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Human speak: "Sup?"

Devil trigger/ kyuubi/ demon/ jutsu/ attack: " Got any pizza?"

Devil trigger/ kyuubi/ demon think: " Bite me"

Human think: " I wonder..."

The heir of sparda.

1000 years ago...

On top of a tower, two men were clashing swords with each other. nether had never rested through their battle. As they battled it rained on was if the hevens were crying for this unholy battle, a battle between brothers. But the battle never lasted for ever. Only one will be left standing. The man in a blue trench coat. hair that was long enough to cover his forhead. wearing a fancy vest. blue pants and welded a O-katana with a yellow ribbion tied on it. The other wore a red trench coat with no shirt. you could tell he was strong. he wore black pants and caring a broad sword with a skull at the middle of the hilt attached to a rib cage that holds on the blade. these two knew there battle would end but they didn't know when.

1000 years later in konohagukure

In the village of konoha, a six year old boy was runing from a mob of angry citizens, He heard the screams of them saying

"Get back here Demon!!!"

" You can run but you can't hide!"

"Just die already!"

The boy had to escape. He ran into a dark forest. He was scared to go in the forest. He then heard somthing calling calling his name.

"Naruto... Come here Naruto."

Naruto ran into the forest thinking he has nothing to lose. He ran into the forest. The people followed him. After a few min of runing Naruto stumbled apon a temple. It looked diserted for awhile. Naruto went into the ruins he then took a few steps until a walking scarecrow with a big sickle appeared. he lunged at Naruto. Naruto was to scared to move so he closed his eyes so he can await death. until a flash of a mixture of blue and red light flashed.

Naruto found himself in a dark room with a mirror in fround of him. He saw his relfection but what scared him was in his reflection their was two men in the reflection with him. Naruto looked behind him but no one was behind him. One guy wore a red trench coat. The other blue. The blue one said. "Thee who was chosen of sparda bloodline to gain your in heiritance we welcome you." The red one said. " But in order to inheirit the power of sparda. Thee must chose his path. Is it the one to walk the earth protecting what he wishes to protect?" Then the blue one said. "Or is your path the path to power?" Naruto then spoke. "It is both but at the same time it is neither." "May you explain?" The two men spoke at the same time. "I wish for power so that I can protect those who are presious to me." Naruto spoke. In the mirror both men smiled then they put their hand on Naruto shoulders. "The path you walk leads to a good future." They both said,

suddenly a beam of light blinded Naruto. Naruto was force to close his eyes. When the light disapeared, Naruto opened his eyes to see the same mirror but the men were gone but what shocked naruto that he changed. He was exactly 5 ft tall with snow white hair and he wore a black shirt with black pants and also wore a black trench coat. his spikes wear combed down, his hair covered his forhead. Suddenly a sword apeared in his hands. One name spoke through his hands as he stared at the sword. 'Revelotion' the swords name. The sword was a katana with a skull at the end of the hilt, the hilt was a bones that looks nearly like a regular hilt, the sheath was a cobination of white and black. Naruto had pulled the blade out of the sheathe. the blade was a mixture of black and white and was a single edged sword.

When Naruto woke up he saw the demon lunge at him only for him to slice him with out him noticing. 'What just happened? It felt like I was doing that for a long time.' He then went out side and headed direcly to the Hokage's tower.

Sarutobi was pissed... scratch that beyond pissed. He had so much paper work that it wasn't even funny. he stared at it hoping the will of fire burned it, Suddenly someone busted in through the door. "Hey Old man!" The boy said. 'Who the... wait'. "Naruto?" "yup its me old man" Naruto said. "what happened? you look so... different. the way i could tell you're Naruto is by the whisker marks and you calling me old man." The hokage said. "I was attacked old man. the villagers attacked me again." Naruto said. (ok thats it now if u c this Naruto:hi it means the name of the person is the one talking.)

Sarutobi: What?! where are they?!

Naruto: Dead. killed by demons

Sarutobi: demons? then you must have been near the temple of your ancestors.

Naruto: I know. here let me tell you wat happened

Naruto tells the hokage every thing that happened before

Sarutobi: then what happened after that, and why is your body glowing?

Naruto: well...


Naruto was running out of the temple then stoped when he noticed the bodies of the villagers.

