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Ben 10+Vampire

By Ten-Faced Paladin and ZK Chromedragozoid

Chapter 1: Omnitrix + Vampire

There was grim sky and a scraggly forest in the view of the young man. Next to him was a scarecrow-like sign which had the name 'Yokai Academy' written on it in Japanese. The nearby forest was leafless and every tree looked dead. Behind the young man was a cliff which dropped into the ocean. The scenery and the young man's nerves weren't helped by the various spiders, snakes, and bones that littered the ground.

This young man seemed to be completely average. He was at moderate height and was wearing a green jacket with a red tie. His pants were white and he had a pair of sneakers on. His hair was brown and cut short. His eyes were a deep green. On his wrist and underneath his sleeve was a small green bracelet that looked mechanical with a black and green symbol on it.

His name was Ben Tennyson.

Ben had changed in the 5 years since the days of his summer vacation with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max. It was that very summer 5 years ago which introduced him to the alien device called the Omnitrix and aliens from all over the galaxy.

Ben used to be impulsive and ready to jump into things without thinking. He had an ego to match his impatient streak. Of course, he was ten years old then. He had a better head on his shoulders now that he was fifteen. The Omnitrix had also changed since he first put it on. It used to be a large black and white object that was bulky and hard to hide. Over time, it somehow upgraded itself into its current form. Grandpa Max theorized that it was designed to upgrade itself over time. They had no proof otherwise so they went with it.

"Okay, Ben," the young man sighed to himself as he took in the scenery. "Now what are you going to do?"

Why was an American boy like Ben Tennyson somewhere in Japan? Well, that was a story in itself.


"Japan, huh?" Grandpa Max grunted as he made some adjustments to his trusty RV, the Rust Bucket.

Max was a heavyset man with short gray hair. He was always wearing Hawaiian shirts and had some of the weirdest tastes in food you would ever see. He was a kind man who you could go to for advice and he always was a part of Ben's life as he was growing up. He was also a retired member of a group of inter-planetary police calling themselves the Plumbers. It was their job to root out evil aliens and make sure the extraterrestrial citizens of Earth were at peace.

"I know," Ben nodded. "I mean, they call me up to the office and state that I was selected for an exchange program to a school in Japan. Never told me why."

"That's what I want to know too," Ben's cousin Gwen agreed. "You're not exactly the brightest student out there."

Gwen Tennyson was Ben's cousin, but sometimes people took them for siblings. She had long red hair and was a pretty down to earth girl. She was kind of bossy and annoying when they were younger, but she had mellowed out a little during the years. She still ragged on Ben now and then when he was doing something admittedly stupid.

"Well, don't be so sure," Max spoke from underneath his RV. "Japan is a hotbed of alien activity. It wouldn't surprise me if the Plumbers had something to do with Ben's exchange."

"You think so?" Ben pondered.

"Alien activity?" asked Gwen suspiciously. "Since when?"

"Well, there are scattered reports all over the place," Max answered. "There was almost an invasion in Tokyo one time in the eighties."

"Really?" Ben gaped. "How'd we miss that?"

"Well, they started small," Max answered. "They also gave us a chance to get them away in a sort of competition."

"You're kidding," Gwen blinked. "So what happened?"

"Well, these aliens are called the Oni and they don't make a lot of sense in our views," Max answered as he got out from under the Rust Bucket. "Basically they had their computers pick a person completely at random to be Earth's champion to be pitted against theirs."

"That's totally unfair!" Ben cried.

"Well, the Oni aren't too different from us," Max replied as he wiped the grease off his hands. "They look similar except they have horns, can fly, and can either shoot lightning or blow fire."

"Ouch," Gwen grimaced. "So how did this competition go?"

"Well, the Earth champion had ten days to catch the Oni champion by the horns," Max answered. "He managed to do it on day ten since the Oni champion kept flying away."

"That's…insane," Gwen blinked. She then turned to Ben. "So where is this school they're sending you to?"

