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Chapter 40: Wake Me Up!

Naruto felt himself waking up, having made it through the odd dreams that he was sure he could blame on bad milk, and the massive headache he felt. After all: him becoming a half-fox and running around Konoha, was utterly ridiculous. And that ending dream, after the stone had hit his head, and sent him into a massive city-wide sex pit. Yep, he was definitely glad that the dream was over, even if it meant he'd have to rub one out.

Without opening his eyes, a few problems assailed his brain about his presumed location of his own bed. First was the clinically disinfected smell hovering in the air, then came the beeping noise of a heart monitor, after that there was a fact that his regular pajamas and nightcap were replaced with his regular clothes and what felt like a cast on his head. Maybe he hit his head while in the throes of a dream; that would explain his headache.

Hearing someone moving around, he opened his eyes to find himself staring up into Sakura's emerald eyes, with an odd sense of warmth he'd never seen her with before. Correction, he'd seen it right before she tried to molest him in his dream. It had to have been a dream, since anything else wouldn't make sense in reality.

"Uh... hey Sakura-chan..." Naruto began nervously as he licked his suddenly dry lips. "Do you think you could tell me how long I'm going to be here?"

Sakura smiled silently at Naruto for a moment before disappearing from view, a door shutting his only audible answer to his question. Blinking in confusion he tried to get up out of the bed, only to find out that he'd been chained down again. This was odd, since he'd not been chained down into a hospital bed since he gave the Hyuuga elders Mohawks in their sleep. He'd broken his leg jumping off the wall, and was chained down because the old man had forbidden the Hyuuga clan from pursuing him into the hospital. So that was also the only time that Naruto had stayed in the hospital for the entire duration of his recovery.

Sighing he sat up and let out a yelp as something just above his butt pinched itself. Reaching behind him, he felt something furry sticking over the waistband of his pants. Gulping with eyes wide in panic he slowly worked the furry object out from under him, and whimpered slightly as he could feel his hand on the object. Shortly later, he found himself staring at his tail from his nightmare.

Letting out a groan of dismay he reached up to the top of the cast on his head, and felt two little furry triangles sticking out of custom made holes. As they flattened, he looked around his room for anything reflective he could look into. Surprisingly enough, he found a mirror laying on the bedside table just inches away. Reaching over, he scooped up the mirror and looked into it, finding his reflection showed him exactly what he had hoped he wouldn't see.

Setting down the mirror back where he'd picked up from, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. It seemed to work for all of five seconds before he let out a scream of frustration and panic that echoed throughout the small room. His next idea held more merit, even if he couldn't chew through the chains; he at least felt he was doing something. That's when he heard footsteps approaching. It sounded like a lot of them, and that made him chew all the harder, actually making progress against the steel chains holding his arm to the bed.

He never had a chance to be free, when the door swung open. At first nothing happened, causing Naruto to slowly turn his head to look at the now wide open doorway. After a moment, Tsunade stepped into view and walked over to check him over.

"Oh thank Kami!" Naruto cried out as Tsunade approached. "Look Baa-chan, I can't explain how I got the tail and ears, but the Kyuubi's not escaping. Just ask Erro-sennin to look over the seal and he can verify!"

Tsunade continued walking over with a strange smile on her face, pulling over a tray of medical tools. Picking up a flashlight, she shone it into Naruto's eyes. "Jiraiya has already confirmed that brat, the chain was to make sure you didn't leave until the concussion went down."

"Huh?" Naruto's intelligent response came. Blinking slightly he barely even flinched as Tsunade tapped the cast, cracking it open. He felt the hardened plaster cap leave his ears free, allowing them to twitch freely. Tsunade lightly rubbed the left ear, causing the blond to purr softly. "But... they... uhh... they are new... how..."

Interpreting the babbling blonde, Tsunade smirked as she finally found a way to keep the unruly brat under control when she wanted him to be. That and there was something therapeutic about rubbing his ears. Sitting at the head of the bed, she pulled him down onto her lap carefully adjusting him so his tail stuck out to the side, rubbing his ears the entire time. "You've had them for about a month now brat... don't you remember?"

Naruto's eyes widened slowly as the word's meanings suck into his pleasure clouded brain. Finally two words sprang from his mouth. "THE JUSTU!" he cried out in panic trying to spring up and away, only to be pulled back down by an iron grip on his ear. Tsunade wasn't finished with petting him it seemed.

