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Three girls, Momomiya Ichigo, Midorikawa Retasu and Fong Purin, liked uptown.

Ichigo, an 15 year old girl. Bright pink hair, reached her lower back and she had bright pink eyes. Two neko ears sat down top of her head and a neko tail flicking behind her. Ichigo was very protective of her friends, after Zakuro and the others left her to look after them. Ichigo loved hanging around at the park. Ichigo had tried to kill herself after she found out her boyfriend, Aoyama Masaya was killed, when he was coming back to Tokyo.

Retasu, an shy sweet 16 year old. She had lime green hair that reached her shoulders and she had green eyes that looked so gentle and caring. Two porpoise ribbons came out of her head and rested down by her face. Retasu had alwasys dreamed of falling in love. She loved going for walks along the beach and swimming.

Purin, an hyper ten year old. Purin has dark blond hair, dark gold eyes, with a monkey tail and ears. Purin loves making tips and going to the park. Purin moved in with Retasu and Ichigo after her father came back and looked after her siblings. Purin still liked to work hard and clean the house.

Retasu looked over at Ichigo and Purin.

"I'm gonna go and get some shopping, kay?"

"Hai, come back safe and sound Retasu 'nee-chan!" Purin called, as Retasu walked out of the room.


Three brothers, lived downtown.

Honda Kisshu, an bad boy of 16. Kisshu was a laides man and every girlfriend he had so far, he cheated on everyone. Kisshu had dark green hair with amber coloured eyes. Kisshu was a pervert and had different types of porn magazines under his bed.

Honda Pai, Kisshu's older brother and 19. Pai didn't beleive in love, he kept saying to Kisshu 'Love is for sissys'. Pai had been arestted four times so far. Pai was kind of a pervert but not as much as Kisshu. Pai had lavnder hair and dark coloured eyes.

Honda Taruto, the brat of the family. Taruto was 13 and already a moody teenager. Taruto would steal sweets and other crap out of shops, he never got caught once, unlike Pai. He hated to be called a midgit or chibi.

Pai put his phone down, "C'mon we need to go shopping."

"Shopping or stealing?" Kisshu asked.

"I don't care." Pai muttered.

"Okay! Let's go!" Taruto yelled.


Retasu walked back from shopping, her arms full.

"Hey!! Get back here!"

Retasu looked up and three boys, with their hoods on, was running from two policemen. Retasu put the bags down, she would try and catch one! She always wanted to help out. When the middle tallest got close, Retasu grabbed his jacket and pulled him back. The boy glared at her and the other two stopped, looking back.

"Let go!" The boy snarled.

Retasu tightened her grip and the boy swung his arm, sending Retasu back into a brick wall. Retasu hit her head hard and fell to the floor, a soft groan from Retasu's mouth, as she passed out. The boy quickly strated running again, while his older brother stared at Retasu for a bit longer, then quickly ran.

The police rushed up to Retasu and bent down beside her. Blood was dripping to the floor, from an wound on the back of her head. The police took Retasu to their car, then drove straight to A&E.


Retasu lay in the bed, crying. She just wanted to help out and she got hurt from it. Retasu moved, then whimpered, as a pain shot through her whole body.



The door opened and Ichigo and Purin rushed in.

"Retasu 'nee-chan what happened?!" Purin yelled, upset.


Retasu looked down, "I was trying to help but he threw me into the wall." Retasu whispered.

"Who?" Ichigo asked.

"O-One of them Honda-san boys." Retasu answered.

"Did he have green hair?"

Retasu nodded, "Hai, yeah. I think his name is Kisshu."

"Right, ok. I'll be back later!" Ichigo exclaimed, walking out.

"Wait Ichigo-chan!"

It was too late, Ichigo was gone.

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