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Ben 10 + Vampire

By Ten-Faced Paladin and Kamen Rider Chrome

Chapter 11: Kevin + Vampire

"So, you're a new student, huh?" the bus driver asked as he drove the bus through the tunnel. There was only one passenger. He was a young man with a muscular build and bad boy personality with black hair. He was dressed in the Yokai Academy uniform but without the tie and had replaced the green jacket with a black leather jacket.

The passenger snorted, "Not by choice."

"Well, either way, you better be careful. You may get eaten," the bus driver warned.

The passenger smirked, "I'd like to see them try."

The bus driver snickered as he blew some smoke from his nostril. So, this one was a tough guy eh? He'd seen a fair few during his time at the school. Usually they either were chewed and spat out, faded into obscurity, or for the rare few, made names for themselves. Not many tough guys lasted very long before the real tough guys got a hold of them. It would be interesting to see how this newest tough guy would do, considering the reputation he had. As it stood, he already had a history with a few of the students at the academy already.

The bus stopped near the scarecrow and the driver said, "Here's where you get off, kid."

The passenger got out of his seat and walked out the bus. He looked around, taking in the sights. Dark, gloomy, and no vegetation. Animals all seemed scrawny, dangerous, or poisonous. Tombstones littered the area and the school itself looked like a haunted house. All in all, the perfect place for monsters to hang out. Whoever designed the place knew what he was doing. The student cast a glance out to the sea before shrugging. "Meh, I've seen worse."

Hefting a travel bag over his shoulder, he set out towards the school.

Class started up and everyone was talking as usual as Ms. Nekonome got her papers in order. Ben was rubbing his neck, having been tagged by Moka yet again. Kurumu was staring holes in Ben's back as she had another fantasy of the pair of them together while Mizore kept sending glances back at the American boy, sending an icy kiss when she caught his eye. Gwen was calmly looking over her notes from her previous day, making sure she was caught up. As the catty teacher got the last of them ready, the class grew quiet, knowing that disobedience made her a bit…testy. Seeing that all of the students were silent and waiting, Ms. Nekonome broke out into a wide smile and began to talk to her class.

"Students, we have a new transfer student coming to join us," said Ms. Nekonome cheerfully. "I hope you make him feel welcomed. The door slid open and the new student entered. A few girls swooned at his appearance, but most of the boys gulped at his tough guy appearance. "I'd like you all to meet Kevin Ethan Levin!"

Ben and Gwen's eyes widened in shock. "KEVIN!?" the Tennyson cousins shouted.

"So, the Tennysons are here too, huh?" Kevin smirked roguishly, instantly recognizing the pair despite not having seen them for some time. "Ain't it a small world?"

"Ara? You all know each other?" asked Ms. Nekonome. She blinked again before she broke out in a wide smile. "Oh this is so good! Then Tennyson-kun and Tennyson-chan can both help guide Levin-kun around the school and help him find his way!"

"What?" Ben groaned. Gwen just sighed and rubbed her temples. And the day had been looking so good that morning. Meanwhile, the girls of Ben's unofficial harem just blinked in confusion.

Class ended for lunch and Ben quickly got to business. He and Gwen as a united front grabbed Kevin by the arms and dragged him out of the room. The delinquent didn't protest as he went along. He figured something like this would happen so he might as well get it out of the way so he could continue with his parole. Dragged outside, Ben and Gwen brought him to the Monster Tree, one of the few places the school had for privacy before finally letting him go.

"Okay Kevin," Ben frowned. "Just what the heck are you doing here?"

"And it had better not be because you're looking for a score either," Gwen added.

"Relax, I'm not here to cause trouble," Kevin replied. "Your grandpa and his Plumber buddies busted me and some clients back in Bellwood. Since I'm still a minor, your grandpa offered me a choice of punishment. Either I get an express trip back to the Null Void for a length of time or I pack my bags and head off to school. Since I did the Null Void thing once already, I figured why not give regular school a try. I just didn't figure it'd be a school for aliens."

"Monsters," Ben corrected. "Not every non-human species is from outer space."

"Probably, but almost all of them are," Kevin shrugged. "Anyway, you guys don't cause me any trouble and I won't cause you any trouble. Deal?"

"But what if you cause trouble for someone else?" asked Ben with a suspicious frown.

