Shortest story I've ever written. Ahem...anyway.

Another Lloyd and Genis friendship fic, set in Dawn of the New World. With all the horrible things Lloyd's doing, how does Genis feel about all of this? Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and all related things belong to Namco. I want Genis, though. He really needs a hug.


Damn it, Lloyd…

What is going on with you?

First, I hear news of you attacking Palmacosta…and then Luin…now Flanoir, too? That's not like you at all. You're really starting to frighten me…killing all of those innocent people…

No…that's not why. I know why.

You drew your swords. Those bloodied, heroic, godforsaken swords. Had it been just like us going into battle together as always, I would have stepped behind you, with the kendama you gave me so long ago, ready to take on the stupid monsters that dared to challenge us. Only…it wasn't just like old times. Not at all.

I've never been a target of your blades…and honestly, I never imagined I would be. Yet there we were…in the ruins of Triet where everything truly began just two short years ago…and you were ready to strike us down.

Strike me down…

I just don't understand you. I thought I did…but you've gone and proven otherwise. I want to hate you for it, but…I can't…because you're still my best friend.

Lloyd…so help me, if I have to raise my kendama to you…I really will kill you. Don't make me do it. Please


"Huh?" I snapped out of my thoughts at the sound of my sister's voice. Raine twisted her head to glance back at me. Shaking my head, I tried to repress the ideas stirring in my brain. "What is it, Sis?"

She gave me a worried look, her lips frowning with concern. "You don't look well. What's bothering you?" She paused in her step, turning to fully face me. I halted as well, staring at the ground in an attempt to avoid eye contact. I nervously shifted my weight from foot to foot.

"I was just…thinking…"

"About what?"

I bit my tongue. I didn't want her to know of my pointless musings. We had enough to worry about, like actually catching up with Lloyd. Talking about my feelings and how "it's okay to feel sad sometimes" wasn't exactly on the top of my priority list. Not now.

"Nothing…I'm tired, is all."

"Genis…" The look in her eyes told me she knew exactly what was going on in this little head of mine. For Martel knows whatever reason, though, she decided not to pursue the topic any longer. I thanked my lucky prism stars as Raine flashed a sad smile before picking up the pace again. I followed close behind as before, dragging my feet a little. I knew the gears were turning in her mind with every step we took; her shoulders hunched forward slightly, and she drew her arms in close and folded them across her chest. Her in-motion pondering pose.

This bothered her more than she'd let on. Just like it bothered me. Perhaps for entirely different reasons.

Damn you, Lloyd.

You know better than anyone about the position you're putting me in. Mithos did the same thing; he befriended me, then pit himself against me. Don't you betray me, too. Not after everything we've been through together…

If you follow his lead…and force me to kill you like we had to kill him…

I'll never forgive you.



As short as that was, I hope it wasn't too bad.

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