Naruto: ouch. sucks to be them. but they had it coming for following me here in a demon infested area.

Naruto then noticed that demons that were charging at him

Naruto: ' if the new information I recieved back there I believe they call these hell prides'

Naruto then unsheithed his sword then charged at 1 of the demons and cut him in half head to toe and then back fliped back to dodge a attack from a demon. Naruto sliced his head off. Naruto turned around and was about to attack the rest of the demons only for them to drop dead then noticed a man with white hair, blue trench coat with a red hoodie and a red vest and had black combat boots with blue pants.

Naruto noticed a sliver item in his hand that had 2 barrels and a blue rose etched on the sides.

Naruto: who are you?

man: Names Nero kid. and im here to give you a few gifts before I pass on

Naruto: what kind of gifts?

Nero: these

Nero gave the item in his hand and the sword on his back. the sword looked like a 1 bladed sword with red markings on it

Nero: these are blue rose and red queen. blue rose is a gun, all you have to do is aim pull that trigger and shoot.

Naruto: thanks but i have to put these some where

Nero: just think of them turning into a shining ball that goes into you

Naruto did as he told and sure enough the weapons disappear

Nero: and 1 more thing. the last gift i give you is the power to transform into your devil trigger.

Nero touched naruto's shoulder and disappeared. sundenly naruto gains information on how to transform. Naruto transfomed into a man with red and black chest, blakc hair that had red hilights on it, both hands had gold gothlets, his face was pale with cracks on it and his eyes were a mix of black and white, but behind him were big wings. (chaos from dirge of cerberus ff7)

Naruto: heh nice

Naruto changed back into human form and ran to hokage's tower to explan to the hokage hoping to get a few anwsers.

Flashback: KAI!

Naruto: thats it for what i know

Sarutobi: Sigh I think it's time for you to take your inheiritance.

Sarutobi gave Naruto 3 scrolls

1st scroll:

Hello my son I am sorry that i could not be there for you but I had to seal the man that was attacking our village in you and I hope you forgive me for what I have have done. That is right, I am the yondame hokage Minato Namikaze but my real name is Minato Sparda decendent of Sparda, a demon that betrayed the demons for the sake of mankind. Yes you are part demon but I bet the man sealed in you has some changes to that. That is right, the nine tailed fox never attacked a man who looked like he was induced by a high leveled genjutsu did. I manage to get his name though. He fought along side your mother's ancestor to destroy an evil castle and destroy a evil cult. This man is the legendary son of the Lord Dracula himself, Alucard but he prefers to be called Genya Arikardo. Any way in this scroll lay Devil arms of many shape and sizes but there are also many jutsu and the family arts known as styles thus why this scroll is big. I hope you show the world what a Decendent of Sparda can do! as your ancestor would have said; Go and kick ass!

Minato Sparda Namikaze.

Naruto: Father.....

Sarutobi: You would have loved him. he was just like you right down to what was sealed within him.

Naruto: Father had something sealed in him too?

Sarutobi: Yes it was a being known as a vampire. just like you have one sealed in you. Now why don't you read your mothers scroll.

2nd scroll:

Hello my son, I am your mother, Kushina Uzumaki but as like your father That is not my real name. My real name is Kushina Cruz, Decendent of the Cruz bloodline known as dominace. Our bloodline activates when we kill a human creature or animal that has a soul so that means you can not dominate a low level demon for they have no soul. Once we kill a creature we take its soul and can use there soul as a weapon. For example we kill a Uchiha we can take his or her soul and equip it to use the sharingan. There are three types of souls; Red souls are known as bullet souls they are like guns. For example we kill a Ax Armor monster we take its soul an we epuip it and we can create axes out of thin air to throw at targets that explode on inpact. Blue souls are continous souls. Uhcihas are blue souls. Last but not least are yellow souls known as abulity souls. For example there are some creatures that have abulity like longer lives or super strength if you take their souls and equip them then you can use these abulities. There is one draw back. we can equip only 3 souls at a time; 1 red 1 blue and 1 yellow. Now Naruto I think you already learned about Alucard sealed in you but I want you to forgive can teach you on how to master souls abulities. I only wish that I can watch you grow but my original village has come to take me and make sure I stay or they would have killed you. Good bye my son, I only wished I could see how you have grown in the near future.

