"Well what?"

"What do you think?"

"About what?!"

"About the…oh your just screwing with my head again aren't you?"

"Yep." (Giggle)

"Oh you're incorrigible."

"Hello! How long again have you known me?!"

"Hmm…Well how old are you?"

"Well I'm Twent-wait-a-minute! You know a proper woman never tells her age!"

"You're a proper woman?!"

"Oh shut up."

"Welp…nothing on the end of this line…mind if I cast it out again?"

"Sure knock yourself out."

A small fishing lure hit the surface of the water to a vast ocean. The two voices belonged to a single crimson haired man and a blue haired woman. Both were wearing your typical fishing gear such as khaki colored vests and floppy hats with lures stuck around the fringes.

Ventus and Marina, in the midst of their typical Sunday evening tradition…fishing off the edge of the small island where their parents once played as children. It had been a tradition since they were in high school.

It had been fifteen years since the defeat of Xion and the Unbirths and the universe was like the seas that evening…calm.

Ventus, now a twenty five year old with short crimson hair, was working for the WRO as a consultant for President Angeal Hewley. He got weekends off most of the time which gave him plenty of opportunity to spend time at home at the old Gracy Manor with his wife of two years, Melody. He and Melody were currently expecting their first child...a son.

Marina, now a twenty-(Censored) year old with long blue hair, was a professional actress and singer. She had recently landed the lead female role in a play called "Dra Bryhdus uv dra Ubany" (Put that though an Al Bhed translator…snicker-snicker) so her hair was constantly being worn in a very tight pony tail so that she could easily don a wig for the role...though that evening she let her hair down. She was still single but she didn't really care.

However they always tried their best to find time to get together at the Destiny Islands to go fishing. Melody, who lived on a strict no seafood diet for obvious reasons, wouldn't let Ventus fish for keeps so they just did catch and release. They didn't care if they caught anything at all really…it was just a way to unwind from all the stresses of their respective lives.

"Now where were we before we got off topic…oh yes…what do you think of your future nephew's suggested name?" Ventus asked as Marina shrugged.

"Eric? Venny that's the same name as the bad guy from the show. Have you ever read the book?" Marina asked as Ventus furrowed his brow.

"They wrote a book about it?" he asked as Marina nodded.

"Yep…the show is based off of it." She replied.

"Oh." Ventus said sheepishly, "But regardless…Eric is a no go for you?"

"Yeah…Look I know that it's your father-in-law's name but please…keep thinking." Marina said as a sinister thought crossed Ventus's mind.

"Oh I know…what about Dash?" he said as Marina flinched in mid-cast of her line, causing the hook to pluck her floppy hat off her head.

"What did you say?!" she asked through clinched teeth.

"Oh nothing." He said with an innocent whistle and she ripped the hat off the hook.

"Sounded suspiciously like that two timing weasel that I used to date when his world was opened up to gummy ship travel three years ago." Marina spat.

Like she had said, the Incredible's world was opened up to the general universe and after two weeks of dating, Marina discovered Dash had been cheating on her with another woman simultaneously…no seriously he was running back and forward between two restaurants for two separate dates…and Marina found out thanks to Violet who gladly snitched to both women. Needless to say, it didn't end well…especially for Dash.

"I was just yanking your chain sis, you know that. What kind of brother would I be if I didn't irritate you occasionally?" Ventus asked as Marina rolled her eyes.

"True but need I remind you that I get the right to irritate you back." Marina said as Ventus nodded.

"I know." He said as Marina snapped her fingers in sudden realization.

"Oh I almost forgot." She said as she reached in her shirt pocket and pulled out a pair of tickets.

"These are for you and Melody. They're backstage passes. They're good for any show." She said as Ventus took the tickets from her hand.

"Wow! Thanks sis." He said as he gaped at the seat numbers in shock, "Whoa these are box seats! I can't accept these!"

"Oh sure you can, it's in my contract that I get two free tickets and backstage passes for whatever friends and family I want to bring." Marina said with a smile.

"Well thanks...I may just have to clear a space on my calendar. Now that we've gotten side tracked again…what about Sora?" Ventus asked as Marina shrugged.

"After Dad? Its reasonable but seriously how many kids do you know named Sora?" Marina asked.

"Well how many kids do you know named Ventus or Marina?" Ventus asked back.

"You have a point." Marina replied with a shrug.

"Well…maybe that will half way change when you become a universal theater star." Ventus said as Marina glared at him.

"Oh come on now you're just toying with me." Marina scoffed.

"No I'm serious. I believe that you'll become a big name actress. I have the utmost confidence in you sis." Ventus said as Marina gave him a caring smile.

"Aww thanks bro." Marina said as Ventus shrugged and cast his line again.

"So what about a name that most people know already like…Cloud?" Ventus suggested as Marina froze mid-cast and again lost her hat to the hook, causing Ventus to snicker.

"You're just trying to get my hat in the water aren't you?" Marina asked as she yanked the hat off the hook again.

"What can I say…it amuses me." He said with a smirk.

"But seriously…Cloud? As in emo-chocobo head guy?" Marina asked as Ventus nodded.

"Right, bad example….what about…Axel?" He suggested as she snatched her hat from her head mere seconds before the hook passed over.

"Are you trying to traumatize the kid from birth?" Marina asked as she set her hat on the ground next to her.

"Good point…okay what about Zack?" Ventus said as Marina shook her head.

"If you worked in the records office in Edge, I promise you almost every other guy is named Zack...Minerva knows I've dated my share of Zacks." She said as Ventus gave her a frustrated glance.

"You're really finding fault with every one of my suggestions aren't you?" He asked as Marina rolled her eyes.

"Oh relax bro...you've got how long till the kid is born?" she asked.

"Five months." He replied.

"Well there you go. You have five months until you need an answer…and there are plenty of Sunday Evenings between now and then for you to pick my brain." Marina said as Ventus nodded.

"This is true." He said as he leaned back.

He then felt a tugging at his line.

"Whoa what's this?" He wondered as he reeled in his line and found a glass bottle dangling from his hook.

"Oh what prude dumped their empty bottle overboard?" Marina asked angrily as Ventus noticed something inside the bottle.

"Wait a minute there's something inside here. It's a letter." He said as he noticed King Mickey's seal on it.

"Wait…didn't Mom and Dad's last adventure before us start this way?" she asked as Ventus glanced at the bottle with a worried look. He popped the cork on it and removed the letter as Marina leaned in to read over his shoulder. As they finished the letter, they looked at each other with dread.

"And off we go again." Marina said with a sigh as Ventus nodded.

"Well…it's not like we have a choice." Ventus said as Marina nodded.

"I know. So…shall we rally the troops?" she asked as Ventus whipped out his cell phone.

"You get Lu and Sky, I'll get Sykx and Rikujou." Ventus said as they started calling up their friends and allies.

It was the beginning of yet another adventure.

To be continued


Reunion: Infinitum.