Ok, I'm doing this story just for fun.

I really don't remember how to start off a good story so here goes.


He drove down the long narrow road in the sunset. He was on his way to his new house that he just bought about a week ago. He was just leaving his last town. A town filled with horrible memories.

As he was driving, he couldn't help but feel as if someone was watching him. He turned on the radio and listened to the music that started to play to get his mind off the feeling.

But when he came to a stop sign, he just stared around. But before he started to move again, he saw pearly eyes staring into his onyx eyes.


When he pulled into the driveway of his new 2 story home, he turned off his car. He went up to the door and opened it to show a beautifully white living room. He walked in and sat his keys on the end table next to the door. He walked into the kitchen and pulled out some rice balls.

He just moved here about a day ago, but he didn't know that it would feel like forever. After eating the rice balls, he walked into the dining room and unpacked some of the boxes.

When he looked at the time, he saw that it was 23:51.

'Damn, I've been unpacking for 4 hours' he thought. He went to the box that was labeled 'blankets' and pulled some out. He made a small bed on the floor and stared at the ceiling.

Then before falling asleep, he heard the softest voice he could ever have heard. But thats not the weird part. The weird part was that it knew his name.

'Night Sasuke' said the voice.

After hearing that, he fell into a deep sleep.


When he woke up, he felt as if someone came and drove over his neck.

'Maybe sleeping on the floor was not such a good idea' Sasuke thought.

He got up and started to fold up the blankets. After he did, he called the movers to make sure that they were still coming that morning. Once he got their assurance, he went and sat outside with his black ipod.

He noticed how silent his neighborhood was and how the houses each told a different story about them. Then, he started to get that feeling again. That feeling as if someone was watching him.

He looked across the street and saw a midnight haired beauty staring at him. She had pearly eyes and porcelain like skin. She was wearing a white strapless sundress with white flats. She had pearls in her ears and a pearly like headband on her head.

The moving truck pulled up in front of his house, blacking the view of the girl. Sasuke stood up on his porch to find that nothing was there. Nothing in sight.

What had he seen?


Ok Imma stop here. If you wanna know, I kinda got most of the thought from a story on tokio hotel fiction but i didn't take the idea. It's kinda similar, but the difference is the stories and the actual reason as to why Sasuke moved here and why this girl is following him around.

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