"Some place called Youkai Academy," Ben answered as he looked at the sheet he had been given. "Doesn't tell me where the place is, just where I can be picked up."

"For good reason," Max answered. "Youkai Academy is a school for non-humans only. They are very strict about that."

"You know about this place, Grandpa?" asked Ben.

"Yeah. The Plumbers have been keeping an eye on it from time to time," Max nodded. "What you both need to know that there are tons of non-human species on Earth. Some have been here so long we aren't even sure if they're aliens or not. Youkai Academy is one of the places where they can go to school and interact without fear of humans finding out about their identities."

"So what do they learn there?" asked Gwen, now very curious.

"Everything humans do," Max answered. "But they also learn how to interact with humans too. Lots of the students have never met humans before. Still, Ben, you have to be very careful there. No one can figure out you're human. They retain the authority to actually kill humans who trespass there."

"WHAT?!" Ben and Gwen cried together.

"It's one of the only places where they can be safe and learn," Max explained. "They have the land so they have the authority to do so."

"But why me?!" Ben asked, near panicked. "I mean, I'm human!"

"Not with the Omnitrix," Gwen replied. "You can convince them you're a shape-shifter or something."

"Right," Max nodded. "Not many known aliens attend, but all the students are from very old non-human species. You've probably heard of them in movies or something."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Ben.

"You'll just have to find out," Max smiled. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with the shower."


"Still doesn't explain why I have to be here," Ben sighed. "Oh well, might as well start heading out."

Slinging his bags over his shoulders, Ben headed out towards the only building in the distance. Maybe if he was lucky he would find someone who could tell him what to do.

Traveling through the landscape was a little freaky. The place had a weird aura of fear around it and Ben didn't like it one bit. Still, this might be what the students at the school liked so he had no real reason to complain. He noticed that numerous tombstones were littering the scenery, making him wonder if there really were that many human intruders or if they were just there for looks.

"Looks like it's out of a horror movie or something," Ben shivered.

"Look out!" some cried loudly in Japanese.

"Huh?" Ben blinked. By the time his mind processed what was said, he had already turned around. His eyes widened at what he saw barreling towards him. "Ahh!"


"Ow," Ben groaned. He was flat on his back and feeling the pain from the impact. Last he saw, someone on a bike had barreled into him. It reminded him of when he and Vilgax had last tangled.

"I'm sorry," a soft female voice groaned. Ben rubbed his head and sat up.

"Don't worry about it," he managed to groan out. "I'm used to it. You okay?" He was glad for those Japanese language lessons now.

"Yes," the girl nodded. "I'm so sorry. I'm a little anemic so I sometimes have fainting spells."

Ben had to admit that Japanese girls were really cute! She had long pink hair and a very pretty face. She had a leather chocker that had a silver cross hanging from it and beads connecting from the chain to the choker. She had a nice figure and was wearing a uniform similar to his, except with a short skirt.

"It's no problem," Ben chuckled. "Just be careful next time. Lemme help you up."

Standing up, he took the girl's hand and helped her to her feet. The two were standing close before the girls eyes seemed to glaze over.

"Uh…you okay?" Ben blinked in confusion.

"Yes," the girl sighed. "You…smell so nice."

"Uhhhh, thanks?" Ben blinked. The girl leaned in closer. "Hey…"

"I'm sorry," the girl sighed softly. "But…I'm…a vampire."

Before Ben could blink, the girl had wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her face into his neck. She then quickly dug her tooth into his neck and bit down, puncturing his skin and drawing out blood.


"Ow!" Ben yelped in pain. He struggled for a moment before the girl backed away, looking mortally embarrassed. "Hey! What did I do to you?"

"I'm sorry!" the girl blushed profusely. "It's just your blood smelled so nice and I couldn't help myself! I really am sorry!"

