I thought of this story, after this past Thursday's episode, Tornado Girl. My inspiration came from when Claire was talking to Daniel about his crush and when she suggested that it was Betty. But for my sake, Alexis is still around. Just an fyi. So enjoy.

Disclaimer: Yeah, if I owned Betty, well, it'd be very, very Detty!

Daniel Meade sat at his desk, turning back and forth in his chair. With every turn, he was just added one more crease and wrinkle into his purple designer dress shirt. But, his appearance was the last thing from Daniel Meade's mind. The only thing that he could focus on was his sweet, cherub-like assistant. And the echoing words of his mother suggesting that he, Daniel Meade, would have a crush on the brightly dressed and very intellectual woman that he stared at threw the glass. It was creepy how much he was watching her these days. His work was piling up, he hadn't had sex with some complete stranger in almost a week, and he had even forgotten to shave once already. Daniel was truly hit by cupid's arrow and he was hit hard.

These days, Daniel would call Betty into his office for the smallest of details. Daniel sat there thinking of a way to get Betty into his office today, "Oh, Betty what do you think of this color scheme?" "Betty, does the placement of this article next to this picture flow?" "Betty, what's that sandwich guy, Gio, selling today?" "Does this tie look alright with this shirt? I have a date tonight (Betty, I'm lying, I'm sure you know that, but answer me anyways, I love to just hear your voice)." "Hey, Betty! How are you today? I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you and that whole time you were with Walter, Henry, and then Gio, I was dieing on the inside."

"I think the last one should wait," Daniel thought cynically to himself.

Betty looked up from her work and turned to look into Daniel's office as she did every morning at 10 AM. Daniel smiled and motioned for her to come in. Betty motioned that she'd be there in one minute. Betty finished typing up her email and then got up and went to Daniel's office.

"What's up?" Betty asked just as cheery as she always does.

"How are you?" Daniel asked coolly.

Betty gave him a weird look, "What?"

"How are you? You always ask me how I am and I end up spilling my life problems on you. So, I'm asking just in case you have any life problems you want to get off your chest," Daniel replied sincerely.

"Oh, well that's very considerate of you Daniel. I'm great actually. My apartment is finally just the way I want it. And just between you and me, I might have a date this Friday," Betty exclaimed excitedly.

"Date?!" Daniel thought in a panic, but remained a cool on the outside, "Oh? With wh-who?"

"Just this guy, Jesse, he lives across the hall from me. I might go see him and his band," Betty shrugged.

Daniel nearly exploded upon hearing Betty was going out with a guy in a band. He didn't like the idea whatsoever. It killed Daniel to see Betty date all of those other guys, but at least they were in the work place and he could play the caring boss and go ruff them up a little if they had hurt Betty. But a band guy meant that he had no control over what happened and he knew a lot could happen. The only thing Daniel could imagine was this sly, guitarist taking advantage of his innocent Betty. No, he couldn't let that happen, not as long as he was Daniel Meade, one-third owner of the Meade Company. One third. Thanks a lot Wilhelmina.

"Daniel? Hey? Are you okay?" Betty asked as she placed a concerned hand on his shoulder.

"Oh, yeah. Betty, really? He's a guy in a band," Daniel asked over protectively.

Betty gave him the 'Really, Daniel? Really?' look, "You don't know Jesse, he's very sweet and kind."

"Isn't this the guy that took your umbrella without your permission?" Daniel asked skeptically.

"Hey, he returned it," Betty defended.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt again. Iā€¦care about you," Daniel said carefully.

A sweet smile appeared on her face, "Thank you Daniel, you're such a good friend. I'll be fine, I promise. So, is there anything you need me for?"

"Uh, no actually I'm good. But are you doing anything for lunch?" Daniel asked.

Betty thought a moment," No, why?"

"Well, because, I was talking it over with Alexis and she want you to contribute to this month's issue. It's nothing big. It's 300 words max, but you can write about anything you want, as long as it's relevant to fashion. She was really impressed the way you handled the Adriana Lima incident and I wanted to take you out to lunch to congratulate you," Daniel explained.

"Oh my God! Are you serious?!" Betty jumped excitedly.

A big smile spread across Daniel's face, "Yeah."

"Thank you Daniel! I'll clear my schedule so we can lunch!" Betty added, still beaming.

"Don't thank me, this was all because of you," Daniel corrected.

Betty smiled, her cute brace-y smile, "So, twelve for lunch?"

"Yeah, our reservation is at 12:30," Daniel told her.

"You made reservations even though you hadn't asked me?" Betty laughed.

Daniel smiled again, "I figured you come."

Betty rolled her eyes in an amused fashion as she left Daniel's office. He watched her for a second and then stared at the empty doorway for another minute. Betty's words echoed in Daniel's mind, 'you're such a good friend.' Good friend? I guess it's better than just 'friend' but still. God, I hate this. Thanks a lot mom. I was perfectly happy in my little dream world where Betty wasn't the focus of my life. But now, in the reality of it all, I want to be with her. But, she's better off without me. She needs someone who can talk about art and literature and stuff. I'm not that guy. God, reality sucks.

This is my first Ugly Betty story, so I would really love feedback and ideas. Both are very good!