"Violates my parole here," Kevin answered. "But if they come after me on their own, then I have full right to defend myself. Your gramps said so himself."

Snickering, Kevin adjusted his jacket and walked off, leaving the two Tennysons behind. Ben frowned and clenched his fists. He didn't expect to see Kevin here of all places. He had definitely changed since he got out of the Null Void too. Back in his human form and who knows what kind of abilities he possessed now. Ben silently promised himself to keep an eye on his old enemy and make sure he upheld his end of the parole.

"Ben!" a voice cried out, signally the four girls running towards him.

"You want to explain or should I?" asked Gwen.

"Might as well make a team effort out of it," Ben sighed.

Ben and Gwen were going to bring the girls up to speed on Kevin. It was going to be a long story.

"So, Ben, how do you know the new kid?" asked Kurumu.

Ben rubbed the back of his neck. "Where do I start?"

"The beginning," suggested Gwen.

"Oh, right. Well, it was during the summer when I found the Omnitrix. We were making a stop in New York and that was when I met Kevin…" began Ben.

"After going off on your own when Grandpa Max told you no," added Gwen.

Ben frowned but continued, "Kevin, when I met him, I thought he was cool. He could absorb energy and use it for himself. He showed me by absorbing electricity and shooting it out of his hands. I then realized that he was a crook who didn't care about anyone but himself. When we fought, he absorbed some energy from the Omnitrix and turned into hybrid versions of the aliens. After I beat him, we thought we saw the last of him, but we were wrong. When we saw him again he could turn into any of the original ten aliens from the Omnitrix and was using those forms to frame me. I nearly got myself killed because of him. Then, he mutated again and became a hybrid of all ten of my alien forms. He even blamed me for what happened. Each time we met, we fought and I won. The last time I saw him was in the Null Void." After finishing his story, he looked to the girls for reactions.

"What's the Null Void?" asked Kurumu with a raised eyebrow.

"It's what the Plumbers, the guys who make sure aliens on Earth don't get out of control, use to keep criminals incarcerated. Basically, it's a pocket dimension where criminals are dumped for a term," Gwen explained.

"So he's an actual criminal?" asked Mizore with a tilted head.

"More or less," Ben shrugged. "He says Grandpa busted him and instead of sending him back to the Null Void, he got sent here. Knowing Grandpa, he's probably thought we could use the backup or something. Though, why he sent Kevin of all people I'll never know."

Kevin munched down some snack he'd bought out of a vending machine as he explored the school. Since he was on a parole and didn't want to get sent to the Null Void again, he had decided to make at least a minor effort and playing the responsible student. Having grown up a street rat, he didn't get much of an education when he met Ben and his relatives. Of course, since cruising the galaxy and escaping the Null Void, he picked up a lot of technical know-how. He couldn't tell you the history of his home country or name all of the presidents, but he could dismantle a Galvan space drive and put it all together again. He could negotiate like a pro and he was also well-versed in the economy since he had to know these things for some of his deals when he wanted a fair price.

Speaking of aliens though, Kevin had to admit that this school was pretty unique. Everyone there was a non-human, but their disguises were top-notch. He didn't know what kind of tech they were using, but he wouldn't mind getting his hands on it to sell to some of his more...physically unique clients. He was positive that the students were all aliens, but he also knew that some non-human species were on Earth for so long it was hard to tell if they were aliens or not.

Walking past some of the tombstones, Kevin suddenly stopped when three punks emerged from the trees, each snickering with wide grins on their faces. Their teeth were triangular and sharp, probably meaning either their disguises sucked or they were getting ready for a fight.

"Hey, new kid," one of the thuggish students said, getting in Kevin's way. "Me and my buddies here heard that you were wandering around so we decided to help you out and teach you how things worked around here."

Kevin cocked an eyebrow. Punks always did attract punks, wanting to see who was top dog over all. Well, that was just fine with him. Better yet, they challenged him first so he could let loose without worries. "OK, teach me then." He then let his hand grip one of the tombstones. "But I should warn you that I'm not a very good student."

"And knowing Kevin, it won't be long before he does cause some kind of trouble," said Ben.

"I could spy on him if you want," Mizore volunteered, leaning her head against his shoulder. Ben shivered a bit.

"That's OK, Mizore. You don't have to."

"I don't mind," she said, smiling.

