Jazz: This story is for Mika-chan

Kisshu: Is it about me and Mika?

Jazz: Yep!

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Kisshu looked around, nervously. Maybe...maybe I should have asked her face to face instead of that stupid note!

Kisshu gave up on his koneko-chan, she had Ryou now, why would she want him?

Kisshu had gone to the park, heartbroken, where he cried his heart out. A girl was there, she was about 14 and had black hair with purple highlights. She had walked up to Kisshu, not scared of what he looked like. She had asked, what was wrong. When Kisshu looked up at her, he blushed for the first time in ages, maybe it was because their faces were close or that he found her very beautiful.

Kisshu looked down, in his hands were a boz of chocolates and a red rose. Kisshu was greatful that Pai hadn't asked, that was he doing, well he was never at the space ship anyway, always at Lettuce's or at the cafe with her. Kisshu had noticed Taruto started to hang around Pudding even more.

Kisshu jumped, when he heard Mika.

"Good morning Kisshu."

Kisshu looked at Mika and smiled. Mika was wearing, jeans, a red shirt and flip-flops. Kisshu looked away. blushing a bit. Mika smiled and looped her arm though his.

"Let's go to the lake part, where we first meet yeah?"

Kisshu nodded and they walked towards the lake. Kisshu looked down at the gifts in his hand and then glanced at Mika. They walked up to a Sakura tree and sat down at the base. Mika let go of Kisshu's arm and looked towards the lake. Different coloured fish jumped out, while birds sang, a sweet tune.

Kisshu picked up the gifts and turned to Mika.


Mika quickly looked at Kisshu, surprised that he used chan to her name.

"Yes Kisshu-kun?" Mika said, a smile on her face. Kisshu's face went bright red, it just like with Ichigo but much worse. Kisshu took a deep breath.

"Mika-chan, here you go you." Kisshu said, quickly shoving the gifts in Mika's hands.

Mika looked down at the chocolates and rose, then a smile appeared on her face. Mika looked up at Kisshu.

"Thank you, Kisshu."

Kisshu nodded and smiled. Mika and Kisshu looked out towards the lake. a smile on their face. Mika laid her head on Kisshu's shoudler, makinh him blush. Mika giggled softly.

They watched the fish jumping out of the lake, then Kisshu turned his body around, facing Mika. Mika looked back at him.

Kisshu smiled and leant forward, brushing the hair out of Mika's eyes gently. Kisshu slowly closed his eyes and so did Mika. In about one second later, their lips met and Kisshu wrapped his arms around Mika's waist, pulling her into a passionate embrace. Mika wrapped her arms around his neck.

Two teenagers, kissing under the Sakura tree, knowing they were in love.

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