Kushina Cruz Uzumaki

Naruto: So all this time my mother was alive?!

Sarutobi: I know but I'm afraid that her village has brained washed her into thinking your a devil due to your 2 bloodlines.

Naruto: sigh Whats with the third scroll?

Sarutobi: some of your families items and maps on locations to train. Naruto I am sending you on a 6 year training trip but I must send someone with you.

Naruto: who?

Sarutobi: *press button on intercom* Please send Weasel in.

The door opens and in comes an anbu with a weasel mask.

Sarutobi: Ah Itachi I have a S ranked mission for you.

Itachi: What is the mission hokage-sama?

Sarutobi: you must acumpany Naruto here on his training trip.

Itachi:? I thought Naruto was a small child.

Sarutobi: this a effect from awakening one of his bloodlines.

Itachi: I see

Naruto: When do we leave Itachi-san?

Itachi: Tonight

Sarutobi: Well if you are-

Random nin: *walks in* Hokage-sama the concil request your pressance.

Sarutobi: sigh tell them ill be there in a minute. I'm in a meeting right now

Nin: Hai *shushins out*

Sarutobi: Now may you excuse me ill meet you at the north gate tonight

Itachi & Naruto: Hai! *leaves*

Concil room:

Sarutobi: Now may I ask why have you requested my pressance

A pink haired bit- I mean woman standed up and said

Pink: We have word that many villagers have died tonight. We have reason to believe that this is the demons doing.

Shikaku: Ah shut your tramp troublesome woman the boy is not a demon.

Sarutobi: Enough! Concil member Haruno if you speak of Naruto like that again then ill personally give you the punishment.

Koharu: Sarutobi do you know anything about this?

Sarutobi: Yes I know it wasn't Naruto's fault. It was the demons sealed in the temple. And due to some cercemstances I had to reveal Naruto's heiritage.

Civilan concil member: And what heiritage does this.... boy have? Last time I chexked he was a no named orphan.

Sarutobi: Naruto is the son of Kushina uzumaki and Minato Namikaze.

Hiashi: I knew it. He looked exactly like his father and had his mothers personallity.

Haruno: I believe an arange marage is in order between him and my daughter,.

Sarutobi: Why the sudden change of heart? First you dispise his existance and now look at you, arange marage.

Haruno: The son of our hokage should be respected.

Sarutobi: But you didnt respect the yondiame to grant his death wish for his son to be known as a hero! NO! you repeatedly beated him to his death. you made him suffer. I am suprised that he still is sane today or we all would died the single moment he snaped.

Choza: can we please return to the real reason we all came here?

Sarutobi: Yes you see I revealed his heritage to him because the temple that no one returned from is actually Naruto's and Minato's Ancestors temple.

Shikaku: Are you serious?! No one has ever came back alive from that temple! Not even a team of anbu survived!

Danzou: Hmmmm Interesting.....

Sarutobi: sigh I hade enough. Meeting dismissed.

Back with naruto and Itachi (At the north gate)

Naruto: Sigh Atleast I get to get away from the beetings

Itachi: Tell me Naruto. Why do you wish to grow strong?

Naruto: At first it was to become Hokage but now I just want to protect what is precious to me.

Itachi: And what is precious to you naruto?

Naruto: Konoha

Itachi: I thought you would dispise it

Naruto: I have learned to forgive the villagers for their ignorance

Sarutobi: *shunshined in* Hello you two I have came to see you off

Naruto: Im gonna miss you old man....

Itachi: I will take care of him Hokage-sama

Sarutobi: Oh Naruto before I for get * Gives Naruto a Amulet* I was going through some of your fathers things and I found this

Naruto: * Puts it on* thanks old man

Itachi and Naruto left only to be seen next time in a few years

In the shadows a certain Devil hunter watching them smirked and said: we shall meet again kid and who knows, prgress enough in your training I might give you this. * fingering an amulet*

Hoped you injoyed that!

cross overs so far: Devil may cry, Castlevania aira of sorrow and dawn of sorrow

Kushina would soon get out of their mind control spell I just have to write

Naruto is going to have a lot of souls.

Scince Itachi is not going to be in the vilage that means some one else is going to massacre the clan.

The reason why Naruto still has whiskers is because of a genjutsu

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