if he was dazzling me, somehow... and that made me want him more.

...I couldn't imagine what he was thinking.

"You are so beautiful." His voice was so confident, so surrounding.

I focused on his eyes, my thoughts snapping away like a closed door. I studied them for a few moments in oblivion, before the realization of his words took form. Then I bit my lip and looked down.

"No, no," Edward replied, releasing my hands with just his right one, as he raised his index finger over to lift my chin. "Don't look down, Bella. Look at me."

He held my face in his soft hands, and didn't let go when my eyes found his. Then he spoke each word individually. "You. Are. So. Beautiful."

I shook my head hard, feeling so self conscious. There was no way he could mean what he is saying. He's just trying to comfort me. That's all it is.

I tried to look down again, but his hand wouldn't let me, his other hand holding my face with assistance. "I said don't look down, Bella."

I inhaled deeply, regretting it as soon as I could taste his scent on my lips. His eyes continued to penetrate mine.

"Bella... you... are... so.. beautiful."

I closed my eyes tight. "No, I am not."

He shook my face gently, in order to make me open me eyes. He waited until I did before he continued. "I'm going to tell you this until it sinks in your head, Bella. I realize that you don't see yourself clearly, and I am going to work on that with you. I'll do whatever it takes. But you have to know this first, Bella: I will never lie to you, okay?"

I nodded, swallowing hard.

I felt his hands pull my face toward his now, ever so slowly. My hands drew up the length of his satin arms on onto the skin of his thin wrists, tightening my grip there. His green diamonds came closer to mine than ever before, inches away. I felt his warm breath on my cool lips, and it took every muscle in my body I had in order to not end it all right there.

Then he crept closer, about a single inch from my lips.

My breath cut off completely as my eyes widened and my frame began to shake. I knew he was going to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him back. But I wanted him more, in all ways, and this scared me. If we touched, I knew I'd never be able to stop myself from reacting the way I wanted to, both positevly and negativly, and that could be a very, very bad thing.

Edward's full, soft lips parted.

My body shook more, but I couldn't find the words to protest.

"Bella..." he whispered, soft as a faint breeze. He tilted my head to where my eyes were almost connected to his, and then turned my face to the left , running his warm lips along my jaw line.

I almost had convulsions.

His voice remained a whisper, "You... are... so... beautiful..."

I continued to shut my eyes, inhaling deeply with my jittery frame, unable to speak. I didn't know what I wanted at this point. Everything I knew, it seemed I didn't know. It was so confusing. I wanted us to kiss, but knew it'd be too hard. I wanted to climb up in his lap and have him hold me, but knew I'd regret it immediately. I wanted to throw him on the ground and lose my mind, but I knew that would never work either.

And worst of all, he had no idea what I was.

I turned my face toward him, as my lip began to quiver with want. "You don't know anything about me, Edward." I whispered.

He kept his hands cupped around my face. "I'm willing to sit here for days and listen to anything you want to tell me."

I shook my head. "You don't want to know."

"Bella, trust me. I do."

I stared at his eyes, the words at the tip of my tongue. I knew as soon as I told him, as soon as I'd confess, it'd be over. He'd react so harshly and I'd lose my control, and this would all turn into a large mess. Charlie would lose his job and we'd have to change our identies in order to keep going.

If he reacted badly -- which there was no doubt in my mind he would -- that I would kill him. I wouldn't be able to help it.

"T-This is wrong," I whispered shakily. I felt scared, unhinged. "I shouldn't be here."

Edward didn't seem affected by this, only concentrated on his goals. "This is exactly where we're meant to be, Bella. Everything happens for a reason. We have to believe that."

I shook my head, gripping tighter to his wrists. I felt myself edge closer to him, drowning to the rhythms in his chest. "You don't know what you're saying."

"Yes, I do. Bella... I feel very protective of you, somehow. It's as if I'm meant to be here for you, to help you through whatever you need." He pondered for a moment. "And, possibly vice-versa as well. We've both experienced devastating losses, Bella. We both ended up in classes together, and in that hall alone for a reason. We both feel drawn to each other somehow, even if we can't explain it..."

I nodded, my eyes sealing tighter together, tasting more of his scent on my tongue.

Edward continued to suffocate me with his whispers. "...So don't tell me that this is wrong, Bella. We both know better."

My eyes popped open quickly, and as soon as they snapped to his, my mouth dropped open, but no words came out.

Edward's breath hitched in his throat, his heartbeat almost at a pause. It was as if he couldn't get the words out either.

This was very bad.

"Bella..." Edward whispered softly.

"Y-y-yes?" I was full-blown earthquake shaky at this point.

"Can I ask for a favor?" There was something about his voice, so strong and overtaking to me, he didn't even need to ask. At this point, he could have whatever he wanted.

My eyes shut tight again as I held my breath, gripping to his wrists tighter. "Y-y-yes you ... c-c-can..."

"Shhhh," he whispered, calming me down as he stroked my face. "Shhhh, beautiful..."

He waited until I was steady and able to open my eyes, which took a little while.

We breathed in and out together simulaneously, as if we were timed that way.

"Bella..." He penetrated, soaking me with his soft voice. "Would it be alright if I kissed you?"


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