Summary: The next generation of Keybearers are off on their own in a quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding their parent's past and at the same time combat the growing darkness of an evil new threat to the worlds. The third sequel to Reunion. Advised that you read all the stories before this one.

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In the distant world of Spira, within a dense and ancient forest, over a river and at the end of a long and unpaved pathway sits a large and menacing iron gate with a decorative letter G cut in the top, above the gate.

It wasn't the gate that brought the curious teenaged paperboy there, but the massive antebellum mansion that sat behind it.

The house was rumored to be haunted and rumors were abound that every Halloween, the spirit of one of the dead former inhabitants would appear holding a lit lantern and disappear while still carrying the lantern.

The paperboy rode up and hopped off his bike as he approached the gate with awe at the abandoned mansion.

Suddenly without warning, a powerful force shoved him to the ground and onto his back as a shrill screeching noise was heard from within the mansion. The Paperboy, in a panic, leapt up onto his bike and rode off back down the trail as fast as he could.

After a moment a dark and feminine hooded figure with a black leather hood, a silver trimmed black leather vest, black leather pants and a pair of silver trimmed black boots emerged from behind the column while suppressing a snicker.

"Oh it just never gets old." The woman snickered to herself as she threw back the hood revealing her short silver hair. She stretched out her hand towards the gate and like magic; a fallen newspaper was lifted into the air and flew through the bars into the woman's open hand.

The woman shoved the newspaper under her arm as she brought her watch up to in front of her mouth.

"All clear." She said into the watch.

"Ten Four Luxa…nice one as always." A female voice said as Luxa smirked and literally flew towards the doors of the Mansion.

The Gracy Manor…the hideout for a group of heroes who saved the worlds three times over. Ten years had passed since these heroes had come to hide in this "Haunted Mansion" and since then they've successfully managed to keep a low profile.

It was the home of Sora, his wife Kairi, along with Riku and his wife Fujin (or Fuu as everyone called her), plus Sora's "brother" Roxas and his wife Namine along with Sora's "sister" Argento the Silver, Roxas's adopted sister Cissnei, Namine's mother Luxa, their friend Shelke Rui, and the three robots, Wall-e, EVE, and M-O.

But they weren't the only ones living there…there were also six kids living there too. Let's start with the youngest of the crowd.

Lulu, a beautiful blond haired eight year old girl who is the spitting image of her mother, Namine, right down to the taste in clothes and drawing skills.

Then there are Lulu's older identical twin nine year old brothers, Sky and Sykx (Pronounced Sykes). The two are both spiky haired blonds like their father Roxas. While troublesome individually they are a handful when together. They have a tendency to speak in unison.

Then we have Rikujou, the nine year old white haired son of Riku and Fuu. While quiet at times, he's not afraid to speak his mind, and he has dreams of becoming either a navy captain or a member of the World Regenesis Organization's SOLDIER program.

Marina, a blue haired nine year old girl, and the daughter of Sora and Kairi. She tends to be flippant and condescending to her siblings but usually out of misguided love.

Finally the oldest of the bunch, the ten year old red haired boy, Ventus, son of Sora and Kairi. A natural born leader, he frequently is compassionate and defensive of his friends and as a result his eight year old cousin Lulu practically idolizes him.

It has been ten years since Sora and the gang had gone into hiding, and as such they are now much older.

Sora is now twenty six along with Kairi, Roxas, and Namine. Riku and Fuu are both twenty seven, while Argento and Luxa are both technically twenty years old, but they have the appearance of being older (Argento in her mid twenties and Luxa in her late twenties/early thirties.) Shelke and Cissnei are the oldest of the bunch being thirty years old, yet Shelke being permanently trapped within the body of a ten year old. Cissnei is showing her age however.

Luxa landed on the porch with the newspaper in hand as she walked into the mansion's foyer.

She proceeded to walk into the library where she found Namine sitting at the desk in front of the fireplace drawing something on her drawing pad.

"I see you brought work home with you again Nam." Luxa said as she reclined on the old red loveseat nearby and opened the newspaper.

"(Sigh) I know…but it helps pay the bills so I keep doing it." Namine replied as Luxa sighed.

"Namine, dear, why don't you just go to a different designer?" Luxa asked as Namine gave her an exasperated look.

"Mom, I've tried to but I'm under contract to stay with De'Ville Designs for at least four more months…once that's done I can leave." Namine said as she massaged her right wrist.

"The Carpel tunnel acting up again?" Luxa asked worriedly as Namine groaned and returned to her design.

