Hello, guys and gals. Welcome to my first Mega Man fan fiction, and hopefully a story that I'll actually complete. We'll see. Of course, Mega Man and all related material are owned and copyrighted by Capcom. I make no money from this, though I really wish I did.


Interval: a Mega Man fan fiction, by runia24

Prologue: Timeline


September 24, 2055: Aleutian Cain is born

May 27, 2080: Cain receives his PhD in Archeology

April 10, 2115: While on an expedition searching for Mesozoic plant life, at location E-46 he finds the remains of a laboratory. Further inspection of files and logs revealed that he had found the lab of Dr. Thomas Light. Light's notes, detailing what sounded like a major breakthrough, kept referring to "the capsule."

April 10-14, 2115: Cain and his research/excavation team examines the ruins.

April 14, 2115: Dr. Cain and the group come across a capsule that contained an intact artificial being - Mega Man X. Cain reads the research notes of Thomas Light, and after being aware of the warnings the good doctor left behind, he unseals the capsule and activates X.

April-December 2115: Dr. Cain studies X and Dr. Light's notes. Reading over Light's notes, discovering his genius, Dr. Cain believed that he could replicate Light's designs and integrate them into a new generation of robots. He decides to move X and most of Light's equipment over to his own lab.

December 19, 2115: Dr. Cain builds the first Reploid based on X's design. Reploids are artificial beings based on the design of Mega Man X, hence replications of his design. The first Reploid he designed was never named.

January 2116: More Reploids are built, including ones based on various animals and even plants.

February 2116: Cain's Reploids become so successful that Reploid assembly lines become commonplace around the globe.

March 15, 2116: Known to some as "The Beginning," three Reploids went "Maverick," injuring two people before they were stopped. The event spawned talk that the assembly lines would be shut down by the council, but nothing became of it. Instead, the council set up a group of hunters to destroy any Mavericks before it could cause injury. The Reploid named 'Sigma' was assigned to lead of the Maverick Hunters, since he was among Cain's most intelligent Reploids, containing Cain's latest circuit designs.

April 2116: Sigma is officially deemed leader of the Maverick Hunter organization. Under Sigma's control, the Maverick Hunters were able to prevent any further injury to the population.

October 2118: Cain's team discovers the ruins of Dr. Albert Wily's lab. The Maverick Hunters are sent to investigate, and upon entering they discover a Maverick named Zero. Zero takes out many of the Hunters, so Sigma himself enters the ruins and goes to battle against the Maverick, almost being defeated by him, but due to a malfunctioning crystal on his head Sigma overpowers and defeats him. The defeat unknowingly spreads a virus to Sigma, Sigma brings Zero back to Dr. Cain at Hunter HQ.

December 2118: Cain repairs and fixes Zero so that he will no longer go Maverick. Zero becomes one of the leading Maverick Hunters.

June 4, 2119: Known as the 'Day of Sigma,' four years after X's discovery, the first large-scale Maverick revolt occurs, led by none other than Sigma himself, possessed by the virus he encountered in the ruins. X, who had been training under the wing of Sigma, and Zero are dispatched by Dr. Cain to suppress the revolt and bring Sigma and his cohorts to justice.

June 4-9, 2119: X defeats Sigma's eight 'chosen' Mavericks: Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, Launch Octopus, Sting Chameleon, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, Flame Mammoth and Boomer Kuwanger.

June 10, 2119: X and Zero find Sigma's hideout. Zero sacrifices himself to help X defeat Sigma's right hand Reploid -- Vile. X then goes on to defeat Sigma, and the island base is destroyed.

July 4, 2119: X assumes leadership of the Maverick Hunters.

December 23, 2119: Despite Sigma's defeat, the Maverick Rebellion continues. X tracks the remaining Mavericks to a Reploid factory, and launches a full assault.

December 24, 2119: Three of the Maverick leaders, Serges, Agile, and Violen, form a group called the "X-Hunters" and gain control of the North Pole. In the time between Sigma's demise and their sudden uprising, Serges collected the parts of Zero, who had died in the first conflict.

December 25, 2119: The X-Hunters contact the Maverick Hunters and taunt them with Zero's body, which they have split into three pieces, in order to lure out X, hoping to destroy him.

December 25-30, 2119: X locates all parts of Zero by battling the X-Hunters and defeats eight more 'chosen' Mavericks: Bubble Crab, Crystal Snail, Flame Stag, Magna Centipede, Morph Moth, Overdrive Ostrich, Wheel Gator and Wire Sponge.

December 31, 2119: Zero is repaired. X locates the Maverick base and plans to invade it and defeat Sigma for the second time…


And that's it for the prologue. It's just my interpretation of the start of the Mega Man X timeline. It stops in the middle of the events of Mega Man X2 because…well, you'll find out soon enough. Of course, I'd love it if you guys reviewed this and gave me your opinions on how this story's going so far.