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Synopsis: Alice and Jasper's first two years together as they fall in love and search for the Cullens together.


Alice stood in front of her small closet in the hotel room she was staying at, trying to find something to wear for the day. She wished she could get a vision to know what she would wear. Would he be coming today, so therefore she should wear the dress she had seen herself wearing when they met, or would it not happen today? Pondering her dress choices, she lightly touched all of the fabrics. Taffeta, faille, moire, all so lovely.

A vision pushed it's way into her mind, and Alice had the same vision she had been having over and over again yet again. But this time, it held so much clarity in it, that she knew that it had to be today.

She hopped off of the stool and danced over to the other vampire. He tensed, as if for a fight. "You've kept me waiting a long time." She admonished only slightly teasing.

He ducked his head. "...

Alice growled as the vision ended. "Just like always." She grumbled to herself, but she wasn't really angry, not knowing that they would finally meet today. Alice grinned as she took down her bright yellow taffeta dress. It had a low neckline, with a full skirt. Gazing at it lovingly, Alice swiftly put it on before glancing out the window. She already knew that it would be rainy, and simply looked out of instinct. She grabbed a coat off the hanger, and headed out the door, all primped for the day.

It was 5:50 in the morning, and only a few people were out, but the small diner would be open at 6, and it took ten minutes when she walked at a human pace. Under normal circumstances, Alice wasn't impatient, but knowing you would meet the love of your life that day sometimes made you a bit impatient, so she hurried a bit faster than necessary.

She had hunted that night, and her eyes were a bright butterscotch. I hope I don't scare him away with my gold eyes, Alice thought to herself, worrying needlessly because she already knew how it would turn out, eventually.

As she turned the corner to get to 'Betty's Diner- The Best in all of Philadelphia' she already saw Bill, the cook, opening the door. He looked up, expecting her because she had been there for the past 3 weeks, except for the sunny days, and smiled. He was the only one that had really warmed up to her, probably because of the natural instinct most humans had to avoiding creatures like her.

"Good Morning, Alice" He said brightly.

"Very." Alice agreed.

"Is whoever your waiting for coming today?" He joked.

Alice grinned (not showing all of her teeth, she didn't want to scare him) "Yep," Noticing his confused face, she added, "I can feel it."

He hurried her inside (it looked like rain) and nodded. "Good luck then, I hope he's worth it for you to be waiting for so long."

"He is." She sat in the same seat that she had been sitting in for the past three weeks and took the coffee and doughnut he had offered her, pretenses, her human charade. It started drizzling outside quietly as Bill hummed, cleaning the kitchen in the back. Betty was in her office, but she would be leaving at 9 to go check up on her kids and get them to school. Mary came in an hour later and avoided catching Alice's eye, the only one of the employees who was completely scared of having Alice there. She had once gossiped to another waitress that "It feels like, I don't know, like she's goin' to eat me or somethin'." Alice had chuckled quietly into her coffee.

The hours passed, and the rain had worsened before stopping. At three, Betty and Dorothy came in, chatting and laughing. All of the employees were like a family there. "Good Afternoon, Alice." Dorothy told her, waving.

"Isn't it?" Alice said, nodding in there direction. The rain started up again, and an old couple came in. Alice turned her head toward them, even though she knew it wasn't him. They smelled just like every other human there.

Others came and went, and a little later, a boyfriend and girlfriend came in. As they sat down and ordered something to eat from Dorothy, Alice was struck with a vision. The boy was getting down on one knee, and the girl was staring at him with wide eyes before jumping into his arms in glee. Alice smiled softly. It wasn't happening today, but soon.

They smiled at each other of their dinner, and Alice felt an unreasonable pang of jealousy of the couple. She hoped that eventually that would be her and Jasper.

A family sat in the corner, the mother and father looking harassed with their two children as the little girl refused to eat her green beans, and the boy who was antsy in his seat and wouldn't stop fidgeting. Just then, as the storm picked up even more harshly, the door opened, and the bell tinkled. the harsh wind blew his scent toward her. Alice's head shot up and she looked over to him.

He was eyeing the room warily, his eyes black as coals. He was holding his breath, but seemed to know what she was, and was suddenly even more tense. He was here, and even more beautiful than she had imagined.

She hopped off of the stool and danced over to the other vampire. He tensed, as if for a fight. "You've kept me waiting a long time."

He ducked his head. "I'm sorry ma'am." Jasper said in a low voice, and Alice, though trying to be angry, couldn't stop the grin that split across her face. Alice held out her hand, and in an instant, he took it, and she led him out of the diner and onto the start of the rest of their lives, Bill the cook staring after them the entire time.

Alice continued to swing her free hand as she pulled Jasper along. "Excuse me, ma'am, but, may I ask where we are going."

