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Adriane Zach dreamer and Drake get in a portal and land somewhere else Aldenmor, where they meet… 3 guesses who it is! 1, he is a dragon rider. 2, he is not in the Avalon series. 3, the three books he is in are a world hit. And he is…I WONT TELL YOU! I have to tell you that I'm evil mwahahahaa! Sorry XD

Chapter 1: Where Are We?

Adriane Charday looked up at the stars and smiled to herself. Soon she would go to Aldenmor and see for the first time in weeks, Drake, the dragon who was imprinted on her. She did not remember the last time she had even felt happy, too much stress was in her life.

The portals had opened and she and her friends were on guard for any unusual signs which that meant the dark sorceress or the spider witch was planning something. But lately everything had been quiet and Adriane had convinced her friends to visit Drake on Aldenmor even tough Kara had said she had actually wanted to see and talk to Zach and Drake was the one she was pretending to want to see. Adriane knew there was some truth in what her friend said. She was friends with Zach and she did like him...

Adriane, are you going to sit in the glade all night until dawn? Emily is getting worried.

Dreamer. She sighed, since tomorrow was a weekend she had Kara and Emily come over for a sleepover so they could go to Aldenmor faster, but she regretted it. Barbie girl was giving her a headache and she had come outside to escape her speech about the importance of looking attractive in front of everyone.

Ozzie to Adriane. Can you hear me? Emily's really mad at you for staying outside so long. She's saying she'll lock you out if you don't come back to the manor straight away!

Adriane gasped, and didn't bother with a reply, she just ran to the manor as fast as her legs could carry her because she just knew how heartless Emily could be when she was mad. As she neared the manor, she saw that dreamer was outside. She picked him up and together they went in.

"Adriane, where have you been?" cried Emily rushing down the stairs.

"In the glade," replied Adriane, worried. "why, did anything happen?"

"Are you kidding? You've been gone the entire night!" said Emily.

"The…entire night?" Adriane looked at the clock and sure enough the time was exactly five AM. "Why didn't you tell me sooner or tell me telepathically?"

"We tried before we went to sleep, we got to you all right, but you didn't respond—"

"So we thought that you'd like to be left alone and we fell asleep but luckily I woke up a little before five and reported that you were still missing" said Kara as she same down the stairs with a spellsinging book.

Adriane just nodded. She had no idea that much time had passed. Did she fall asleep in the glade? Why didn't she have any idea of the time? She thought for a logical explanation for these questions.

"Anyway we should be getting ready, I for one don't want to be late meeting Loren again." Said Kara.

" I guess you're right. I want to see Marlin again" said Emily.

Both Emily and Kara looked at Adriane expectedly as if they wanted her to say something.

"What?" said Adriane. "Look guys, you know that Zach and I aren't dating each other behind your backs. We're not so obsessed over each other so much that it's marring our lives. Anyway, you should get ready to go to Aldenmor in ten minutes, you don't want to be late meeting your fiancées!" With a snicker, Adriane rushed up to the library, leavingand indigant Kara and Emily in her wake.


Within a quarter of an hour, Emily, Kara and Adriane were on Aldenmor and waiting patiently for the boys.

After what seemed like an age, they saw another portal open near where theirs was and saw Zach, Marlin, and Loren walk to their side.

"Hi guys" said Kara while giving Loren a Kara smile.

"Hi Kara" said Loren walking toward her.

Adriane saw Marlin and Emily talking about sea horses so she turned to face Zach, who was standing beside her.

"Hi Zach" she said smiling. He smiled back.

"Do you know that we're going to the fairy glade?" Zach asked her.

"No. why are we going there?" said Adriane "Are we walking?" she smiled at the thought of walking there. It would only be for about half an hour but since she was a nature lover, even walking that short distance seemed worth it.

"No, we're taking a portal since it'll be quicker that way."


"Adriane we should find Kara and Loren," said Emily joining in "they have mysteriously disappeared."


"No need to go looking for us," yelled Loren. "Let's open the portal."

"Ahem," said Kara. "D-FLIES, COMEOUT COMEOUT WHEREEVER YOU ARE!" Seven dragonflies popped out of the air and began chattering excitedly while Kara tried to order them.

"Alright! We need a portal to the fairy glade. The farimentals are usually there, focus on their magic" The dragonflies made a circle and started spinning around. Soon there was a normal sized portal there. Kara was the first to walk through, then Loren, Emily, Marlin, Zach, and last of all Adriane. The portal closed behind her.

Just then a breeze flowed past her and she saw that it was Ambia, the air farimental. She seemed to be smiling.

"Welcome mages," said a watery voice, it was Marina, the water farimental. "We thought to have some fun since we did so much hard work during the last few months". Adriane silently agreed with her.

"So," said Gwigg the Earth farimental. "We thought to have a race."

"Whoever gets to the frozen tundra first wins a burst of magic," said Ambia. "But you will be playing in groups that are assigned to you by us" they finished.

"Wow!" said Kara, "Can you tell us who we're going to be working with?"

"Certainly, Kara. You will be working with Loren and Lyra."

"Woo hoo!" Kara jumped up and down, unable to control her excitement.

"Emily, you will be working with two sea dragons Marlin." Emily smiled.

"Adriane, you will be working with Drake, Dreamer and Zach,"

Adriane just said "No more working with Barbie girl for me!" and grinned.

Within an hour, the groups were ready to go in their portals, go to different parts of Aldenmor, and begin searching for the begening of the frozen tundra, which was in the North.

"Are you ready?" asked the farimentals.

"Yes" came the reply

Three different portals opened and the groups were sucked into different ones.

Adriane was close to the other members of her group (which was Zach, Drake, and Dreamer, in case you forgot). And that was the last she remembered of them.


Zach opened his eyes and saw Adriane's face before him.

"Adriane," he said, "Why are you here?"

"Take it easy, sleepyhead," said Adriane helping him to his feet, "You've been unconscious the entire morning"

Almost immediately, Zach was knocked down by Drake's tongue (Drake was trying to lick him). When he got up he looked like someone had dropped a bucket of water on him. Adriane couldn't help but laugh, Zach looked almost comical standing there dripping wet from head to feet. Drake laughed along with her, which meant that Zach had to laugh or else. Soon they were all laughing and rolling on the ground since they didn't have the strength to stand up after all the laughing.

"Where's Dreamer?" asked Adriane, after she had enough control to speak.

I am out hunting. Replied Dreamer, his voice sounding clearly in everyone's' head.

"Hey Dreamer," asked Adriane, "do you know how we got here? Zach and I don't remember much except getting through the portal."

As far as I remember, we were hit by a small amount of wild magic. And might I add that Zach was 'coincidentally' in front of Adriane when that happened, if I saw it right. Adriane looked at Zach and didn't say anything, but her face said really? Is that so? Zach pretended not to notice because he was sure that if he was reminded of that time in front of Adriane when she was looking at him like that, he would do or say something unbelievably stupid and idiotic.

"So," Said Adriane. "Where are we?"

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