Be With You

By: DarkChocolateCat

Pairing: NaruSasu

Warnings: OOC, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi, uke!sasuke, mpreg, Tenten! (omgzrly?!)

Author's Note: I wrote up all these pages the day I was home sick with my sinus and upper respiratory infection waaay back in September 30th XDD I uploaded this on dA a few weeks ago, but I was little disappointed with myself because I wanted to have at least three chapters done before I started to post this up. D: I seriously love NaruSasu as a pairing (I can't believe I used to like SasuNaru best, it seems so...weird-ish now xD ) so I wanted to share this with you guys here 3 Also, I really want some feedback here, since the only people that commented on my dA submission of this story were friends I knew well and family xDDD not saying that's bad, because I love talking to them ^^ but I want some more opinions and comments. If you're like me though, and feel awkward-ish about commenting, YOU ARE NOT ALONE XD Feel free to message me on my dA account, DarkChocolateCat, (yes my usernames are original) or post something on my board there, or even email me at (I take the email route A LOT when I want to give comments to authors ^^ ) I'm hoping you all have a lot of fun reading this fic, because it's certainly a lot of fun to write, even thought I've been stuck on Chapter 2 for over a month D: maybe some comments from here can hel push me along to get it done =3 If you're an annoymous reviewer please leave me some way of contacting you, I love to respond to people (aka I like talking and want more excuses to talk to people XD) Enjoy! 33 DCC

--**--**-- B e --**--**-- W i t h --**--**-- Y o u --**--**

The table was fully set with a variety of food in larger than average sized amounts. A decorative powdery blue table cloth was dropped neatly over the otherwise plain brown four-seater dining room table. The two windows in the small room had their blue plaid curtains half pulled open to reveal the street below, now quieter as the dinner rush home was long over. The other window gave a small view of the little vegetable and flower garden that the two in apartment 224 tended to as a hobby, and a means of producing their own organic foods. At first appearance, all seemed to be where it was supposed to be in the cozy dinning room. Except…the table was set for two, and only one was eating.

With a disappointed sigh and a slouch that was symbolic of this eating arrangement happening far too often, dark charcoal eyes stared at the two lit fruity smelling candles. Pushing an annoying flop of dark black bangs out of his left eyes, he grumbled to himself, watching as the flames on the candles danced freely. With a huff, he blew out one of the candles, before going back to his dinner plate. Sasuke, was not a happy camper. Stirring a spoon dazedly in the small bowl of chicken ramen he made, he scooped up a generous amount of the broth and noodles, before sighing again and dumping it back into his bowl. Poking at his Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls that he half ate, he nibbled some more of the Mixed Veggie Tempura he made, before sampling some of the pork dumplings.

'I let my food get cold, because of him, again…' Sasuke mournfully got up, and checked out the windows to see…still no sign of his boyfriend returning from work. Feeling thoroughly let down, Sasuke slowly made his way back to the dinning room, flopping ungraciously into his chair. 'I don't want to think he's cheating on mebut…' Sasuke skillfully picked up a piece of his own handrolled California Roll sushi, before dipping it into the Soy Sauce he poured out in an little individual serving dish. He popped it in his mouth a moment later, chewing bitterly and not getting a chance to savour his creation, the whole dinner being of homage to his Japanese roots, was basically ruined.'Almost everyday now for the past two weeks, Naru has been coming home from work late.' Holding up his wrist to check his sleek watch, Sasuke grimaced at the time. "8:37. Congratulations, Naruto, new record." Crossing his arms defensively over his chest he glared at the mostly uneaten food on his plate, all mixed together and broke apart; thoroughly played with.

"Aw! Sassy! Don't frown so much, your pretty little face will get all wrinkly!" A familiar obnoxious voice chirped before strong arms wrapped around Sasuke's midsection, pulling him backwards.

Yelping out of reaction to be grabbed so quickly, and from the sneak attack, he smacked away the arms around him, pulling his chair back to the old position, while still sitting in it, making a very comical picture.

"Don't push your luck, Naruto." Sasuke spat dangerously, still not looking at his boyfriend.

When the bright blue eyes had the spark of mischief in them die down, all the food on the table caught his attention, his stomach rumbling loudly in approval to eat the delicious homemade foods. 'There's….so…many!' When the initial excitement evaporated, Naruto got a bad feeling in his stomach, guilt. 'He had to eat aloneagain. Oh Sasuke, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.' Wanting to voice his apologies directly to his handsome boyfriend, like his mind tends to do, the wrong thing came out. "Sasuke…I – I forgot."

