Story based on latest episode, "My Name Is Mac Taylor" If you haven't watched it and you don't want to spoil the ending by reading this, don't read it, 'cause it might be a little confusing, but if you wait until I post the next chapter, you'll understand it all, hopefully. ENJOY!!!!


Mac left the interrogation room with a disgusted look on his face. Sometimes he just couldn't believe the indecency in people, to run someone over and peel off, even stop for one second, thinking about going back to help, but then taking off, leaving a young woman to die, and the man who loved that woman going after others in the city, trying to figure out who had killed her. It was just sick, Mac decided, and waited for news from Stella, telling him, hopefully, that they had gotten David. Mac walked back to his office and sat there, thinking about how life can be so short, and that you should spend as much time with the people you care about as you can.

With that thought, he got up and found Danny, Sheldon, Sid, Adam and Lindsey in the break room, with Danny, Sheldon and Adam playing each other on video games while Lindsey and Sid watched. Mac slipped in and was immediately asked to play. He backed off, but then Lindsey shoved the controller in his hand and he had to play one round. He beat the crap out of everyone, including Sid, who had been forced to play as well. Then, Mac's cell rang and he saw that it was Flack, not Stella. He held up one hand to stop the noise and answered.


"Mac, it's Don. We've got a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"Don, what happened?" Danny and Sheldon hollered, so Mac strode out after glaring at Danny and Sheldon.

"Don, what kind of problem?" Mac said loudly, trying to get Flack to hear him over the roar of a siren.

"It's David, he covered himself in gasoline and fell on the candles, lighting himself up."

"Oh man, is he okay?"

"Critical condition. But, we do have a big problem, Mac."

"What is it?" Mac asked impatiently, and Flack replied quietly,

"It's Stella, Mac,"

"What? What happened to Stella?" Mac demanded, everything and everyone disappearing around him.

"Before David lit himself up, he was freaking out and crying and all, and he was waving him gun around."

"Oh no."

"Oh yeah. Stella got too close, trying to help him and the gun went off. Twice."

Mac swallowed hard, and said, "Where did the bullets hit?"

"One hit her left shoulder, closest to her heart and the other hit her stomach."

"Is she gonna be okay?" Mac demanded, and Flack shrugged, though Mac couldn't see.

"Well, we lost her three times on the way to the hospital, and now she's in emergency surgery, according to the doctors it's 50/50 right now."

"I'm on my way."

"Mac, wait."

"What? There's more?" Mac demanded, and Flack nodded, again knowing that Mac couldn't see him.

"Yeah, there's more. You know how I told you that the guy was on fire after he shot Stella?"

"Yeah, and?"

"Well, she kinda fell to the ground, and then David kinda fell on top of her."

"So that means…"

"That means that Stella got shot and got caught on fire."

"Oh my God, was she that bad?"

"She was pretty bad, Mac, but not too bad. That's about all I know."

"All right, Don, thanks."

"Let the others know, will ya?"


"Thanks, Mac. She's gonna be okay, you know that right?"

"No, I don't know it. But I'm praying like hell for it to be true."

"Touché. See ya."

"Bye." Mac snapped his phone shut and strode into the break room. As soon as he entered with his white face and his somber expression, the team immediately turned off the game and faced him.

"Mac, what happened? Did they catch David?" Lindsey asked, and Mac nodded.

"They caught him, but he put himself on fire."

"And?" Danny asked, knowing that something else had gone wrong. He just didn't know how wrong.

"Well, apparently he was crying and freaking out. Stella, being a little too caring, got a little too close and…" Lindsey cut him off and said,

"She got caught on fire too?"

"Well, yeah, but…"

"Oh my God, we have to go see her!" Lindsey said, going for her coat but Danny grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, saying,

"Hang up, Montana, there's something else, right Mac?"

"Right Danny, there's definitely something else."

"Well, what is it?" Sheldon said, and Mac looked at them and said,

"Before David got himself and Stella caught on fire, he was waving a gun around, just trying to get rid of all of his grief. And two shots rang out."

"Oh my God, he shot Stella?" Lindsey demanded, and Danny held onto her tightly.

"Yeah, once in the left shoulder, once in the stomach."

"Oh no." Sheldon and Sid said together.

"What?" The rest of them demanded, and the two doctors looked at each other and Sheldon said,

"That's a fatal combination,"

"98% of the time." Sid added quickly.

"Fatal," Mac repeated, not wanting to believe it.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Shift's over, let's get down there!" Adam said, and they all looked at him, grabbed their coats and followed Mac out. Lindsey jumped in Danny's car, Adam hopped a ride with Mac, and Sid and Sheldon rode together.

When all three cars squealed up, Don was outside waiting for them. He simply told Mac the number, while the other's waited to hear his report on what had happened. Mac didn't care, he simply dashed up the stairs, two or three at a time until he got to Stella's floor, and then he flashed his badge, demanding all the information he could get on Detective Stella Bonasera. The only information he got was that Stella was in critical condition.

It took him about 30 minutes to find out that Stella Bonasera was in a coma, and that it wasn't looking good for her to come out of it anytime soon.


Not as long as I would've liked, but I hope you liked it!!! Next chapter'll be up soon, and if you're confused on what happened to Stella, don't worry. I'm doing the next chapter starting from Stella's POV, so it'll explain any questions you might have. Shoot me off a review and ask your questions that you want to be answered, if you have any, just so y'all aren't confused. Thanks for reading!!!