Author's Note: Just a quick look at a funny scene from last night's episode from Brennan's perspective. Hope you enjoy!

You look at every individual's bones differently. At this particular moment you are looking at the bones before you through the lenses of irregularly-shaped eyeglasses.

The lack of scar tissue forming at the site of the notch mark on the victim's occipital would suggest that this trauma occurred perimortem, likely the result of a blunt force injury. The fracturing that weakened the cranium must have been what caused the skull to burst in the oven, although the shape does not appear to resemble any recognizable object. You'll need an impression of the damaged area, and you'll need Booth to find the supplies necessary for you to-


You turn upon hearing Booth's greeting, observations interrupted, the cranium in your hand still in need of further examination.

Booth's lips quirk upward and you blink, confused as to the source of his amusement. His grin borders on resembling his charm smile; he must have a favor to ask of you.

"Alright, what I want you to do," he begins, slowly stepping nearer to where you're standing, "is take off your glasses..."

His voice is rarely this low. Indeed, you really might have to take off the glasses if he comes any closer. Booth's breath is always rather warm and it will probably fog up the lenses.

"…shake out your hair..." he continues, shaking his head, none of his hair managing to fall out of place. He moves until his chest and face, magnified by the glasses, consume most of your vision. Booth has a very well-defined torso. You glance over him, once, twice, in an attempt to determine what is going on.

"…and say, 'Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?'" He's still grinning, looking down at your eyes. He expects you to care if he knows what the penalty for an overdue library book is?

"Why?" you ask.

"Nevermind." He shakes his head and you explain what happened to the victim and the materials you'll need to identify the murder weapon.

When Booth leaves to obtain denture cream, baby powder, and a butane lighter, and you are absolutely certain that he has climbed every stair back up to the top floor of the plane, you pause to assess his request.

What benefit would have been derived from taking off your glasses and shaking out your hair?

It's a logical question and while you can't even begin to hypothesize, you decide there is nothing wrong with attempting to see for yourself. A controlled experiment.

The latex gloves get taken off and your fingers come up to swiftly remove the glasses.

You still feel very much the same.

Your hand reaches back to pull the tie from your hair. Slowly at first, then more quickly, you begin to shake your head back and forth, your brain feeling as though it is rattling dangerously within your skull. It's a somewhat pleasurable feeling though, your hair uncoiling from the twist it was in. It begins to whip side to side against your cheeks and you find it impossible to gauge how this sight would have provided Booth any sort of gratification.

This is ridiculous.

You stop. Conceding the fact that you may never understand why Booth wanted you to do these things, you push the glasses back on and pull your hair into a bun.

And you're not exactly sure how the overdue book fits into this.

You're not his librarian.