That certainly caught a certain fuming boyfriend's attention. Whipping around quickly, Sasuke glared into the innocent sapphire eyes, feeling his left eye twitch in aggravation and mouth twisting into a scowl. "You, forgot?" he growled incredulously. "You forgot?" He repeated darker. Sasuke slammed his hands on the table, making the silverware and dishware clatter against the table in protest. "Goddamnit Naruto! You know very well I made dinner at least five nights out of the whole week. How the hell could you have forgotten we eat dinner together almost every night?!" Sasuke fell silent, making more guilt seep into Naruto.

"I don't know what's going on with you…but I don't like it. You don't tell me anything anymore." At first Sasuke's rant came out just as mad as his previous speech, but the last line came out in a melancholy tone. Looking back into Naruto's eyes, now shimmering with a mix of unknown emotions, Sasuke repeated his previous sentence. "You don't tell me anything anymore. You never come home on time, and…I want to know what's wrong. I need to know what's wrong." Sasuke's disposition did a complete 180 degree turn. From disappointment, to rage and now to a defeated helpless sort of persona. 'Please…please tell me what's wrong…' "Is it something…something I did?" Sasuke winced as his voice almost cracked when he asked the one question that had been cutting into his heart for nearly two weeks. "Are you mad at me?"

"NO!" Naruto yelled out unrestrainedly, "I'm not mad at you. You didn't do anything." He tried his best to console his distressed friend and lover. "I want to tell you what's up…but I…I can't." Naruto didn't meet Sasuke's eyes, not wanting to see those beautiful charcoal eyes filled with sadness and hurt. "You'll find out in some time, but I can't tell you now. God, I'd love to tell you, I'd love to tell you so fucking much. Please trust me. Please." He gave Sasuke eye contact feeling his heart break at the emotions he saw in them, and how hurt Sasuke was about the conversation. Reaching a hand out to give Sasuke some comfort and support, he was stung when Sasuke slapped it away yet again.

"Whatever." Sasuke responded in a broken voice, pushing Naruto out of the way of the doorframe and walking like clockwork into the kitchen, opening the high honey brown cabinet to take out four bottles of different pills taking them in hands as he speed-walked to his bedroom.

Naruto didn't feel threatened when Sasuke removed the pill bottles from the kitchen cabinet. 'One for insomnia, two for iron supplements, three for headaches or migraines and four for extra protein for hair and skin.' Naruto was familiar with Sasuke's tight vitamin, supplements and medicine regiments.'He wouldn't overdose because of this. Sasuke isn't one for suicide, I still remember the words he used to describe people who commit suicide.'

Naruto got a fashback of the time about a month ago when Sasuke sat at the kitchen counter, sipping a mug of steaming Earl Grey Tea and flipping carelessly through the paper. Suddenly, his boyfriend stopped at a page, and Naruto, who was cleaning the dinning room windows and table at the time was alerted of it by ceased rustling noises and the loud snickering. When Sasuke gave Naruto a questioning look for his blond boyfriend just stood staring at him with a weird expression on his face in the door. "I was just checking if you were mentally stable." Naruto smirked laughing at his own words. His heart lightened and laughs got louder when he saw Sasuke roll his eyes and chuckle a little too. "I am, this guy wasn't though." When he pointed to the article he was reading like a dog who obeys a command, Naruto directly went to see what article could make his Sasuke crack a smile. "You are insane! I knew it!" he shrieked in mock horror, "Suicide isn't funny!" he squawked. Sasuke only shook his head, snickering still. "Suicide is pathetic. It's the lowest way to make your exit." He boldly stated a smirk on his face.

'YeahSuicide and Sasuke do not go hand in hand, they'd be worse enemies if anything.' Appetite completely diminished, Naruto shoveled a helping of each of the foods onto his plate before walking the small distance to the kitchen and microwaving his food for a few minutes.'Sasukestay strong for me..'

--**--**-- B e --**--**-- W i t h --**--**-- Y o u --**--**

Meanwhile in his bedroom Sasuke fell face-first onto his bed, hugging his pillows against his chest tightly. "Why do you do this to me Naruto? Why are you hurting me so much?" He whispered broken-heartedly to himself, shoulders shaking as his tears built up. Not bothering to prevent the inevitable, the warm salty tears dripped down his cheeks and fell onto his pillows like rain fell onto pavement, complete with little 'plop' sounds. "What did I do?" he whined lowly, burying his face in the pillows and curling up in the rich red comforter. With watery eyes he glanced around his room. The lucky cat collection he had been contributing to since he was 12 years old, had become a huge mass of cats each had different colours, objects and poses. The lucky cat army trooped all along the two dressers, and continued their marching on the three mini-shelves attached to his walls and proudly stood at attention at his small, compact onyx bedside table. A healthy scattering of unlit candles were placed all around the room, and the only window in the room was at the east end of the room, looking out to the small excuse of a playground located on the apartment grounds.

