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Within The Darkness


I felt my heart fighting for its ever beat. I knew I was dying and I knew that only a short time was left for me. I had spoken to Edward twice but it didn't seem enough. I wanted to convey my love to him fully and I knew it couldn't be said with my short shallow breaths.

"Bella my love stay with me," he cried into my shoulder. I felt him kiss every reachable place on my body. "I cannot live without you Bella! You cannot do this to me."

"Edward," Carlisle said in a worried tone. "I don't know what else I can do. She seems to be stabilizing but that could change in a minute."

"Bella if you can hear me," Edward began. "I want you to know that you can do this. I will be with you every step of the way. Just please my love, don't give up on me now. Hold on. Stay with me." He kissed my lips gently with his trembling lips. "I love you."

Suddenly I felt as if I was forced into an incinerator. It was like I was burning in my own personal endless hell. "It's working," Carlisle said. "Don't you see Edward?"

"Thank you," Edward whispered. "Thank you for staying with me."

"She should be fine now," Carlisle said with relief.

"Get her out of here," I heard Edward suddenly growl. "Hide Bella in the house. I need to take care of Rosalie."

"Edward no," Carlisle said. "She is our family."

"How can you say that," he yelled. "Look what she did to Bella! Bella almost died because of her Carlisle!"

"I realize this," Carlisle said calmly. "But Edward did you ever consider the facts."
"What are you talking about," Edward asked quickly losing patience. "What facts?"

"She didn't know about Kyle," he said. "She didn't know his true past with Bella or those other women. If she did do you truly believe she would have allowed him anywhere near her?"

"She wanted Bella dead," Edward said angered. "I'm sure she would have done anything to make that happen including using a psychotic rapist! The fact no longer matter."

"But they do my son," Carlisle said. "I know that if she knew then this would all be different." I felt the intense pressure of the burn against my throbbing skin. It felt almost as if someone was stabbing me with millions of daggers then burning me at the stake. I cried out in pain searching for any source of comfort.

"I know my Bella," he whispered softly. He grabbed my hand with the utmost care. It felt as if the ice cold hand of winter was caressing my entire body. It felt incredible next to the burning sensation I was forced to endure.

"Edward," I heard Alice asked.

"What is it Alice," he answered. "I don't have much time to talk."
"I know," she murmured softly. "But I have to tell you something."

"Can it not wait," he asked. "I need to take Bella away from this mess before Rosalie attempts attacking her again."

"She won't," Alice said with a certain absolution to her voice. "Rosalie left."

"What," Edward yelled. "How...Alice where did she go?"

"I don't know," she said defeated. "When you were willing Bella alive she disappeared. The only person she told she was leaving was Emmett."

"Did he go with her," Carlisle asked with a concerned tone again.

"No," she said sadly. "She picked...him up and left quite abruptly. She told Emmett there was no other choice."

"She left Emmett," Edward said asking for validation.

"Yes," she said simply. I wanted to apologize to Emmett. I wanted to somehow bring Rosalie back no matter what the consequences were. I attempted to speak but all that came out was a vague whimper.

"Shh Bella," Edward silenced me. "I'm taking you inside. I promise you everything will be all right."

"What about Emmett," Carlisle asked. "How can we convince him to come home when he is so broken over Rosalie?"

"We don't," a voice I soon recognized to be Esme said. "We may only allow him to feel what he's feeling." The pain seemed to intensify every waking moment. I wanted to curse whoever had put me in this rigid state. I wanted to escape the darkness and come back into the light.

"Please," I managed to cry. "Please make this stop… Edward please!" I tried to say more but a surge of fire attacked my frail body once more. I felt so broken, so incomplete, so unnatural.

"I'm so sorry Bella," he said. I felt him pick me up gently as he gave Alice directions. "Alice I need you to call Charlie. Tell him whatever you can contemplate but make it certain that Bella will not be home for quite some time."

"Right," she said sounding distracted.

"It will be all right Bella," he whispered my ear once more. "This will be over soon."

"Edward," I continued to whine. "I'm so sorry."


Why did my angel feel she was always the one who needed to apologize? She essentially had done nothing wrong. She was completely right when she begged me not to leave. If I had been here none of this would have happened. Now she was the one who was paying the price, my debt.

It nearly killed me to see her withering around in pain while all I could do was watch her. I sighed in relief every time she breathed; it reminded me that at least a small part of her was still alive. I watched as everything I loved about my beloved human drained from her features. Her sweet rosy cheeks were now replaced with ivory alabaster skin. He once racing heart now slowed to nearly nonexistent beats.