"Yeah," Ben grimaced as he checked the wound. It was already healing and it wasn't bleeding anymore. "Anyway, do you even have a name?"

"Yes. I am Moka Akashiya," the girl smiled with a bow.

"Name's Ben Tennyson," Ben grinned. "Or is that Tennyson Ben over here? I forget."

"You're foreign?" asked Moka. "Where are you from?"

"From the United States of America," Ben grinned. "Nice to meet you. So…are you really a vampire?"

"Yes," Moka nodded shyly. "Do you…hate vampires?"

"Heck no!" Ben answered quickly. He didn't want to upset the girl, especially since she was rather attractive to boot. "I've never met a vampire before. To be honest, I thought they only existed in movies."

"Oh," Moka blinked. She then smiled. "Well, we exist. I'm living proof! Do you want to be friends?"

"Sure!" Ben grinned. "To tell you the truth, when I was a kid, I've always wanted to meet a real vampire." The last 'vampire' he'd met had been Zombozo but he didn't count.

"Really?!" Moka gasped in delight. Her eyes seemed to take in a sparkle of some kind. "That's great! I was so worried that I wouldn't know anyone here!"

"Hey, at least you're in your own country," Ben grinned. "I'm a long way from home so having a friend is something good for me."

"You're right," Moka nodded softly. Ben was a long way from home. She was just a couple of cities away from her home. He was just as much in need of a friend as she was. He was probably hiding it better than most though.


It had taken him some time, but Ben managed to find his classroom. He and Moka got separated at the welcoming ceremony since she had to park her bike and he needed to get there fast. It was then a rapid assignment and here he was.

"Okay!" the teacher cheered. "Welcome to Yokai Academy!"

Ben had to admit that if he had a teacher like this back home, he would have paid better attention. This teacher had short blonde hair, a spaghetti strap top and a short skirt. She sported a pair of cute glasses on her face and parts of her hair looked like cat ears. To top it off, a cat's tail was sticking out from her skirt.

"I'll be your homeroom teacher this year, Miss Nekonome!" the catty teacher continued to announce. Ben had to admit that the good cheer in the room was infectious. Even he was feeling ready to cheer.

"As everyone guessed, this is a school for monsters! Now, like it or not, humans run the world and we have to learn to coexist with them," Miss Nekonome explained. "This is the purpose of Yokai Academy, to coexist with the human world!"

Ben found himself glad that his grandpa's information was right. He was just as thankful that he had the Omnitrix in case he was forced to prove that he wasn't human. For some reason, he felt that it was going to be put through its paces for a while to come.

"But sensei," another kid growled. "Can't we just eat the humans? I could start with the cute girls."

Ben frowned at that comment. It was guys like him who gave non-humans a bad name. It was no wonder that people were afraid of aliens, monsters, etc. People like the guy who spoke kept thinking their species meant they could do whatever they wanted.

"That's silly!" Miss Nekonome sighed. "You won't be finding any humans here! All of the teachers and students are monsters!"

'All but one,' Ben thought to himself.

"Which brings us to rule number one!" Miss Nekonome spoke loudly. "You are not allowed to reveal your true forms to anyone! Not even to your fellow students! We are here to learn how to coexist with humans so please keep your true forms a secret."

"Easy," Ben grinned. It was staying in an alien form that was tough sometimes. He could only remain in alien form for 10 minutes at a time. That was the failsafe in the Omnitrix so that the personalities of the aliens didn't overwhelm his own. His thoughts then drifted to the cute vampire girl he'd met, Moka Akashiya. 'I wonder if Moka is doing well in her class. With her looks she's gonna be pretty popular.' Ben had to admit that he wouldn't have minded dating Moka. She wasn't just pretty, but also sweet and kind. The again, knowing his luck some sports jock would pick her up. Girls never seemed to like the soccer guys.

"I'm sorry!" a familiar voice spoke up as the door opened. "I got lost after the ceremony and well…sorry I'm late!"

