Just something that popped in my head, like all my fics do. I watched a clip about Stella almost falling off of a building, I only saw when she was looking down and holding onto the bag, I didn't get to see the rest. Obviously she didn't fall, but here's another take on it. Enjoy!!!


Danny and Mac had just wrapped up their case from the day before, and Sheldon, Stella and Lindsey had wrapped up their case from that morning when they cornered the guy and wormed a confession from him. Mac looked for Stella all over, trying to find her so he could put the confession in the file. He spotted her arguing with a man outside, so he walked up and said,

"Is there a problem here?"

"No, Mac, this is Mr. Beladina, he's the father of our suspect for the Scranton case, you know, Sheldon's, Lindsey's and my case from this morning."

"Ah. You okay?"

"I'm fine, Mac, go back to your paperwork. You're just looking for a distraction."

"No, I need that confession."

"Tell you what, I'll hand deliver it to you personally as soon as I finish up with Mr. Beladina here, okay?"

"Okay," Mac said, and walked away to the elevator and rode it up to his floor, going back to his paperwork and waiting for Stella.

Mac was sitting at his desk finishing up a report when a knock came at his door. He looked up to see Stella standing there. He smiled when she opened the door. His smile vanished when a masked man ran up and put a gun to Stella's head, putting his other arm around her neck. He hissed at Mac,

"Move and she dies. Go for your gun and you die too." Mac raised his hands in surrender, recognizing the voice as Mr. Beladina, the father of their suspect. Mr. Beladina yanked Stella backwards, digging the barrel into her temple, and demanding to know where the confession was.

Mac then went for his gun and called Flack, who was in the building. The guy dragged Stella to the roof, followed by Mac, Danny, Lindsey and Sheldon, Flack not far behind. They burst out onto the roof just as a shot rang out.

"Stella!" Mac yelled, and she called back,

"I'm fine!"

"Shut up!" The man snarled, and they could hear the sound of a fist hitting flesh. Stella cried out in pain, but then kept quiet. Mac jumped around a corner and aimed his gun at the man holding Stella hostage.

"Let her go."

"Oh, I don't think so, my son is innocent."

Mac and the team argued and reasoned with the man, but got nowhere. Finally he just grinned and pulled the trigger.


The gun didn't fire, but Mac did. Mac's bullet hit the man and he tumbled over the edge, taking Stella with him. She cried out as she toppled over the edge. Flack, Sheldon and Danny raced downstairs to get the man and catch Stella in case she fell. Mac raced to the edge, yelling,


He looked over the edge and saw Stella hanging onto the edge. He grabbed her hands, helping her hang onto the edge. Stella's feet searched frantically along the edge, looking for a place that she could put her feet on. Her panicked eyes locked with Mac's and she said,

"I, I can't, I can't find a place to put, put my feet,"

Mac thought hard for a moment and then said,

"Stella, I need you to trust me, with your life, okay?"

"Of course, Mac, haven't I always?" She said calmly, looking him straight in the eye. Mac nodded and grabbed her wrists.

"All right, let go, Stella, I've got you."

I hope, He thought.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and slowly relinquished her grip on the edge. Mac began to teeter on the edge, and then it looked like they were both going over.


OH NO!! Sorry, kinda short, but I looove doing cliff hangers. REVIEWING TIME!!! Thanks for reading, and one, maybe two chapters to go!