The last of the thugs dropped to the ground with a groan, reverting back to their human forms. Kevin stood among them all; his entire body looking like it was made of stone. Oddly, it seemed to be the same kind of stone which had made up the tombstones that littered the area.

Kevin looked at the beaten thugs and heaved a sigh, the stone melting away to his regular skin and clothing. This wasn't even a challenge even when they took their true forms which looked like goblins or something. "Tennyson's tougher than you guys."

He heard the sound of applause and turned around to see a guy in a black coat with pale skin, long blonde hair, and dots for eyebrows.

"What do you want?" Kevin asked.

"To welcome you to Youkai Academy. I am Kuyou of the school's Public Safety Committee, but we're also known as the Student Police. I heard that you know Ben Tennyson pretty well."

"Oh, me and Tennyson go way back."

"Interesting. So, tell me, what do you know of Tennyson and his abilities?" asked Kuyou.

"It depends on how much you'll pay me," responded Kevin. Kuyou's brows furrowed but he kept calm.

"Let's just say if you don't tell me what I need to know, your stay here can be quite…unpleasant," Kevin stated, a threat hidden in his words.

"Been there, done that," Kevin said offhandedly, recalling the Null Void. "Sorry, but I kinda made a deal with someone to not squeal about Ben. It's kinda the reason why I'm here."

"Well, then we'll be seeing more of each other, Mr. Levin," said Kuyou before he turned and walked away.

It had been nearly a week since Kevin transferred in and Ben was getting jumpy. The infirmary had receiving several beaten students a day courtesy of Kevin, but they were all thugs who wanted to prove they were tough and thus challenged the American punk. It definitely proved Kevin had gotten stronger since their younger days. Ben had wanted to fight Kevin out of sheer instinct, but since he technically wasn't doing anything wrong, he couldn't do anything about him.

As Gwen was headed to the library, she heard someone call. "Yo, Red!"

Gwen sighed. "Great…"

"So you're supposed to be a witch from what I heard," Kevin said. Gwen turned to face him.

"Yes, though I prefer the term sorceress," Gwen retorted.

"I don't believe it. I believe the little girl who's obsessed with Tennyson is a witch since she dresses the part but not you," Kevin said. Suddenly, he found himself trapped by a pink beam created from Gwen hand

"Does this change your mind?"

"Neat trick," he murmured. "Sorry, but if you rode on a broom then I might believe you."

"What do you want, Kevin?" Gwen said as she rolled her eyes and let him go.

"Nothing, I just want to talk. I mean, sure you're related to Ben, but at least you're smarter than him," Kevin told her.

"Oi!" Both Americans turned to see a bunch of tough looking punks. One of them asked, "Are you Kevin Levin?"

"What if I am?" Kevin said

"Rumor has it you want to prove you're the toughest guy here. Well, let's just say we want to see it ourselves."

"Really, alright but not in the hallway. Too narrow. Let's take this outside," Kevin said


"Later, Red," Kevin said to Gwen.

Gwen frowned as she watched him go, muttering, "He's up to something, I swear."

The school day ended as usual. When Ben opened his shoe locker he found a letter. "What's this?"

"What's that, Ben?" Moka asked curiously.

"Looks like a challenge letter," concluded Mizore.

Ben frowned as he opened up the letter and read. "It's from Kevin. I should've known."

"So, what are you going to do?" Yukari asked.

"Well, he challenged me, and I know that in this school when you get challenged you have to accept. I'm going!"

One of Kuyou's spies was watching the exchange. They then disappeared to report this new development.

"So, you came, and you brought along your entourage," said Kevin. They were in a clearing in the forest that surrounded the school. Tombstones littered the ground in random spots.

"Yeah, I got your letter," said Ben as he showed the letter before shoving back into his back pocket. "So, this is what you wanted, huh? Why now?"

"Just felt like it." The American punk shrugged.

"Still, a challenge letter is oddly formal," Ben added as he stepped forward.

"Hey, when in Rome," Kevin cracked his knuckles as he faced Ben. "It's time we settled this, Tennyson. Once and for all."

"I agree," Ben frowned as he activated the Omnitrix. Kevin knelt down and touched the ground, absorbing its properties as his entire body became covered in a soil-colored layer. In this state his strength and durability were enhanced beyond human limitation.