"That's okay," Miss Nekonome smiled. "Just take a seat anywhere."

Ben looked to see who had come in and his eyes widened. Speak of the devil…it was Moka herself! She strolled in the classroom, catching her breath after apparently running to find her classroom. All of the boys in the room (save for Ben) seemed to drop into trances as they watched her try to find a desk.

"That hair…"

"Those eyes…."

"That body…."

"No way that's a disguise," one of the boys drooled. "She's just too…"

"BEAUTIFUL!!!" the collected boys roared. The only one who wasn't was Ben and he was chuckling weakly. Apparently Moka was going to be more popular than he thought. As Moka came closer, Ben decided to be a friend.

"Hey, Moka," Ben smiled. "I didn't expect to see you in my class."

"Huh? Ben?" Moka blinked as she turned to who addressed her. She broke out in a huge smile when she recognized his face. "Oh Ben! It is you!"

Leaping forward, Ben found himself grabbed in a hug by his vampire friend. He couldn't help but grin. He liked how Moka greeted her friends. Plus it was kind of funny to see how the other boys were reacting.

"Hey! Who is that guy!?"

"How does a gaijin rate a hug!?"

"I heard Americans were forward, but to hug a girl in the middle of class?!"

Ben thought this was a great way to start the year.


"Wow!" Moka gasped as she took in one of the main hallways of the school. "This place is so clean! Neat!"

After class, Moka had wanted to explore the school and explain to Ben how some things in Japanese schools worked. She wasn't sure how much he knew about the school system in the east so she took in on herself to explain things to him.

Ben was quickly learning that Moka was a lot stronger than she looked. Way stronger. She was also an architecture nut. She loved new and old buildings because of the way that they were built. He was also learning that Moka's charm wasn't solely limited to the boys in their class. Everywhere they went Ben could see jaws drop and eyes bulge as Moka went past them.

He could also hear their whispers. They were either gawking over how cute Moka was or were grumbling about how he was holding hands with her. A couple were really pissed off that it was a foreigner that she was deciding to spend her time him. Grandpa Max warned that some Japanese weren't exactly thrilled with foreigners so Ben figured he had to watch his back.

Ben and Moka soon stopped at a vending machine for some drinks. Ben got himself what he could guess was soda while Moka got herself a can of tomato juice. She told him that, aside from blood, that she loved tomato juice.

"So, how do like Yokai Academy?" asked Moka.

"It's a whole lot different from the schools back where I come from," said Ben honestly. "We have book lockers, not shoe lockers."

"So, do you like it?"

"What's not to like?" he shrugged. "Life is all about new experiences. That's what my Grandpa Max always said."

"You and your grandfather must be really close," Moka admired.

"We are," Ben admitted. "I want to be just like him. It was 5 years ago that I really began to respect him."

"Why?" asked Moka.

"Um…" Ben gulped. He decided to change the subject, "That's a pretty long story." A very long one. One that involved alien technology, magic, mutant clowns, and a real nasty alien warlord.

"You speak Japanese pretty well," Moka noticed.

"I have Gwen to thank for that," smiled Ben.


"My cousin. We couldn't stand each other when we were kids but we get along pretty well now."

Moka envied Ben. He was close with his family, unlike herself. She really wished her family was like Ben's. They sounded like good people. As they were talking, a long-haired young man with a lip piercing came around the corner and leaned on the wall behind Moka.

"Hey, babe," the boy said as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and looking at Moka. "Moka Akashiya, right? Man, looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're cute."

"Um, thanks," Moka nodded. "Who are you?"

"Ah, the name's Saizou," the boy introduced with a grin. "I'm one of your classmates."

"Oh…um," Moka nodded. "Good to meet you…I suppose."

"I'm sure. By the way," Saizou grinned before he reached out and suddenly grabbed Ben by the lapel of his jacket. Moka gasped in shock while Ben struggled with the other teen's strength. "Why is a girl like you hanging out with a complete wimp like this?"