I felt the cold stab of jealousy as I thought of normal human couples. They seemed to have no cares within the world when grasped each other freely showing their affections without the risk of taking the others life. How I wished that I could transition into being a human. I wished I could make myself a better man for Bella, a man without such a grim dark past.

"How is she," Carlisle asked coming into the room. So far it had been two days since I carried my Bella into this room. She repeated her apologies over and over sending anger through my body. If only she could see me for what I really was for doing this to her, a monster.

"As good as she could be," I said grimly. "How could I do this to her Carlisle? I abducted her life without even her consideration."

"She would have wanted this eventually Edward," Carlisle sighed. "I am regretful that we had to take this action sooner than I planned but that is life."

"Life," I said sarcastically. "This is life? Living in the same body forever, never aging never dying? This is not life Carlisle this is hell!"

"If you have each other it is life," he said. "Do you not recall what you said to Bella? You said that life without her was no life at all. Lying before you is all the life you could ever need. She loves you more than she could ever say and you love her just as much."

"More," I corrected him. "More than anyone could ever know Carlisle. Why did I have to be so selfish? Why did I have to track Kyle when I knew deep inside it was useless? I couldn't kill him like I truly wanted to do anyway. I wanted to rip his throat out and make him pay for all the moments he made wrong for her."

"Sometimes vengeance has consequences that we can't understand Edward," Carlisle said placing his hand on my shoulder. "Though if it were me in that situation, I would have done the same."


Why couldn't I see Bella coming out of this? Why couldn't I give Edward the time figure he desired so profusely?

"Alice what is it," my husband said wrapping his arms securely around my waste. "You are radiating tension."

"It's Bella," I sighed. "I can't see her coming out of this."

"What do you mean," he asked kissing my cheek in comfort.

"I can see up to an hour before her transformation is complete only," I uttered. "I just cannot see her waking up."

"How can that be Alice," Jasper asked. "The worst of this is over. No harm can come to Bella now."

"I know," I said frustrated. "I just wish I knew what was causing this."

"You will know soon enough," he said nuzzling me. "This will all be fine, you'll see."

"I know," I said once more. "I just cannot help feeling guilty for all of this. I was supposed to be watching her."

"She tricked you Alice," Jasper said. "There was nothing you could have done. Bella knew what she wanted and because of that she knew what to do in order to achieve that."

"I just don't understand how Rosalie could have done that," I said feeling the pain well up into my throat as I spoke her name. "She was my sister Jasper, I loved her."

"I know," he said in return. "We all loved her Al. Unfortunately Rosalie made a mistake that none of us can undo now. She now has to deal with the consequences that she created for herself. Do not forget you now have Bella. She is our family too."

"You know I always knew I would love her," I said. "Ever since day one when I saw that vision I just knew. I knew that she would somehow become a part of this family."

"She is our sister now," Jasper said. "Emmett will come back dearest. I wish you would stop blaming yourself so much."

"I hope so," I said. "I really hope so Jasper."

Emmett POV

For the first time in my life I wanted to die. I wanted to be destroyed no matter what it took to make that happen. Rosalie had left me without any inclination of when she would return. She told me that she would contact me as soon as she could; a part of me continued to doubt her.

"We will be together again Emmett," she vowed. I wanted to kill the boy she held in her arms personally. Though I knew I shouldn't be, I felt entirely jealous. He was the reason that all of this had occurred. He was the reason Rosalie was leaving, he was the reason that we almost lost Bella.

"Rosalie please don't do this," I remembered begging her. "We can find a way out of this if we just stay together."

"It's too late Emmett," she said in a tortured voice. "The family hates me now. I have done something more terrible than I could ever repent for and now I no longer have the opportunity."

"Perhaps if you destroyed that vile creature then all of this would be over," I sneered starring once again at the dark figure matted with blood. "I will even take care of him if that's what it takes to make you stay Rosalie."

"No," she said taking a protective stance over him. "You won't touch him Emmett! I took his life and I was the one to bring him back. I owe him this opportunity after what I've done."

"He tried to kill Bella Rosalie," I found myself yelling at her. "He doesn't deserve to live!"

"He loves her Emmett," she dry sobbed. "I just thought that he would finally take her away not try to kill her. But then when I found him, he was attacking her. It seemed he wanted her to die just as badly as I did, I couldn't find the will to stop him. So if you kill him then you might as well take my life too."

"Rosalie," I said in a begging tone.

"Good bye Emmett," she said simply before darting off into the trees. I found myself frozen in the middle of our yard. I wanted to go after her but I didn't know if I could find the strength. I felt as if half of me was missing. How was I supposed to live without her?

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