"OK, time to go Humongosaur!" Ben slammed his palm onto the Omnitrix. In a flash of green light he was transformed into…

"Ditto!?" Ditto looked himself over. "Stupid watch…"

"Well, this is going to be easier than I thought." Kevin clenched his fists and then charged straight at Ditto.

Ditto yelped before he split himself into several clones that ran around Kevin. Kevin looked at the diminutive aliens and rolled his eyes. "Is this your strategy? Running away?" He punched one clone who got in range and the pain was felt by the other Dittos as they cried out. "Oh, I see. This is good," grinned Kevin.

"Ben!" Moka gasked.

"What's happening?" Kurumu questioned.

"Ben told me that all the Dittos share pain!" Yukari explained. "If one gets hit, the others feel it too."

"Now Kevin knows he doesn't have to beat all of them, but just one of them," grumbled Mizore.

"Dogpile! Dogpile! Dogpile!" the Dittos chanted as they jumped onto Kevin and hooked their arms around his arms, legs and neck.

"Get off me!" Kevin shouted as he tried to throw the Dittos off me. "I said get off!"

Throwing off the Dittos, Kevin took a moment to catch his breath. Absorbing the qualities of the soil wasn't helping him at this point. He could still feel the punches from when the Dittos were fighting him. Spotting one of the tombstones which were littered around campus, Kevin grabbed it, shifting from dirt to solid rock.

"How's he doing that?!" cried Kurumu.

"That's what I wanna know," one of the Dittos grunted as they got to their feet.

"I suppose I can explain since I know about the Omnitrix," Kevin shrugged. "My body has the ability to absorb matter and copy it. The more dense and tough the material is, the stronger and tougher I get. Sweet deal huh?"

"Just like how you used to absorb energy," Ditto recalled.

"Exactly, only now I got better control," said Kevin.

Ditto frowned and recalled all his clones before he returned into the form of Ben in a flash of green.

"Giving up, Tennyson?" asked Kevin. "You're no fun."

"No, I'm not giving up," remarked Ben. "Time to reintroduce you to an old friend!" He activated the Omnitrix. "Say hello to Fourarms!"

Ben slammed his hand down, hoping to turn into Fourarms, when the hologram suddenly changed at the very last second.


The new alien was humanoid with green skin and a black head and 'hair' that looked like flames. "Not again…" Swampfire groaned. The Omnitrix ALWAYS threw him curveballs. Even in its new form it always changed him into an alien different than the one he planned to turn into.

Kevin looked at the new alien. "Never seen that one before."

"A lot has changed, Kevin," Swampfire remarked.

The two then charged at each other and began to exchange blows. The girls watched. Moka frowned nervously.

"Just like old times, huh, Benjy?" Kevin taunted.

"Yeah, it is," retorted Swampfire. He threw a punch but Kevin dodged and punched him in the chest creating a hole. However, the hole quickly sealed up.

"Well that's a neat trick." Kevin admitted. Swampfire then threw a punch but is surprised to see fire shoot out of his fist. The surprise move made Kevin duck.

"Okay, I take it back. That's a neat trick," Kevin said, surprised that a plant could shoot fire.

"So, what do you call this?" Swampfire responded before he burrowed himself underground.

"Hey, where are you, Tennyson!?" Kevin demanded.


The ground beneath Kevin's feet exploded as flames blasted out, throwing him through the air. Swampfire rose from the ground, a grin on his face.

"Surprise, Kevin!" Swampfire greeted.

Omnitrix Encyclopedia

Methanosian A.K.A. Swampfire

These people hail from the planet Methanos. They are living swamps which produce methane from their bodies, making them less than loved by species of the universe which have sensitive noses. They have the ability to ignite the methane gas and send streams of fire from their palms. They are able to regenerate from nearly any wound and even have superhuman strength. They have such great regenerative powers that they can manipulate their bodies for purposes such as burrowing underground or slipping out of confined spaces.

"This is like Wildvine and Heatblast all rolled into one!" said Swampfire happily. And then the Omnitrix emblem beeped as it flashed red. "Crud!"


"Well, looks like you're out of juice," remarked Kevin. He then resumed his original state. "This is what I was hoping for."

"Yeah, but even like this I can still take you," declared Ben hotly.

"We'll see, Benjy."

Gwen had sensed a disturbance and left the library to investigate. She sensed two familiar energy signatures clashing.

