Icha Icha: Animal Magnetism

Chapter 1: Jiraiya

Jiraiya sighed looking around his apartment trying to divine some inspiration from the surroundings. He had just finished his latest hit series Icha Icha: Seasons and now he needed something new to write. The only problem for the great and wealthy author was that he had nothing to inspire him.

While it's true that he's had dry spells in the past, he has always at least had some idea of a story to write. This time however was different, this time he had another that was occupying his time and energies that he usually dedicated to writing his novels. That person was none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi's container. While it was nice to teach someone that was eager to learn, the kid seemed to be impossible to sate. Even after learning the Fourth Hokage's Rasengan the kid had just demanded another 'cool jutsu' and to be honest, Jiraiya was running low on them. Looking over his library of jutsu scrolls his eyes landed on one particularly old and dust covered scroll.

Standing up from his favorite recliner, Jiraiya strode over to the scroll and pulled it out, reading over the title curiously. "Mesmerism no Jutsu?" he inquired to the air before unrolling the scroll carefully. As he read a small smile spread across his face as it seemed this scroll would solve both of his problems very nicely.

Now, all he had to do was meet up with the brat tomorrow and teach him this jutsu. And then his writing problems would be over, and Naruto might just learn to be careful what he wishes for. It seemed to be nothing but a win-win situation for Jiraiya, and maybe even for Naruto.

-Scene Break-

Jiraya sighed as he waited outside of Naruto's apartment. He was having second thoughts about this plan. Sure, the brat was annoying, and the drive to constantly learn new techniques was a pain, but this could really hurt him if it backfired. It might even get him killed or exiled from town. Maybe he'd just see what they could dig up at the library instead...

"HEY ERO-SENNIN!" Naruto shouted with that damnable foxy grin of his. "What cool jutsu are you teaching me today?"

'To hell with pity... let him burn!' Jiraiya thought as he pulled out the copy of the scroll he had made.

"Got a special one here... made just for you brat..." Jiraiya smiled his best convincing smile. "Mesmerism no Jutsu."

"Huh? What's that?" Naruto asked while his head tilted in confusion.

"It's a very special transformation jutsu..." Jiraiya started before being interrupted, as expected.

"That's not cool!" Naruto protested loudly.

"But this will make any woman you want fall in love with you, and increase your senses so much..." Jiraiya suggested as he held out the scroll teasingly. "Of course... if you don't feel like you have enough chakra or control for this..."

"BRING IT ON!" Naruto shouted with a snarl.

"Alright brat... the seals are ram, horse, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, dragon. Got it?" Jiraiya asked, showing him the seals in order.

Naruto nodded and repeated the seals carefully. Jiraiya smiled as he nodded. "Good, good, now all you have to do is focus all the chakra you can spare into this jutsu, and the results will be there when you wake up. They'll even stay for a while depending on how much you use."

"COOL! I'm going to use it right now, see ya tomorrow Erro-sennin!" Naruto called out as he went back into his apartment.

Jiraiya smirked as he watched Naruto's door closed. "Heh... that was too easy... time for some 'research' to celebrate..." With a perverse smile Jiraiya left the area, just before a large surge of chakra filled it with a blinding light.