"Yes brat, that's right," Tsunade answered calmly as she continued petting him, she just might have to make him come to her office every night as a D-rank mission, just so she could pet his ears and forget about paperwork for a while. "The justu that Jiraiya tricked you into doing, which has ended, had unfortunate secondary effects on you. Apparently, due to you using Kyuubi's chakra, they're permanent. Not that anyone dislikes them... they all think it's adorable, and fitting."

Naruto nodded as pleasant feelings clouded his mind again, for the first time he felt that someone was here that loved him, and would keep him safe from everything. He barely heard the faint click as the pressure of the cuffs around his wrist released. Instead his arms instinctively curled around Tsunade's waist, as he felt something new trickle down his cheeks, tears of joy. He was crying because he was so happy to have someone treating him like family.

Tsunade just held him as he cried silently, rubbing his ears and back gently. "It's over Naruto, and you helped us all build new relationships with some of our greatest enemies. It might just help us prevent any future wars. Itachi and a couple other members of Akatsuki have been found dead, so you and the other Jinchuuriki are safer now. You really are the luckiest ninja I've ever seen."

The pleasant silence was cut off by Naruto letting out a whimper as Tsunade stopped rubbing his ears and slipped off the bed. "I have to fill out some paperwork, and then you can go. If you wait here for me, I'll buy you some ramen, okay?"

Naruto's ears perked straight up, and the rest of his body seemed to vibrate with joy, including his tail swaying behind him. This look caused Tsunade to chuckle lightly and walk out the door. "I'll take that as a yes..."

Naruto settled back down onto the bed, awaiting her return, thinking about the wonderful and delicious ambrosia known as ramen that he would be having soon. So much so that he never thought about the fact that there were multiple footsteps coming towards the door, and only one had sounded off as it headed away.

Indeed, his thoughts were so distracting that he barely noticed the forms slipping into his hospital room stealthily. Finally it was the feeling of someone settling down on his bed that brought his mind back to the real world. Turning around he smiled seeing Shino sitting next to him. "Hey Bug-man, I don't know if thanked ya for your help. You saved my ass."

"Think nothing of it," Shino answered calmly, his shade hidden eyes locked on the blond. "Tsunade asked me to inform you that Kon-chan and Miso-chan are both comfortable in your apartment, and have been watched over by Iruka-sensei. Gaara-san told me to tell you that he will visit you in a few months, and to be good. Finally, Kakashi-sensei asked me to tell you that you can have the next three days off."

"Well that's good," Naruto answered as he relaxed, leaning back on the bed and letting out a sigh. "So... I still owe you a date, don't I?"

"Indeed... and not only me..." Shino answered with a flourish of his arms, drawing Naruto's attention to the others in the room. Slowly turning his head; Naruto's eyes nearly bugged out of his skull at the sight before him. Not only was his mind skipping like an ancient record, but he was fairly certain his blood all flowed down into his nether regions.

Not only were they not alone in the room, but all the others were girls. Hinata, Tenten, Yugito, Yua, Anko, and if he remembered right the Inuzuka was named Hana. Beyond that, they were all dressed in the same outfit.

First were the high heels in a very sharp eggshell white, and then the knee high bright white socks leading up to their exposed thighs. The zettai ryouiki was cut off as it should be by a shiny white vinyl mini-skirt with a red stripe up the left side. The stripe continued up the side of the shirt, which otherwise was a white material of similar nature to the skirt. All their hair was pulled up into high buns hidden behind the white caps with red crosses on the front. It seemed like an afterthought that he noticed the red crosses were copied over their left breasts, forming an interesting focal point. Especially from what he could tell, those bulges in the vinyl meant that there were no bras worn by any of the girls.

Deep within, he heard a strange, almost mechanical voice speaking calmly.

Warning: Mental processes have stalled.

Please reboot the system at the earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Even as the voice advised him to reboot his mind, a pair of arms looped over him from behind, pulling him into a gentle hug as Shino's voice filled his ears. "They're your nurses Naruto, and we're here to make sure you have recovered, in all sense of the word..."

While Naruto was getting a very thorough check over by his girlfriends and Shino, Tsunade smiled sweetly at the bound and gagged Sasuke Uchiha sitting in the chair directly across from her. After the jutsu's end, Sasuke had been found plastered to the forest floor by what seemed to be a sea of tree sap. He refused to tell anyone what had happened, and when Ino Yamanaka went into his mind to find out what had occurred, she ended up breaking down in tear-filled laughter. The only thing she could make out from the giggling mind bender was trees and rape.

