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"You think I'm a fallen angel?" asked Hinata staring at Sasuke in a confused look.

Sasuke looked around before answering. He didn't know how to respond. Sure, she was a fallen angel but did she know? He stared down at the ground and bit his bottom lip . He stared at her and nodded.

"What makes you think I'm a fallen angel?" asked Hinata looking at him confusingly.

"Everything. I've seen you before but I don't know how you be appearing out of no where. It's like you have wings and can float from place to place or something. Sometimes I swear I can hear your voice when I'm alone. Are you sure you're not dead?" replied Sasuke.

"I don't remember dying. I remember everything but dying! What makes you think I died?!" she said frantically.

"Well I thought you did because everytime I saw you, you disappeared and it was like you were haunting me. Then I went to the library with my friend and when we typed in your name, it showed a angelic girl but in a matter of seconds she turned evil and dead looking" he said in a loud voice.

"But...I'm not dead or even close to it!" she shouted.

Hinata threw her hands against her head and held her head in her hands. She fell to the floor crying as if she was hurt. Sasuke rushed by her side the moment she fell to the floor.

"This isn't right! I'm not dead!" she yelled.

"I'M NOT DEAD!" she screamed. But the moment she screamed, all the glass in her house, around the neighborhood, had shattered into pieces. Sasuke seemed stunned by this and noticed that she realized what she had done.

"But...but...I'm not a fallen angel" she whispered.

"I think you are Hinata" said Sasuke.

"But...who is the person I need to help?" she asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked.

She gazed around the room and out the shattered window. She tapped her fingers together before she could think of an answer. But, she sadly shook her head and turned her gaze to the floor. Sasuke put his finger under her chin and tilted her head up to him. Their eyes met at a gaze.

"Me" he replied before brushing his lips against hers.


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