Ben was really starting to hate this guy. Despite the rules, he began to roll up his sleeve to reveal his Omnitrix. 'Maybe I should introduce this guy to some my 'little friends',' thought Ben. Right now, any of his aliens could take Saizou. Well, maybe not any of them. Grey Matter was only good for his brains. Then, he remembered something his Grandpa Max had taught him. He just hoped it worked. He reached up and gripped Saizou's wrist, pressing onto a soft spot.

Saizou cringed in pain and let go of Ben who landed on his feet. Ben rubbed the wrinkles out of his shirt and returned Saizou's glare with his own. "I don't think the lady appreciates the gesture. So back off."

"You want to make something of it, Gaijin?" Saisou glared.

"What if I do?" remarked Ben, returning the glare with his own. Ben hated bullies. They just picked on people weaker than them. Ben had learnt to stand up for himself over the years. He'd stared Vilgax in the eye without flinching. Monster or not, Saizou was like every other typical bully Ben had to put up with.

Moka immediately got between Ben and Saizou. "I'm sorry, but we're in a hurry! Bye!" She grabbed Ben's arm and dragged the protesting her American friend away quickly to safety.

Taking refuge in one of the smaller hallways, Moka took a moment to catch her breath while Ben tried to smooth his uniform out. He was also trying to keep his temper in check. He really hated bullies.

"Woo! That was scary!" Moka sighed. She turned to her friend. "Weren't you scared at all?"

"Nah," Ben grinned. "Believe it or not, there are way scarier things than him. Besides, I REALLY don't like bullies." Memories of how JT and Cash would bully and harass him came to mind. Luckily he'd learnt to stand up to them. They left him alone when he started fighting back.

"Well, it was really nice of you. Thank you!" Moka smiled brightly.

"Ah, I'd do it again in a heartbeat," Ben smiled. "You're my friend aren't you?"

Moka didn't think she could smile any brighter if she tried. Ben was really turning out to be a wonderful friend, "Still, I don't want my only friend to get in trouble."

"What do you mean your only friend?" asked Ben in confusion. "I would have figured a nice girl like you would have made a whole mob of friends by now."

Moka giggled and stepped forward to stand in front of Ben. She had a shy blush on her cheeks and she averted her gaze. Ben couldn't help but think she was even cuter when she did it.

"Well…I'm not too good at making friends," Moka admitted. "And besides…"

"Besides what?" asked Ben.

"You've already let me suck you blood!" Moka smiled with a flush on your face. "You should be proud since your blood is just awesome! The texture, the aroma, the vitality, and there's even something in it I've never tasted before! Delicious!"

Rubbing his neck, Ben joked, "Geez, I never thought a friend would comment how great I tasted. I feel like a snack plate."

Moka giggled again. Taking part in the laughs, Ben and his new friend headed for the exit. They still had to deal with some gawkers who fell for Moka on the spot and started cursing Ben for his luck to hang out with such a hot girl.

"By the way, Ben," began Moka. "What kind of monster are you?"

"Isn't that against the rules?" he reminded.

"Oh, I forgot! But you already know I'm a vampire so I thought it'd be alright," she said.

"I'm a bit more complex," he told her. "And, well, you don't look like a vampire to me."

"Oh, that's because of this seal," Moka said, pointing at the cross hanging from her choker. "If it gets taken off, I can get REALLY scary."

"I find that hard to believe," Ben laughed but he'd learnt to never disregard such information.

"So Ben," Moka asked, as they got into the sunlight. "Where did you go to school anyway?"

"Huh?" Ben blinked. "Oh, I went to school like everyone else in my hometown."

"So you went to school in the human world?" Moka tried to clarify.

"If you mean I went to school with humans, then yes," Ben nodded.

"Oh. Well I think human schools are the worst," Moka huffed. "All through middle school everyone ignored me. They made fun of me and told me monsters and stuff didn't exist. Eventually I thought it would be better if I really didn't exist. I just hate humans!"