"Call me Alice, Jasper."

Jasper looked shocked. "How do you know my name?"

"I know a lot about you, Jasper Whitlock." She said mysteriously. "I know you used to travel with Peter and Charlotte, and that you left them a few years back, and I also knew you were going to be meeting me in that diner today, though I had to wait for three weeks to be sure. But," Alice hesitated, afraid this would scare him off. "I've been looking for you since 1920 when I...when I wasn't quite as civilized, I suppose."

"But...How?" Jasper stared at her, and she saw a possible future, he was thinking about bolting.

"Wait! Please don't go! I have been waiting a long time. I can see that future if you leave, and I really don't want you to go." Alice begged, and Jasper's eyes softened.

"I know what it's like to be different, even around vampires. I can sense and manipulate emotions." He murmured, looking away.

Alice gasped. "Really?"

Jasper nodded. "Yes, you're feeling happy, smug, a bit upset still and...well, truthfully, I haven't figured out the last feeling. Like, adoration, and caring, and lust, but all mixed into one."

Alice thought about it for a minute before realizing what it was. "That's love." She told him.

"Love? Hm, so, what do you love?"

If she could have, Alice would've blushed. "Nothing, I'll tell you another time." She had already freaked him out enough for the night, she didn't need to tell Jasper that it was him that she loved. Not yet, at least.

"So...you never answered my first question. Where are we going?"

"The forest, you need to hunt." Alice explained.

Jasper grimaced at the idea. "Some stray hunters? Alice, I'm really fine, don't worry—"

"Not humans." She told him.

Jasper paused and stared at her. "Not...humans? Then what?"

"Did you notice my golden eyes?" She asked him, Jasper nodded. "Animals."

Jasper crinkled his nose, and Alice looked away as soon as she had thoughts about how beautiful he looked, much more so than her. "Animals?" He asked, dubious, and Alice nodded in confirmation. "They don't taste as good as humans do, but it's nice to know I'm not killing somebody that could have a family waiting for them at home."

Jasper closed his eyes. "I'll try. It would be nice..." He trailed off, and Alice didn't press him. She pulled him to the edge of the forest and told him, "It's really just like hunting humans, well, kind of. Come on."

They ran through the forest then, and after Alice caught a deer, Jasper followed suit. He sucked it dry, before turning to Alice. "Nothing." He mused to himself quietly. "Does it ever get better? The taste, I mean."

Alice threw her arms around him then, knowing what that meant, he was planning on staying with her. "Oh Jasper! You're staying?"

He tensed up before relaxing as they held that position. "Aren't you the physic, wouldn't you know?" He teased. Alice just smiled brightly, and he returned it with a small one of his own.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it." She whispered to him.

"Alice, where are you taking me now?" Jasper asked after they had hunted.

"To my hotel room, silly."

Jasper gasped. "You...stay around humans? How? For how long?"

"I've been trying to drink animal blood since I was created in 1920, so I've had a lot of practice. It's not quite as enticing as before."

"So you've never had human blood?" Jasper asked, incredulous.

"Well, I wouldn't say that." Alice whispered, and Jasper felt the shame that she was feeling as if it was his own.

"It's just part of your nature, Alice. Don't worry." How strange it was that he was comforting a vampire he had met not 5 hours previous, Jasper thought to himself.

The two of them ran as far as they could before getting to civilization, where Alice slowed the two of them down to a walk. A comfortable silence fell over the couple as Alice led the way to the hotel. "It's going to be sunny tomorrow." Alice said, breaking the silence. "We're going to need to stay inside."

Jasper looked up toward the sky, as if the sun would come out at that moment, but the rain only continued to fall on his face. "The rain dilutes their smell a bit." He said, mainly to himself.

They arrived at the hotel, and Alice nodded to the doorman before hurrying up to her room with Jasper. As she unlocked the door to her room on the fourth floor, Jasper looked around, surveilling the premises. "Come in." Alice gestured for him to follow her. She sat on the bed, and he looked around before leaning against the wall. Alice's breath was again taken away by his beauty.

"May I ask about your past, Alice?" Jasper asked her slowly.

"You may," Alice giggled quietly before becoming somber. "But I'll only be able to tell you about my life as a vampire. I don't remember my human life. In fact, I didn't even know I used to be human until 10 years ago when I met another vampire."

"You don't remember your past?"

Alice shook her head, and Jasper felt her upset emotions rolling off of her, though she didn't show it. He sent her a wave a peace and happiness, and her head shot up to stare at him. Jasper shrugged innocently. "I told you I could manipulate emotions." As if to prove his point, he gave her a large dose of humor, and Alice started cracking up. Eventually he calmed her down again, and Alice regained her composure.

