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After finally getting a decent amount of rest and food, which we were both in serious need, me and Baralai came up with a plan. Well I came up with a plan, and not a very good one at that. That meant that now we were hiding out in a shrub just outside of Mt. Gagazet in the middle of the night.

"Why are we hiding out in a shrub?" I asked quietly just in case anybody was near.

"I should be asking you since it was your idea after all; and technically it's a bush." He said in an equally quiet yet more amused voice.

"Bush, shrub; they're the same thing." I said rolling my eyes.

"Actually bushes are denser than shrubs and can also refer to a group of bushes." He said and I'm pretty sure it was to annoy me.

"I should have known that this was about politics." I said not wanting to continue our little argument about plants.

"With me it normally is. I'm the leader of one of the most important groups in Spira; if they do manage to capture and kill me and successfully blame the Youth League New Yevon will no doubt retaliate. This will give them the opportunity that they need to rise up and take over." He said which made me give him a very serious look. "What?" He asked when he saw the expression on my face.

"Nobody is going to kill you and I feel sorry for the poor fools who even bothered to try." I responded with a little fierceness in my voice.

"Actually I feel sorry for them too. What they are planning to do to me is nothing compared to what you can do to them." He said with a small smirk and I punched him on the shoulder. I gave my own little smirk when I saw him wince.

"Who uses Mt. Gagazet as a base?" I asked as I started to get cold.

"They have members from all factions. They need a place that is not only neutral but can also keep them hidden." He said. It seemed as if he was going to say something else but I stopped him when I heard voices coming closer towards us; voices that I recognized.

"I'm tired of your excuses Kanor. You've been searching for almost a month." Hearing that voice again took me back to that night on the Mi'ihen Highroad when the very same voice that is only a few feet away from me ordered to kill Baralai. I started to rise so I could go up to them and start fighting but Baralai shot me a warning glance so I opted for following them instead.

"I'm well aware of that fact Braydin but our young praetor is a very astute person. Apparently so is his girlfriend." The other man, Kanor, answered which left me a bit uncomfortable.

"You can't find the girl either?" The guy seemingly named Braydin asked.

"No. Last time we where aware of her whereabouts she was on the Mi'ihen Highroad with her friends, the Gullwings, but she suddenly disappeared." Baralai shot me a disapproving look when he heard this.

"Do her friends know where she went?"

"No. They are just as clueless as we are."

"Find them both, kill them both." Was the last thing Braydin said before they entered Mt. Gagazet. They shrunk a little under the weight of the Ronso staring at them with obvious disapproval when they entered but that still did not stop them from going further up the mountain. Once out of sight me and Baralai approached Khimari who looked at us with a raised eyebrow.

"Not safe for you on mountain." He said to us.

"We know but we can't sit around and do nothing. It's not only about our lives but also about the wellbeing of the people of Spira." Baralai said while Khimari looked down at him.

"Fight with you we cannot." Khimari said crossing his arms in his usual way.

"We do not ask for your help we just want your permission to be on your mountain." Baralai, ever the diplomat, said. New Yevon praetor definitely suits him.

"Get men off of mountain." Khimari responded before he walked away which I took as him giving us permission. Now that I think about it confronting this group didn't seem like a very good idea. Like Baralai said they had members from all the factions in Spira maybe even some of the younger Ronso. Add to that the fact that we are on the top of their hit list and the odds did not look good.

"So what's the plan?" I asked Baralai.

"You tell me. It was your idea to come up here; surely you have to have some type of plan." He said which made me laugh a little.

"I'm a fighter Baralai, not a planner."

"Right. We should get out of here before they find us." He said but before either of us could take a step a blonde blur crashed into me which caused the brown and other blonde blur that were following the first blonde blur to crash into both of us which in turn cause me to crash into Baralai. The point is that now Baralai, me, Rikku, Yuna, and Tidus, in that order, were on a heap on the ground.

"Painey! How dare you leave us like that?!" Rikku yelled, right in my face mind you.

"Rikku not so loud please. Do you want them to find us here?" Baralai said as he wiggled himself out of the pile.

"And kill us." I added as I tried and failed to follow Baralai suit. The three faces above me shared the same looks of confusion, surprise, and alarm. "If you three get off of me we could explain." I said trying to push them off of me.

"Preferably outside of Mt. Gagazet." Baralai added as he helped me up from the snow covered ground. Yuna, Rikku, and Tidus nodded.

"Great, back to the shrub." I said which earned me a confused look from Tidus.

"It's a bush." Baralai corrected me again.

"Whatever. It's a plant." I said as I started to walk down the mountain. We were not having this discussion again.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa; you mean to tell me that their plan is to kill you so that they can become rulers of Spira?" Tidus asked growing more confused by the minute. Me and Baralai nodded.

"How does that work?" Rikku asked.

"The leader of this group is a member of New Yevon. If they do manage to kill me my death will go public. He will blame the Youth League of which his partner is a member of. Once they get the fighting started they can come up claim to be looking for peace and Spira would most likely believe them." Baralai explained.

"Taking full advantage of the moment of weakness." I said stretching my arms. We had been sitting ground for a while and now it was starting to get dark.

"We can't let them do this to you guys." Rikku said giving me a rib crushing hug. Why did I sit next to her again?

"We can't take them on head first either. There are many of them and five of us." Baralai said. He had a point but there was no way that was going to stop Yuna.

"We defeated both Sin and Vegnagun; we are not going to let a bunch of bullies get away with this." Yuna said before getting up and marching up back towards the mountain. When I'm right I'm right.