Dear readers,

Yikes! Are any of you even following this story?

After a lot of time spent thinking and procrastinating, I decided that I really want my first fanfic to be perfect; not a sloppy, slapdash piece of work. There're many thing wrong with DR right now—plot holes for example—because I was too capricious. Starting next month, all present chapters will be edited to be Perfect (yeah, with a capital "P"!). If you have any suggestions for the story (formatting, pairings, etc.) they're welcome!

For now, enjoy this thing that's supposed to be an Omake!

Love and pixie dust,

The Foreseer of Avalon


Dark Sorceress: Mwahahaha! I have captured you, you brat! Mwa hahaha! *leads Adriane to her 'apartments'*

Adriane: *looks around* this looks like some kind of hotel suite. *blink* Are you living in a hotel?

Galbatorix: *steps out of the shadows* Not she is not, little girl! This is my place. But yes she lives here. *smiles creepy psycho smile* she and I do a lot of—what do we call them again?—oh yes, naughty things together. *thinks of all the people they've killed and tortured*

Adriane: Oh, no! Um, I mean… Mental images! Mental images!

Galbatorix: … *smile frozen in place*

Dark Sorceress: ….uummmm

Adriane: *bangs head on wall* Oh, you pervs! My overactive imagination doesn't need stuff like that! Yuck!

Galbatorix: *blinks in confusion* I…honestly don't understand what you mean….Oh, well. *smiles again* I believe we have more important matters to attend to my dear Lady Lucinda.

Dark Sorceress: Why, yes, I believe we do. *grins*

Galbatorix and Dark Sorceress: *go off arm in arm to do some more killing and torturing*

Adriane: AAAAHHHHH! Am I really that hopeless? Heck, even the Dark Sorceress has a bf now and she's not as awesome as me! And the bf looks cute! NOOOOOO! *cue dramatic music* Zachiekins, darling! Save me! Save me so we can bond with all the shared traumatic experiences and become a couple! SAVE ME!