Ben flinched for a moment, feeling like Vilgax had just punched him right in the heart, "Hey, hold on there. Some humans may be jerks but they aren't all bad."

"Huh?" Moka blinked. "How can you be sure? How do you know not all humans are bad?"

"Because I'm human!" Ben answered quickly. A split second passed before he put a hand over his mouth. "Oh that was a nice secret."

"Wha-?" Moka gasped. "You? Human? H-how?"

"Not exactly sure," Ben sighed. "I was put on an exchange program to Japan. I was told I'm going to school here."

"Bu...but…but," Moka sputtered.

Ben sighed. Obviously Moka was having trouble accepting this. Sighing, he turned his back and began heading away from her.

"Ben?" Moka asked, still reeling from shock.

"I'll see you later," Ben answered as he waved back. That was all he said before he vanished in the midst of the trees. Moka watched him go before her shoulders slumped and her eyes were trained on the ground.


"Geez," Ben sighed grimly as he leaned against a tree. "I can save the universe from evil warlords but I can't keep any friends around." He stared at the Omnitrix. "Maybe I should just leave. Even if I can turn into any alien I want, I can't realty fit in at a place like this. Sides, nobody is gonna miss some human like me."

He went to the bus stop and looked at the bus schedule before grimacing, "Aw, crap! I have to wait a month for my next ride? So much for that idea. Oh, well. Maybe if I stayed in my room for a month I'll be-" A sudden shriek pierced the air and Ben recognized that voice. "Moka!"


Moka had been crying after Ben had run off. She'd said such a horrible thing to her. Even if he was human, she wouldn't have cared. All she ever wanted was a real friend and…she heard footsteps and spun around hopefully, "Ben?"

It was not Ben.

"Hey, babe," Saizou grinned in a sick and perverse way, "Miss me?"

Saizou lunged forward and grabbed Moka by the arm. She shrieked and struggled, but Saizou was much stronger than she was in her disguise. Pulling her deeper into the woods he threw her against some tombstones before shedding his jacket.

"Sorry," Saizou snickered as his body started to swell and his teeth began to sharpen. "I can never seem to hold my disguise when I get riled up."

Moka trembled in fear as Saizou's body grew ridges and his muscles bulged. She easily recognized what he was. Saizou was really an orc. They were mean creatures who didn't bow down to anyone.

"Hey, we're all monsters here," Saizou snickered as he reached out to Moka with his large hand. "Now gimmie a kiss."

"Noooooooooooo!!" Moka cried in fear.

"Hey! Ugly!" Ben snapped. Saizou looked up from where he was attempting to take advantage of Moka. "Get you hands off Moka!"

"Hmph!" Saizou snorted. "And what is some gaijin going to do about it? I heard western monsters are so weak anyway."

"Yeah right," Ben frowned. "Last warning. Let Moka go."

"Make me!" Saizou snorted.

"No Ben!" Moka cried, struggling against the large grip of Saizou. "Please run!"

"Not my style," Ben frowned. He held up his arm and pulled his sleeve back. A strange green bracelet with a black and white insignia on it was revealed to the light. Ben pressed something on it and the emblem popped up to as a holographic image with four arms appeared on it.

"Going hero!" Ben called before he pressed the insignia.

Ben's body grew to match the size of Saizou's, maybe an extra head or two in size. His skin turned dark red and his torso was covered in a white and black shirt. His pants turned black with bare two-toed red feet. He had two pairs of arms and both looked like they could smash things without much effort. His head was red and hairless with two pairs of yellow eyes. His upper left shoulder had the same symbol as on his watch on it

"Fourarms!" the new Ben Tennyson roared as he smashed his fists together.