"I knew this day would come," she sighed. Guys like Kevin didn't give up so easily, especially when their targets were in sight.

Ben and Kevin were back in human form and trading punches. A punch from Kevin sent Ben stumbling back but Ben recovered to slam his fist against Kevin's face. Kevin then hit Ben in the stomach. Ben doubled over but recovered as he stood up and hit Kevin in the chest with his punch. They were bleeding from the nose and mouth, with bruises forming on their faces.

"Looks like you can fight without the Omnitrix," grinned Kevin as he wiped the blood off his lips.

"I'm not the same kid you met all those years ago," said Ben, panting.

"Yeah, you grew up pretty well. You had everything I didn't have growing up." Kevin sneered. "Family, friends, people who care about you…"

"Hey, you made your choices and paid for them. Don't pin them all on me!"

"I'm not, but you're my only outlet!"

"Take up a hobby then."

"This is my hobby!"

The two charged at each other and threw their punches at each other.

There was a short pause as they broke apart.

"Tell me Tennyson; have you EVER wondered why your granddad, let me go as lightly even though I tried to kill you in the past?" Kevin sneered actually struggling to get up.

"How should I know?" Ben snapped

"I heard a very interesting rumor. Apparently both my real father and your Grandpa Max were Plumbers," Kevin said. "Apparently he decided to give me a 2nd chance in honor of my father's memory."

"Memory?" Ben said

"Oh that's right. I didn't tell you my mother remarried and, unfortunately, my step-dad really didn't like me enough to keep me."

"Sorry," said Ben sympathetically.

"Save it!" Kevin then jumped and kicked Ben hard in the chest. This sent him reeling backwards, right into Moka.

Ben fell against Moka and his fingers hooked onto the rosario cross on her neck. It came off with a snap.

That would be when Kevin would meet his worst nightmare. The sky turned blood red as bats flapped around, screeching. His eyes were on Moka as she was bathed in a crimson light. Her skin became paler, her hair turned silver, and her eyes narrowed before the irises turned blood red and the pupils became slitted.

Kevin gulped. As hot as this girl was, she was definitely one scary customer.

"So, this person beat you, Ben Tennyson?" Moka-sama asked Ben who was sitting at her feet.

"Yeah, sorry," Ben apologized.

Moka-sama snorted as her eyes fell on Kevin. He smelled like a human, and something else. It was curious to her, but she definitely held no fear of him. Then again, since he did beat Ben albeit in his own human form perhaps he was worth some interest. She then approached him causing Kevin tense up. This girl looked tough. Of course since she wasn't human, he had to be careful.

Kevin acted quickly and touched a tombstone, absorbing its properties. With his skin rock-hard and his strength increased, he was ready for anything.

"What are you waiting for?" Moka-sama taunted. "I'm waiting. That is, if you're scared, Kevin Levin."

Kevin punched at Moka-sama but she effortlessly swatted his fist away. He tried again only to meet the same result. Kevin continued to throw punched at Moka-sama, who yawned as she used a single hand to deflect his blows. "Is that all?" she asked. There was strength to him for sure, but no skill. He was obviously a street fighter with no skill beyond his genetic abilities. That said, Moka-sama had seen enough. Rearing back her leg, she unleashed her now infamous catchphrase.



Kevin was launched into the air before he crashed, leaving an imprint of his own body on the ground. He twitched for a few seconds before finally going unconscious.

"Was that necessary?" Ben asked Moka-sama. She threw a glare at him. "Nevermind."

Kurumu and Mizore were poking at Kevin while Yukari happily drew on his face with a marker.

Gwen was not happy when she arrived at the scene of the fight. Ben was bruised and bloody along with Kevin who had childish doodles on his face. After giving her cousin a stern talking-to, she and the other girls dragged him and Kevin to the infirmary where they could get their wounds treated. Kevin was quickly roused to consciousness while Ben was fretted over by the girls save for Gwen.

"Satisfied?" asked Ben, mentally prepared to fight again.

"OK, I lost, but I can at least say this," Kevin sighed, rubbing his head and feeling the bandages covering his cuts.

"What?" Ben said to his enemy.

"You're not the toughest one here. She is," Kevin said, pointing to Moka. "Now, if you excuse me, I got places to be." Kevin did a mock bow as he walked away.

"When do you think he'll notice Yukari's doodles on his face?" asked Mizore.

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