Sasuke was pouting because he was being treated like the traitor he had been for the past nearly three years. True he'd given himself over to the ANBU without any fight after he had been freed of the sap, but that might have been a trick to get back in good graces with Konoha. Tsunade loved the pouting and the broken look on Sasuke's face when she had announced that she wouldn't let him go just yet. He was going to have to serve at least three years in the jail, maybe getting out in two with good behavior, and then he'd be followed by the ANBU for another year to ensure he wasn't going to turn traitor again.

However, he had provided a wealth of information about Orochimaru's Otogakure, and even confirmed something she had only hoped for. With the vanishing of his curse seal, he confirmed that Orochimaru was now dead.

"Well Sasuke," Tsunade spoke calmly as the ANBU entered the room. "I feel it is my duty to tell you that Itachi is dead and burned. Further, your request to join Naruto's harem is put on hold until after your time in prison. At which point, if he wishes to be your friend, you may contact him and begin from there. Though I might suggest you look into your own fangirls instead. You are expected to continue the Uchiha line after all..."

"Hn..." Sasuke growled as the ANBU helped him up and began walking him away. "I suppose Sakura would be good... she was tolerable after the Chuunin exams..."

Tsunade let out a snicker as Sasuke was being led away. Turning to look out her window, she saw two forms outside the hospital under a tree. A taller pony-tailed blonde was holding a shorter pink-haired form in her arms as they leaned against the tree. The pink seemed to be laughing, but that ended when the blonde leaned down and captured the pink's lips in her own.

Tsunade smiled warmly as she turned away and pulled out a bottle of top quality sake. Pouring out two wooden saucers out, she held one out and waited, sitting in her chair. After a moment a calloused hand took the offered saucer.

"What are we celebrating?" Jiraiya asked as he settled down across from his teammate, looking into the sake.

Tsunade lifted her own saucer and smiled warmly. "To the future of the brats."

Outside the door, Shizune smiled as the two old friends joined in the toast and gulped down the sake. Closing the door she let out a mental laugh as she snuck away. Maybe Tsunade would tell Jiraiya her feelings if left alone with him, and some sake. It would be nice if they got together.

Getting to her own office she looked around carefully before opening a drawer on her desk and pulled out some rare imported chocolates from her desk. If Tsunade was going to celebrate, then so was she. Unwrapping the bar carefully, she carefully shut the drawer, trying to keep it quite. All caution left her mind as she bit into the chocolate and the amazing bliss overtook her.

So great was the bliss that she never noticed the other person entering her office, until it took her chocolate. Whipping her head around, she nearly attacked, until she saw that it was just Ebisu who was smiling at her warmly, with his shades lowered to show her his eyes. "You're in a good mood..."

Snatching her chocolate back, she held it carefully. "Why shouldn't I be? I have the day off."

Ebisu blushed slightly as he pulled something else from behind his back. "Would you mind going out with me tonight then?"

Shizune's shocked look was a surprise to Ebisu, but thankfully he was able to catch her chocolate before it hit the floor. Setting it carefully on the desk, he scooped her hand and carefully wrapped it around the stems of the flowers. "At least consider it, and contact me if you feel I am acceptable for you. I will await you outside Ichiraku Ramen Bar, and we can make our plans from there..."

With a bow and a kiss to the back of her hand, he left her to think. Shizune slowly blinked as a blush formed on her cheeks, and tried to go back to eating her chocolate. Only to find out her chocolate had been replaced by flowers.

Blushing heavily she put the flowers on her desk and snatched up her chocolate, biting into it and trying to slow her racing heart. She had to answer him, but her heart belonged to another. She just wasn't nearly ready to tell him yet.

Maybe she should tell Ebisu that she wasn't interested, and bring her crush some ramen. After all, he would have to be hungry, what with watching those two fox-girls all day.

Besides, his blush was so cute behind that scar of his.

At Naruto's apartment, Iruka sneezed, but wrote it off as one of the girl's tails tickling his nose. After all, who'd be talking about him?

Kakashi smiled at the man sitting in his kawaii student's living room, playing dress up with the two young girls. He had brought Iruka some lunch, rice balls and sushi for the adults and ramen for the kids, and hadn't exactly left the area. After all, with everything that had gone on, he had to ensure that he wasn't in danger. Iruka was his little cuddly chuunin, and no one was going to touch him if Kakashi could help it.

Gai and Lee were training, trying to find a way to resist such an insidious jutsu in the future. Neji had been there earlier, but he'd left shortly after seeing the training. After all, he doubted dressing up as women and flirting with each other would help at all.

Neji went off to paint pictures since he had nothing better to do.

Everyone else, was trying to build up the courage to walk outside after what had happened.