Omnitrix Encyclopedia

Fourarms A.K.A. Tetramand

These people come from the desert planet Khoros. It is a dystopian society which creates powerful warriors. They have the ability to create concussive blasts just by clapping their hands together. They are massive, which makes the completion of delicate or tasks in small places hard or impossible. Still, they are reliable fighters and they love to do what they do. In his younger days, Ben used this form the most since it suited his old fighting style: forward and without thinking.

"What the HELL?!" Saizou gasped in shock.

Moka gaped in complete amazement at what she was looking at. She couldn't believe that Ben was capable of changing his form like that. He had confessed that he was completely human, but how could a human do what she had just seen? She didn't think humans could change into giant four armed creatures.

"Ahhh," Fourarms grinned as he flexed his arms. "Just like riding a bike! I never forget!"

"Hmph!" Saizou grunted, turning away from Moka. "So you aren't the wuss I took you for. Don't know what the hell you are, but I'm not going to allow you to mess with my fun!"

With a roar, Saizou charged with his muscled arms raised. Fourarms gripped his fists and charged with preparation to fight back. Saizou attacked first with his muscled fist. Fourarms retaliated by grabbing the attack with his upper arms before punching Saizou in the gut with his lower fists. Saizou grunted and lost his breath before Fourarms pushed him back, gaining ground.

"Give up yet?" asked Fourarms with a smirk.

"No…way!" Saizou snapped before he unleashed a powerful uppercut into Fourarms' chin, knocking the alien back. The angry orc continued his attack by tackling Fourarms and smashing him into several tombstones and a tree.

"Agh!" the Tetramand groaned as he shook the stars out of his head. "Okay! Time to get serious!"

"Ben!" the voice of Moka cried before the girl in question dashed to his side.

"Huh? Moka?" Fourarms blinked. "Hey, you gotta get back! This is dangerous stuff!"

"I don't care!" Moka cried. "I just don't want you to get hurt!"

"Comes with the hero territory," Fourarms grunted as he began to get up. "Besides, I'm used to it."

As he was getting up, Fourarms' upper left hand missed its grip. Instead of grabbing a tombstone to help get up, he grabbed Moka's rosario. Oblivious to it, he pulled and with a loud metallic sound, the rosario came off cleanly.

"Huh?" Fourarms blinked as he looked at the cross in his hands. "Uh-oh."

Moka only had a moment to gasp before she was engulfed in a dark aura. Fourarms covered his eyes from the aura and peaked through his fingers to see what was happening to his friend. What he was seeing was freaky to say the least. Her hair turned silver and her fangs became more pronounced. He body also seemed to fill out. As Moka seemed to become more aware, Fourarms could see that her eyes had turned red and slitted.

"It can't be," Saizou gasped. "The aura, these red eyes, the S-Class monster! The vampire!"

"Yeah….I knew that," Fourarms gaped at his friend. It was like she was a completely different person now! Extremely hot, but dangerous at the same time. Boy did he know how to pick girls.

"Hmmm, how interesting," Moka-sama purred as she took in the sight of Fourarms. "I don't think I've ever seen a monster like you before. An American monster?"

"Well, I sure ain't from around here," Fourarms answered as he got to his feet. "You want in on this fight? You sure look like you can handle yourself."

"If only you knew," Moka-sama smirked. "I'll take him myself."

"Huh?" Fourarms blinked. "You sure about that?"

"Don't look down on me, Ben Tennyson," said Moka-sama coldly. "After this you have some explaining to do. I detest liars."

"Hey, I didn't lie!" Fourarms objected.

"You told my other self you were human. Right now there's nothing human about you."

"Well…most of the time I am," he answered with an embarrassed look on his face.

She snorted, "Whatever. I'll deal with you after I deal with this trash." She began to hop in place and then she stretched her arms. "It's been so long." She cracked her knuckles and flexed her fingers while popping her neck. "Looks like this might be a decent workout at least." She yawned a little. "Now, come on, orc. Didn't you want to give me a kiss?" she taunted.

