The Doctor's Letter


Before I tell you anything else, you need to know this; I love you. I love you with all my hearts Rose Tyler, both of them. I have never felt like this before, not for any time lord, or any human; just you, simple Rose Tyler from London, except not simple but fantastic, amazing, brilliant Rose Tyler.

Secondly, I'm sorry I never told you, I know I should have, and believe me I wanted to. I always thought the right time would come; you said you never wanted to leave, and I assumed that meant you would never leave, because I would never have let anything take you away from me, or at least I thought. Then, to make it so much worse, I had one last chance to tell you how I felt, I was going to, I promise; but it never happened. And for that, I am truly sorry.

It's been two years fourteen days exactly, yes I've been counting, and every day I have thought about you, even though I've been trying everything to distract myself from you. New companions, who only succeeded in reminding me of you, just the smallest things they did made me think about you. I even had Jack back on the TARDIS, he is alive; bad wolf brought him back, I thought at least he would manage to distract me, but having him there only made me remember the times we all had together, and I'd think about how you'd saved his life and didn't even know.

Everything reminds me of you; the planets we visit, things we see, even the aliens we face. I am constantly reminded of you, the clothes you wear, your hair, your gorgeous eyes; so when I'm facing the Daleks and Cybermen, it is not particularly helpful to be thinking about you. And it hurts to think that when it's all over I can't even come to you, hold you in my arms, and to make it worse still, I probably never will. Even at night, well night for earth, I can never sleep properly, I spend all night thinking about you; always remembering how amazing your lips felt against mine, and wishing we had had more kisses, because if it was that amazing when it meant nothing, how good would it be when it meant love?

I hope that one day I will find a way to get this letter to you, and if you are reading this then I guess I did. I also hope I haven't upset you too much, I'd hate to ever be the reason why you cry. I hope you haven't thought too much about me, or wished we'd confessed our love earlier and if I have caused you any distress then I am sorry, truly sorry, and I hope you won't come to hate me for anything I've done. However if there's one thing I hope the most, it's that one day I will be able to tell you everything in this letter myself, and I promise you that no matter how long it takes, I will keep trying to get you back, even if all the stars go out; because it all means nothing without you.

Rose Tyler, you are so special, you are a fantastic woman and I love you. Remember I love you, my beautiful Rose.

Until we meet.

Your Doctor.

A/N: There you go... that was the oneshot inspired by Beth's one shot in Rose's POV... which isnt actually written yet but we agreed to do one each... Thanks to Ellie for help with random things such as how to sign it... anyway please review xx