"Can I ask about your past? I never saw anything. Only your face, and occasionally you with Peter and Charlotte."

"I have a...complicated past, Alice. I'm, I'm enjoying my time with you, and I'm afraid that if I tell you now, you'll send me away." Jasper whispered, though she could hear it with perfect clarity.

"I could never. Jasper Whitlock, I have been searching for you my entire existence, nothing short of finding out you were Hitler could send me away."

"Practically." He said with self-hatred. "I've killed more than you would believe."

"I promise you that I won't leave."

Jasper sighed. "Alright. I was changed in 1863 by a vampire named Maria. I was a major in the confederate army at that time, despite the fact that I was only twenty. She changed me to aid in her own vampire army. You've heard of the vampire wars of the South, correct?" Alice nodded. "I was one of them. I fought and killed many, vampires and humans alike." Jasper continued to tell Alice his entire past, the parts that made him cringe, and the ones that he outright wished he could simply forget. The night went on, and when the sun started rising the next morning, Alice simply got up and closed the curtains before they continued to talk. The spoke of everything, and yet nothing. After Jasper finished telling his past, they went back to hers, and then to her diet, the future, and Jasper discovered that Alice had a soft spot for fashion, but could never keep much because she was always traveling.

The day continued, and after they ran out of things to talk about, they simply sat in silence and enjoyed each others company as though they had known each other for years rather than one short day.

At 8 o'clock that evening. Alice got up and started searching through her clothes, searching for something new to wear.

"Are we going somewhere?" Jasper asked from the chair where he had been sitting. He hadn't sat with her on the bed because he claimed it was improper ("Still a southern gentleman at heart." Alice had said.)

"We need to integrate you with the humans, so you can eventually be able to walk with them and talk with them and not think of them as food." Alice smiled wryly before lightly taking a dark navy blue number off of her hanger. "I'm going to take a shower." She told him. Jasper looked away as she headed into the bathroom and the water started running.

Jasper thought of his growing thirst once before grabbing a piece of paper and quickly writing on it:


I've gone hunting. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. You probably already saw me going anyway, but just in case, I'll leave this for you. Where shall you be taking me first?


Jasper left it lying on the bed and headed out the door and down to the lobby. He hurried to the forest, and smelled the air once he got there. No sign of any humans. Crouching low, he sniffed again for the scent of an anima—there it was! The repulsing smell that also signified his saving grace. No more depression of facing a human's last emotions in life. The horror and pain and sadness.

He raced for the smell where a herd of deer were. He caught two before catching the scent of a slightly more appetizing smell. He hurried toward it, where a bear was lumbering through the forest. He latched onto it's neck, while the bear threw it's head back, roaring. There was a wrestle, before Jasper took it down, sucking it dry. He felt full then, though the thirst itself was not nearly satiated. He ran all the way to the city, where he walked at a pace a bit to quickly for a human to get back to Alice.

When he arrived at the hotel, Alice was pacing in the lobby, worry and nervousness coming off of her in waves, so much so that she didn't even notice him approach in the loud room. Not until he channeled a wave of calm toward her and her head snapped up. Alice threw her arms around him again when he got near. "Oh, I was so worried, what if there was a hunter or a lost hiker? I thought to myself or what if he's hunting humans? Or—"

"Shh." Jasper murmured to her. "Don't worry. I didn't want you to get that pretty little dress dirty taking care of me."

"Well, I feel better knowing you're with me." Alice grumbled.

Jasper laughed, and Alice marveled at the sound. "So where were you thinking of going?"

Alice grinned in an almost evil way, if evil could ever be applied to her. "Shopping." She eyed him then. "You need a new outfit, how long have you been wearing that?" She questioned, her nose wrinkled in disgust in a way that Jasper found quite cute. Realizing he was staring, Jasper instead glanced at his own clothes. Dusty corduroy jeans and an old, red plaid shirt.

Alice shook her head before dragging him out. Walking by all of the small shops and boutiques surrounding them, Alice 'oohed' and 'aahed' at all of the clothes, but with little money, she could only buy a couple things, and for once, only bought one thing for herself (a pair of pretty lacy gloves), while getting him two new shirts and a pair of pants.

Jasper feigned boredom and nonchalance, but really he was happy to be around Alice as she moved from store to store happily. They spent a good part of the night shopping until every store was closed and they decided to head back to the hotel, having nothing else to do.

"Alice," Jasper started.


"You are the best thing to ever happen in my life. I never imagined I could ever be this happy after a past like mine. I must have been truly lucky to meet you, yesterday."

"Jasper Whitlock, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, I want you to know that." They stared into each others eyes, and somehow, even though they had met yesterday, there eyes conveyed what words could not.

You are my life now. I love you.

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