A/N: This is my first fanfic ever so if I make any noob mistakes just deal with it, I'm new.

Basic plot: Baralai goes missing suddenly and everyone thinks that he's just too overwhelmed with Praetor duties and decided to take a break so nobody is too worried about him, except Paine of course who knows him better and knows deep in her gut that something is not right.

I'm not that great with summaries, something else you're just going to have to bare with. Oh and this is in Paine's POV.

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Must not hurt Rikku, must not hurt Rikku, must not hurt Rikku. I kept saying this in my head over and over trying my best to keep my anger controlled but she really wasn't making it any easier.

"Come on Paine, you got to have some ideas." Rikku said in a whiny, pleading voice.

"For the millionth time, I do not know where he is." I said enunciating every word to make my point clear.

"New Yevon is going crazy without him!" She said getting frustrated at my unhelpfulness.

"Their leader is missing and I understand that but I can't tell you what I don't know." I said repeating the mantra in my head again. Rikku finally gave up on me and left with her hands in the air and saying something in Al-Bhed that I didn't quite catch. I let out a sigh and lay back down on my bed. My peace didn't last very long since Rikku came back with Yuna and Tidus not too long after.

"Oh for the love of..." I muttered to myself.

"If you don't want to tell me then maybe you'll tell one of them." Rikku said as she pushed an apologetic looking Yuna and a confused looking Tidus in front of me.

"What makes you think she going to tell me?" Tidus said turning around but Rikku was already on her way out.

"Don't be mad at her, she means well." Yuna said sitting down next to me on the bed.

"I'm telling you the same thing I told her. I don't know anything." I said glaring at the ceiling.

"I believe you." She said with a smile. Somehow I doubted that but I kept that to myself.

"Anything else?" I asked obviously as an effort to get them to leave.

Yuna shook her head quickly and got up. She grabbed Tidus by the arm and started to walk out.

"I'm sure that he is ok, where ever he is." She said before she walked out.

That was something else that I doubted. Baralai was never one to completely disappear and it bothered me. Everyone in New Yevon thought that he had grown sick of his position and couldn't handle the pressures, leading a lot of them to start thinking of him as a traitor. I knew better, he wasn't quitter and he definitely wasn't a traitor. There had to be something wrong and I was going to figure out what that was.

"Prepare for landing on Besaid." Brother's voice came in loudly through the speakers.

Finally, she would have a chance to get away from all the pep. Maybe she would have a chance to talk with Lulu about this, she was sure to have some thoughts that might be helpful.

"You believe them?" I said surprised. If there was anybody that I thought was going to believe me it was Lulu.

"That he is a traitor no. That he needs a break yes. He works too much." She said as she stopped Vidina from falling off a chair. Hard to believe that he was two years old already.

"So you think he's taking a break?" I said getting up from the chair that I was sitting on.

"Do you think there is something else?" Lulu asked.

"Not sure yet. Thank you anyway." I said slightly defeated. I had expected as much, it is hard to explain a feeling after all.

"You are welcome anytime." She said. I nodded and walked out. At that moment I had no other thought in my mind except that I had to find Baralai and soon.