"What's this?"

"Oh…I thought I ah…"

"Are you blushing Doctor?"

"I haven't used that in a while…"

"It looks to me like you've used it a lot, the batteries are dead. Hey, you are blushing!"

"I'm not blushing! And I never said I didn't use it at all. I'll have you know that B.O.B saw me through many a dateless night. I'm not ashamed of our…friendship...Are you blushing now, Scofield?"

"Who me? I never blush, Tancredi. What size battery does Bob take, anyways? And why is it called Bob, is it natural for a woman to name her ah…Friend?"

"There should be some batteries there in the drawer there."

"Ah…Here we go, found them. So then, you never told me what inspired the name Bob, or do I not want to know?"

"It's ah…its short for battery operated boyfriend."

"What was that? This thing is pretty loud with new batteries."

"You've never heard the term B.O.B, battery operated boyfriend before?"

"No, but that's very clever…Nice design too…Angle is good...adequate width...Wow this thing really does it all, doesn't it? Rotates…vibrates…I'm starting to feel a little intimidated by your friend B.O.B here…"

"Stop teasing me, Scofield, or I'll show you exactly what B.O.B does…"

"Show me, what, you mean I get to watch?" (Laughing)

"Ha ha, very funny, now can we just clean out this closet, please?"

"Are you getting mad now?"

"I'm not mad."

"Don't be mad. I have an idea."

"I told you, I'm not mad… Michael, what are you doing?"