Alice grabbed Jasper's hand tightly as she stared up at the house in front of them.

They were here.

It had been a long trip (though maybe that had something to do with Alice's anticipation), but they were finally here.

"Are you ready?" Jasper asked as they sat in the car in silence.

Alice held her breath for a moment before she finally nodded. "Yes," she breathed. They unlinked hands, and Jasper got out of the car while Alice sat there for a few seconds longer, her hand resting on the door handle.

She was ready. She really was. But what if they didn't like her? Or Jasper? What would they do then?

Jasper came over to her side of the car and opened the door for her, sensing her fears. "Don't worry," he murmured, "they'll love you. How could they not?"

Alice stared up at the man that had been with her for the past two years, always reassuring her that they would find the Cullens one day. And now they had. Alice nodded slightly and took his outstretched hand.

They walked slowly up the gravel driveway before they finally reached the porch, where they took one stair at a time.

Her anticipation was building. Staring at the door, Alice fidgeted as she thought about what this really meant. They're just behind that door, her mind screamed at her.

Taking in one more deep breath, Alice stepped forward and knocked on the door before moving back to stand next to Jasper for comfort.

She heard someone come to the door and her smile widened when she saw sweet Esme standing there, looking at the two of them in confusion. She eyed them carefully at first, but she smiled when she saw their golden eyes. "Hello," she began, "Can I help you?"

Before Jasper could stop her, Alice stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Esme in a hug. "I'm so happy that I finally get to meet you Esme!" she squealed.

Esme's eyes widened, but she didn't say anything about the unorthodox greeting. "Well! Uh, come in," she stood to the side and opened the door wider for them to come in, watching Jasper nervously as he stopped next to her, battle scars covering his body.

"Hello," he greeted lowly, "I'm sorry about Alice, she's just very excited about this."

Esme blinked and stared at him in confusion before she finally nodded slowly. "It's alright, dear," she told him, caught off guard with how polite he was.

"Esme, who's here—" Rosalie began as she looked down at everybody from the top of the stairs.

"Rosalie! I'm so happy to get to meet you finally! We're going to be the best of sisters!"

Rosalie frowned delicately, obviously not expecting such a strange pixie to be greeting her by name.

"Esme did you...?" she trailed off.

Esme shook her head, looking amused. "No, she knew my name too, it's not just you."

Jasper moved to stand next to Alice, trying to calm her down, but she seemed to be too wound up. "Jasper stop it! I don't want to be calm right now!"

Rosalie and Esme shared a glance as Carlisle came out of his office. "Hello!" he greeted politely, surprised to see to unfamiliar vampires standing there in his living room. "What can I do for you?"

"Carlisle! I've been looking forward to meeting you for—oomph!" Jasper placed his hand over Alice's mouth, chuckling nervously. She was going to blow it if she didn't stop.

"Alice, you're scaring them," he warned her. "They haven't told you their names, you shouldn't know," he hissed before looking back at Carlisle and letting go of Alice. "Sorry. My name is Jasper, and this is Alice. Sorry if we scared any of you, it's just, we've been trying to find you for a while now. Alice has a gift, she's clairvoyant."

Esme gasped in surprise, and Rosalie hissed, while Carlisle just looked at the two of them in interest. "And how can we help you?"

Jasper gave Alice a warning glance, but she just rolled her eyes, bounding up to Carlisle. "You don't know it yet, but we're going to be family."

Jasper's eyes widened in shock. "Alice!"

Alice turned to look at Jasper innocently. "What? They're going to find out anyway."

"That's not the point, Alice!"

Carlisle observed them closely. "Well, I guess we'll have to talk it over with the entire family. I don't suppose you know about..?"

Alice grinned. "Edward and Emmett? Yep!" she chirped.

Carlisle nodded faintly. "Right. I think I'm going to call the hospital and let them know that I can't come in today." He left to go back to his office, glancing briefly at Esme and Rosalie before going in the back.

Esme was smiling and already talking to Alice, while Jasper stood nearby, carefully watching Esme and Rosalie in case they decided to attack. He didn't think they would, their emotions were so much calmer than he was used to for a vampire. Rosalie just observed them all from the bottom step on the stairs. "How long have you been looking for us?" Esme asked curiously.

"Well, I've been looking for you guys for about thirty years, but I found Jasper two years ago, and he's been helping ever since."

Jasper gave a curt nod, and Esme looked at them in shock again before she recovered and smiled again. "We're going to need to expand..." she decided thoughtfully.

"Esme!" Rosalie exclaimed. "We don't even know if they're staying with us."

Esme laughed and wrapped Alice in a hug, looking at Rosalie. "No," she disagreed, "I have a feeling they are."

"Oh," Alice finally added as an afterthought. "We'll have to move Edward's things to the garage until we do. His room has the best view..."

Though she didn't let them see it, Rosalie had a small smile on her face at the thought.


Edward and Emmett had gone on a big hunting trip and they were going to be gone for three days. In that time, Alice and Jasper had settled in like they had always lived with the Cullens. They had gotten Edward's room, just like Alice had said they would, and Edward's things were in the garage until they could expand the house.

Alice, Esme, and Rosalie had already gone on a girls only shopping trip, while Jasper and Carlisle had stayed back and talked something they both enjoyed—philosophy.

But surprisingly, it was Rosalie and Jasper that had bonded the most. Rosalie had avoided them for the first day until she found Jasper in the study one day, reading one of her favorite books. They had surprisingly grown quickly close after that.

Finally though, Edward and Emmett were coming home. Home, to a family that was finally complete.

In fact, Alice thought as she stared out the window in excitement, "They'll be here in a minute and thirty seconds!" she told Jasper and her new family. Family.

One minute and thirty seconds later, she smiled as she heard Edward stomp into the house through the garage.

"Who moved all my things to the garage?!"

Alice grinned and bounded down the stairs to finally meet him in person. "Hi Edward!"

Jasper smiled slightly and followed after her at a slower pace, watching in amusement as Alice hugged Edward while Edward watched her in shock. Carlisle and Esme stood nearby in the entrance to the kitchen where Carlisle had his arm wrapped around Esme.

Rosalie had greeted Emmett and was quietly explaining to him the tiny pixie that was currently hugging Edward.

They were really home.


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