"Don't mock me!" Saizou roared as he lunged at Moka-sama. His huge hand reached to grab Moka-sama. The silver-haired vampire reached out and grabbed his finger, effectively stopping his assault.

"Urk!" Saizou grunted, trying to move his arm.

"No way," Fourarms gaped.

"What's wrong? Didn't you want to give me a kiss?" Moka-sama asked mockingly. "Typical. All size and nothing else."

In a flurry of movement, Moka used a single kick which slammed into Saizou's head. The orc cried in pain as he was sent sailing through several trees with loud crashes. Fourarms was pretty sure that he had seen some of his teeth fly out of his mouth too. He could only blink at what he had seen Moka-sama accomplish.

"Wow," he blinked. "She might be able to take on Vilgax."

"Know your place," Moka-sama growled at the downed orc.

Turning to the four-armed being, she noticed that the insignia on his shoulder was flashing red. His entire body then flashed green before he returned to his human form. Frowning, she started walking towards him, determined to get some answers.

"You have ten seconds to explain what you just did," Moka-sama frowned. "I suggest you use them wisely."

"R-right," Ben nodded. He raised his arm and revealed the Omnitrix. "This thing I'm wearing is called the Omnitrix. Believe it or not, it's a piece of alien technology. It gives me the ability to change into any alien I want and use what abilities they have."

Moka-sama frowned slightly. Ben was slightly afraid that she would kick him like she did Saizou. He felt relieved when she released a sigh.

"Your tale sounds too farfetched to be true, but considering how humans believe monsters are not real, I have no room to talk," Moka-sama frowned. Reaching out, she grabbed her rosario. She warned, "However, you made a good choice to watch over my other side. Don't screw up."

With that, Moka-sama reattached her rosario to the chain. In a flash of light, her hair changed back to pink and everything about her softened back into the Moka that Ben knew. She was sleeping and falling, which Ben stopped by catching her.

"I have the strangest friends," Ben sighed.


"So, aliens actually exist?" Moka asked with some disbelief.

Ben and Moka were hanging out at a crop of tombstones for some privacy. There, Ben explained about when he'd found the Omnitrix and some of the people he'd met since getting it. Moka found the fact that aliens might exist fascinating. The adventures Ben had were very exciting too.

"Sure do," Ben nodded. "Fourarms is one of them. I've got a bunch others in the Omnitrix too."

"Can I see?" Moka asked curiously.

"Sure," Ben smiled. Bringing up the Omnitrix, he activated it. A holographic image of Fourarms appeared. "Okay, this one is what I like to call Fourarms. Next is XLR8, a real speed freak…"

Moka sat next to Ben and listened to him explain. She was happy to know that their friendship had been fixed. She was actually looking forward to seeing what kind of things were going to happen next.


The next day, Ben arrived at school with high spirits. Walking through the gate, he whistled a tune he'd heard his Grandpa Max whistle while driving the Rust Bucket.

"Ben!" he heard and turned around to see Moka running towards him.

"Oh, hey, Moka!" he waved. "Morning."

"Ben!" she shouted as she lunged at him and then grabbed onto him before biting his neck.


"ACK!" Ben exclaimed as she began to drain him. Looks like his days in Youkai Academy weren't going to be dull after all.


ZK Chromedragozoid: The first ever Rosario+Vampire and Ben 10 crossover. Now, some of you might be a little confused so I'll be brief. Ben NEVER removed the Omnitrix. It stayed on. He still has his old alien forms but the Omnitrix did change into its recalibrated form. He WILL gain the forms he uses in Alien Force but will use them along with the other forms. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it.

Ten-Faced Paladin: Hey everybody. Well, this is the newest fic on the block and I hope it's as popular as some of my others. Information on the alien forms came from Wikipedia with some editing so don't jump down either of our necks if it is wrong. Fans of Alien Force don't fret. You'll see your favorite forms soon enough. Some of my favorites are part of that group so I am going to bring them in.