"…Why?" Ryoma asked shakily as tears threatened to fall from his golden eyes. He stared at Tezuka, his former Tennis captain and now his former lover.

"I don't love you anymore…"The stoic older boy replied simply, looking at the now crying boy in front of him. He found himself resisting the urge to wipe the tears away and bring the boy into an embrace and soothe him as he repeated how sorry he was and hope for forgiveness. Instead he just stood there, the boy crying onto the back of his hand before running away, his heart no doubt engulfed in sadness and pain from the sudden break up. He and Ryoma had been dating for the last five months. So to suddenly break up with him and say he didn't love him. Would no doubt bring the boy to tears, so why did he have to do this? Watch himself crush his ex-lovers heart like this? Oh he had a reason and that was to protect the smaller boy.

"Gomen…Ryoma. This is truly for the best…" Tezuka murmured to himself, staring at the boy, his expression falters slightly to reveal sadness in the boy's hazel eyes, something rarely seen; completely drowning his inner wolf instincts of running after the boy and embracing him tightly.


Momo laughed loudly when he heard his Sempai's explanation for what happened earlier during lunch. He stopped abruptly when he saw Echizen walking in their direction from the tennis courts. He noticed right away the boy's expression wasn't a happy one, or a bored one…which for Echizen was abnormal. Instead it was sad, the boy's eyes looked tired and puffy, most likely from crying. This was troubling because everyone, meaning everyone on the tennis team already knew that Ryoma and Tezuka were 'secretly' dating, it was quite obvious. But for Echizen to come from the tennis courts –where he usually meets Tezuka during lunch—sad, something was defiantly wrong then.

"Yo! Echizen!" He called out, waving the boy over. Eiji looked curiously over to the boy, eyes widened at the sight of his saddened O'chibi. Momo and Eiji jogged over to him.

"Momo... Eiji..." Ryoma half-heatedly greeted almost adding "-sempai" to their names out of habit, but didn't since he'd skipped two grades; trying to revert back to his cocky/bored expression but found that he couldn't. This was must unsettling, because this was when he realized how much he'd been in love with Tezuka. So much so, that it felt like his heart had been ripped out and nothing but tears could fall in its place.

"Echizen..." Momo said, bringing the boy into a hug, Eiji doing the same, comforting the crying boy. They didn't even have to ask what happened, they already knew. Tezuka had broken Ryoma's heart.

Off in the distance, a certain brunette stood shocked, with his cerulean eyes wide open as he took in the sight of his crying beloved (he hasn't confessed yet, but he did love him...); in the arms of his comrades who comforted him. Somehow this irritated him, deep in his throat a growl bubbled up; he couldn't suppress his anger, knowing this he turned and dashed from the school grounds into the area filled with trees where he turned from a man into a beast. A fox to be precise, a brunette fox, his build, was small but he was agile and fast. He growled and took off into the small forest behind the school.

Deep within the small forest, he stopped and circled around, still as a fox, deep in thought. He continued thinking, wondering what he should do about this. He didn't know, but he wanted the boy to be happy. That was when it hit him. The perfect way, or at least, as perfect as it's going to be, for the boy to find happiness.

End of Prologue

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