Luxa sighed as she left the room for the garage. Namine was a dress designer for a woman named Cruella De'Ville and Namine was one of the best around and that's a fact.

Elsewhere in the house, Cissnei was practicing her kickboxing as she usually did whenever the kids weren't home.

At that moment Argento entered carrying a long rectangular box with a long metal pole sticking out from one end. Cissnei steadied the punching bag as she noticed the former Tsvitet enter.

"What's in the box Gen?" Cissnei asked as she breathed heavily.

"Simple…" Argento said as she pulled out her old buster sword and held it with both hands, "…an old friend."

"Good grief! How long has it been since you've even held that thing?" Cissnei asked as Argento smirked.

"Ten years come Tuesday." Argento replied.

"Geez…so why the sudden desire to take it out?" Cissnei asked as she threw a towel around her neck.

"I dunno…I just have this gut feeling that I'm gonna need it soon or something." Argento said as Cissnei sighed.

"For the sake of my godchildren, I pray you're wrong." Cissnei said with a hint of worry as Argento nodded.

"Ditto sister." Argento said as she started swinging the buster sword around wildly and swiftly for a few seconds before finally pausing and smirking.

"I've still got it…and not a single creaking bone in the lot." Argento said as Cissnei grumbled something about lousy ageless Tsvitets.

"I heard that Turk-e Lurk-e!" Argento called after the ex-Turk as she retreated to her room and the former Tsvitet returned to practicing with her sword.


A red, spiky haired boy stood leaning against a fence outside the school as all the kids, save a few, crowded into the buses or into their parent's car.

Ventus then noted the flash of blue hair approaching with a head of long white hair and two heads of spiky blond hair.

"Well, well…looks like we're just missing Lu." Ventus said as Marina rolled her eyes.

"Typical…that girl would lose her head if it wasn't screwed on." Marina scoffed.

"Be nice Marina, she's never done anything to you…well…nothing that you didn't deserve." Ventus replied as the eight year old blond in question bounced up.

"I'm here!" she said happily.

"Ok then, I guess all we have left is to wait for either Aunt Jenny or Aunt Cissnei to come pick us up." Ventus said as Shelke approached.

"Affirmative Ventus." Shelke said in her emotionless tone.

"Well I don't know about you guys but, I'm going to wait over there by the steps." Marina said as she marched off.

"Who shoved the bat up her skirt today?" Rikujou asked.

"Beats the underworld out of me." Ventus replied.

"Well…I better be the caring friend and check up on her." Rikujou said with a suave smirk as the twins rolled their eyes.

"Oh please." They said in unison.

"What?!" Rikujou asked indignantly.

"You know that you like her…" Sky said with a smirk.

"…and that you know it will simultaneously annoy Venny here and put you closer to death's door." Sykx added.

"Dudes! This is my sister we're talking about!" Ventus growled in disgust.

"Easy Venny!" "We were only," "Kidding." Sky and Sykx said one at a time then in unison before they plus Rikujou walked off towards the steps…keeping a safe distance from Marina at the same time.

"Looks like it's just you and me Lu." Ventus said as the blond smiled up at him with her big blue eyes.

Ventus smiled back at her. They were friends, and Ventus would do anything to protect her from harm.

"Um…Venny…" Lulu said after a moment, "…I'll be right back…I've got to um."

Ventus smirked and motioned towards the school, prompting Lulu to rush off back into the school.

"Cute girl." A voice said from behind Ventus. He spun back around to see a girl about his age with short black hair, in a dark purple polo shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. Around her neck was a purple and blue heart-like necklace.

"Who's she, you're sister?" the girl asked.

"Huh? No she's my cousin. Who may I ask are you?" Ventus asked confused.

"I'm Xion…I know it's a weird name but hey it could be worse…like my siblings." The girl replied.

"I'm Ventus, call me Venny…you must be new here, I've never seen you before." Ventus replied.

"I am new Venny…I just transferred here from the Luca province." Xion replied.

"Luca province eh? Nice place from what I hear…but hey the farthest out of Bevelle I've ever been is to the coastline to watch my best friend's Mom and Dad sail off for a three week voyage across the oceans while trolling for pirates…they made it back alive by the way." Ventus replied.

"Nice…I wonder though Venny…have you ever wondered what else is out there?" Xion asked.

"Out where?" Ventus asked confused.

"Out beyond the seas…beyond the skies…beyond…" Xion said as she leaned in close and whispered into his ear, "…beyond this world."

