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After two weeks Retasu was allowed home at last.

Retasu was sitting in her room, on the chair waiting for Pai and Ichigo to come. The door opened and Pai stepped in, smiling lightly. Retasu smiled and then blushed slightly.

"Hello Pai-kun."

Pai grinned, "Ready?"

Retasu nodded and then stood up slowly. Pai walked over to her bags and picked them up then turned to Retasu. Pai slid an arm around Retasu and then led her out of the room.

Ichigo was outside, near Pai's car. Ichigo smiled when she saw Retasu and Pai.

Ichigo took the bags off Pai and put them in the car, then Retasu got in sitting next to Ichigo. Pai got in the front and then started the car.

Retasu looked at Ichigo, "Did anything happen while I was away?"

Ichigo nodded, "Hai, Purin-chan's now dating Taruto and..." Ichigo trailed off going red, "Kisshu asked me out yesterday and I said yeah."

Retasu smiled, "I'm happy for you Ichigo-chan."

"Arigato Retasu-chan."

Retasu nodded and then glanced out of the window.


Once they arrived home, Purin and the other's were waiting outside, Purin was holding up a sign that said 'Welcome home Retasu onee-chan'. Retasu chuckled and then climbed out, giving Purin a gentle hug.

Kisshu patted Retasu on the shoulder, "We're happy to have you home Retasu."

Retasu blushed and glanced down in an shy manner, "Arigato."

Kisshu nodded and then gave Ichigo a quick kiss. Taruto wrapped his arms around Purin, and Pai walked up behind Retasu.

Pai placed his hand on Retasu's shoulder, "I love you." Pai murmured in Retasu's ear, making her blush a bit more.


Retasu lay in her bed, snuggled up to Pai.

"I missed you." Retasu whispered shyly.

"I missed you too."

Retasu smiled and then cuddled closer to Pai. Pai wrapped his arms around Retasu, he wasn't ever gonna leave her, she was his.

Pai leaned down and pressed his lips against Retasu's. Retasu kissed him back straight away, slipping her arms around his neck, then stroking his hair. Pai smiled to himself before he deepened the kiss.


Two months later Pai asked Retasu to marry him and then two years later they had twins, a girl and a boy. Ichigo and Kisshu had two girls and one boy. Purin got married to Taruto five years later and they had one girl.