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This happened right after New Moon, after Edward and Bella got together again. Charlie had been told by Bella that she and Edward are a package deal, leaving him to deal with that. Bella's sort of mad at Jacob for the motorcycle thing (I don't like Jacob at all so I'm trying not to put him into this story. I'm hoping 'summer time' would be an excuse, though the timeline is off. Bear with me). Rosalie is trying to make amends with Edward and Bella though she's still apprehensive of Bella's choice. Jasper is cautious. Emmett loves Bella and her clumsiness. Alice is Alice. And Carlisle and Esme are amazing parents.

Just a warning-Charlie's character is OOC, so it's unrealistic compared to the series. Like I said, the idea just wouldn't leave my head.

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Bella's POV

It wasn't his fault.

I'd repeat it in my head for as long as I could, and I hoped that I would believe it.

He came to me, every day, and just his appearance was enough to scare me.

I don't know what made him crack-Renee calling to say that she and Phil were getting a baby, my telling him that Edward and I were together again, the funeral, or my recent disappearance. I don't know if any of those were even the reason, or if it was something else entirely.

All I knew was that I wanted it to stop.

Alice never saw it in her visions. I knew she didn't because if she had, the first time wouldn't have happened in the first place. I had nowhere else to go. And it was only for a little while longer. Just until I was eighteen and I could leave. Legally.

Charlie was a cop. If I left at seventeen, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

But then again, neither was him coming home drunk and starting to hit me.

It started with yelling. He would finish off a six-pack and start to yell at me, telling me how good he and Renee were before I came along, before I ruined their marriage. He yelled about Renee and Phil. He yelled about the baby and how Renee would run from Phil, too. He yelled about Edward, about the Cullens. He yelled about the funeral.

He yelled about Jacob. I flinched every time that happened.

I knew he was upset I still wanted to be with Edward. But he didn't understand. I loved Edward. And it wasn't some sort of puppy love, either. It was pure, unadulterated, passionate, beautiful love. I couldn't even bring myself to care that he'd left. All I wanted was for him to stay, for him to never leave. And I believed him whole heartedly when he said he never would.

Jacob had called to apologize, and I'd called him back as well, to tell him it's fine. But I'd explained that my true love was Edward, and I was sorry if I'd led him on-I was vulnerable, and I wanted to forget the pain. But Edward was with me now, the pain was lessening. I didn't need anything else. I didn't need anyone else. Jacob had been silent on the phone for the longest of times before he'd agreed. He'd said he was going away for the summer, to clear his head and sort things out. "Maybe when I get back, you and I can hang out, Bells. Like old times."

I'd like that.

Edward was my love. I couldn't breathe without him, not for a second apart. And I knew he was confused, sad even, that I asked him to stay away during the nights. I told him not to come over and watch me sleep, even though what I wanted to tell him was "Hold me, take me, save me".

But he couldn't do that. We couldn't just pack up and disappear.

So he'd stayed away, and he even didn't come into the house whenever Charlie was around. That I didn't need an excuse for-Charlie had banned him from the house, even for the summer.

Summer. I sighed. That would normally mean a happy time for me. But Renee and Phil were busy planning for my new baby sister. And I wouldn't want to leave Forks-leaving Edward behind, as well-for three months, either. Even if it meant Charlie.

He started drinking after the funeral. A bottle, sometimes two.

Whenever I mentioned Edward, he took three.

Whenever Jacob came up, he took four.

And then the fateful phone call from Renee.

He started hitting me.

It wasn't his fault, I'd already said this. It was all the pressure, the stress. I loved Charlie. I knew he loved me too. He was my father. I knew he cared. He was just in a lot of pain. He wasn't even coherent when it happened. And the next day, when he started to piece together whatever happened the night before, he'd apologize. He'd get me flowers, and told me to stay out an extra hour late.

Those extra hours, I'd spent at Edward's house, sitting in his room listening to music with him and sometimes even chatting with Alice, or we'd go to our meadow.

But those extra hours-they end too early.

And then I'm back where I don't want to be.

When I look into his cold, almost dead eyes, I'd closed my own eyes and pictured Edward, pictured him bursting in the door, my hero.

Save me.


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