"The world? My Dad says there's whole bunches of worlds out there but that they're far too dangerous for young people like us." Ventus replied.

"Really…and how do you suppose he knows this?" Xion asked as Ventus furrowed his brow. But before he could answer he heard a voice call out to him.

"Yo! Ventus!" Luxa called from the driver side window of a large red hummer, "Let's get going!"

"Coming!" Ventus called back.

"Sorry, I gotta go home now…but hey…I'll see ya Monday right?" Ventus asked the raven haired girl who nodded.

"Right…see you Monday Venny." Xion said as she turned on her heel and walked away.

"Hey red…who were you talking to?" Marina asked as Ven climbed into the Hummer and the car drove off.

"New girl…she's from the Luca province." Ventus replied.

"Who is she?" Rikujou asked.

"Her name's Xion." Ventus replied as Luxa went wide eyed and slammed on the breaks before realizing what she had done and continuing on back towards the mansion.

"Grandma what was that about?" Sky and Sykx asked in unison.

"Oh…I thought I saw a squirrel run into the road." Luxa said casually but Shelke gave her a concerned look as if she knew better.


A red 71 Barracuda drove through the opened gates of the Gracy manor followed closely by a navy blue Hudson Hornet.

From the Cuda piled out Sora and Roxas while Riku from the front seat of the Hornet and Fuu from the back seat.

Sora and Roxas had gone into business together as the owners of the "Bevelle General Store" which catered to the people who lived on the edge of town and didn't want to drive into the heart of town just to go to the store for something.

Fuu had joined the local Navy and over the years was promoted to the rank of Captain and was recently placed in command of a Corvette called the "Sea Knight." Riku was hired on as her bodyguard due to Spiran Military Regulations which required a bodyguard be assigned to protect commanding officers. Assassinations were frequent in the olden days prior to Sin's death…nowadays they were very rare.

Kairi was originally hired as Fuu's secretary after holding an unfavorable position as secretary to a local Al Bhed Machina manufacturer's CEO…who constantly hit on her when Sora wasn't present. When Fuu was given a sea based command, instead of a stationary post, Kairi lost her job and since then has been job hunting with Cissnei.

Cissnei had been working as a security guard for Bevelle's new Blitzball stadium until she got fed up with some of her co-workers and quit.

"Well, well, well…I wondered who the two tailgaters were behind us." Sora said with a smirk on his face as Riku helped Fuu from the car.

"Yeah right…if you didn't know it was us, you wouldn't have taken the turn here." Riku replied with the same smirk.

"Cautious." Fuu added as she unbuttoned her collar.

"Yeah well…regardless it's good to see you home again." Roxas said as Fuu nodded and sighed with relief.

"Indeed." She said as they headed for the doors to the mansion.

"So how long are you back for?" Sora asked.

"Surprise." Fuu replied with a smirk as Riku put a finger over his mouth.

"It's a surprise for dinner." Riku said as Sora and Roxas looked at each other and shrugged.

At the same time, in a far off world, an older blond spiky haired man stood leaning against the side of his house as he watched the sunset.

"What'cha doing?" a young red and brown haired girl asked the man from behind.

The man looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Oh just watching the sunset…and thinking." The man replied as the girl approached.

"What'cha thinking about?" she asked.

"Oh…just some people I knew…people I haven't seen in years." The man replied.

"Like by big brudda?" the girl asked causing the man to give a silent snicker at the comment.

"He's one of them Vera…say wait a minute, where's your Mom or Dad?" the man asked.

"I'm right here Ven." A woman replied from nearby.

"Oh Aerith you startled me." Ven said as he whirled around to face the Cetra woman.

"Sorry…I was just finishing up in the side yard when you came outside." Aerith said as Ven nodded and reached in his pocket and pulled out his checkbook.

"It's ok…so how much for today?" Ven asked as Aerith narrowed her eyes.

"Ven, I've told you once I've told you a thousand times…I will not allow you to pay me for this…I like gardening, it's what I enjoy…and I don't want you, Lu, Aqua, or even Mune to pay me for the work I do." Aerith said as Ven shoved the checkbook back in his pocket.

"Ok, ok sheesh." Ven said as he leaned back against the wall and turned his gaze back towards the sunset.

Aerith could feel her friend's underlying emotions and thoughts through the Lifestream.

"He'll come home Ven…I know it…just be patient." Aerith said as she picked up her bag of gardening tools and called for Vera to follow her.

"I just hope that day is soon." Ven said with a sigh as he continued watching the sunset.

End Chapter 1

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