Sasuke's attention briefly focused on two five-year-old girls, their brown hair in little pigtails with fluorescent green ribbons playing on the chipped red-painted see-saw; before something seemingly insignificant made his sobs grow quiet. A woman in her thirties pushed a baby stroller before stopping at one of the benches in the 'playground' and carefully taking out her little baby, and tenderly holding him as she fed him his meal from a bottle.

'A baby…' Sasuke felt a small, barely-there, smile on his face against his will at the sight of the helpless little person. 'I wonder how Naruto will take my big news; especially with the way he's been acting lately. I can't just go up to him and say, 'Hey guess what Naruto! Let's just disregard our argument, I don't care about what's going on with you, so yeah, I've been meaning to tell youwe're going to be parents! Isn't it great that I'm pregnant!' I wish things were that simple.' Ignoring Sasuke's blatant sarcasm about his pregnancy, he was actually overjoyed to have a baby he and Naruto created inside of him. Age and money weren't an issue, Sasuke, freshly 25 years young, had a steady job working as a school secretary at the local Middle School. Because of his teaching degree from college, he occasionally filled in as a substitute teacher if the occasion called for it, because there was always a backup secretary. Naruto on the other hand had a more professional job working in the marketing and design offices for the large toy-chain company, Shinobi, younger than Sasuke, and making a hell of a lot more money. Well…Naruto was only about three months younger than Sasuke, Sasuke's birthday being the sweltering days of July, July 24th while his blond boyfriend had a birthday in the cooler, prep-time for winter in autumn, October 10th. 'But he's still younger…' Sasuke told himself, 'But not too young to be a good parentif only I knew the reality of what's going on. If Naruto really is being unfaithful or if he wants to break off our relationshipI'll be a single parent.' Sasuke swallowed thickly, laying his back now, and staring at his pasty white ceiling and the two clunky silvery vents that delivered air-conditioning and heat to his room. 'We've been together for six years now…' Sasuke smiled reminiscently at the memory of his first encounter with his fun-loving, borderline ADHD boyfriend.

'We vaguely knew of each other in our Freshman year of collegeOne of my best friends, Tenten, would always tell me about his crazy antics. She always tried to set me up with him, but I'd have none of it. I didn't have many friends, and I made myself believe I didn't need a lot of friends or relationships. But it was inevitable. Naruto and I met unknowingly when I still worked at the Starbucks that was directly off campus. We were both sophomores and both of us were looking for a relationship, except, mine want for a relationship was buried way deep down, while Naruto's was seen at the surface of his very being. He directly checked me out and hit on me, I was so embarrassed at how bold he was but I was so flattered too. I flirted back, and by the end of that day he returned two more times, to continue our playful little teasing game and to give me the napkin that he wrote his name and number on as neatly as he could. I was so shocked the moment I read his name in the orange ink pen. Naruto. I traced it with my finger and the number he wrote down, debating on whether or not to call him.' Sasuke sighed contently, the memories of him and Naruto's first encounter calming him down.

'I was too embarrassed to call at first. Then, I got mad and hurt. I figured he was just fooling around with me and the whole flirting thing and his reoccurring visits were all part of some ploy to take me down. Tenten told me all about how he was rarely serious, so I figured it was another joke to him. I felt overwhelmingly upset. Because it was the moment of my revelation about his true intentions, that I realized I did like him, and if it wasn't too bold to say at the time, I had a crush on him. I was so completely wounded by it, I threw out his name and number, and refused to acknowledge that I already knew the digits of his cellphone by heart already even though I never called. I ignored Tenten and her calls asking me what was wrong, because I reasoned at the time that she was in on the cruel game Naruto was playing with me. She was the one who had wanted me to get together with him since my Freshmen Year. I felt so betrayed that when Naruto came in to look for me everyday after the day he gave me is number, I hid in the staff bathroom, having the people on shift cover for me and make up petty excuses for why I wasn't there. A week later, Naruto stopped coming. I felt my heart break more and a deeper sense of rejection and regret, he gave up on me. But I was wrong. Tenten was right when she talked about how surprising Naruto was as a person. Later that night I disconnected the phone in my apartment and cried myself to sleep. The next morning, I was shocked. On my cell's voicemail Naruto left me a message. I figured Tenten gave it to him, but at the moment it felt so magical and surreal. It was as if he knew my number on his own.

His message made me go into tears, he apologized for scaring me off and promised if I was really bothered by what he did he'd back off. I didn't want him to give up on me. I wanted to get to know him more, and daresay at the time, I already knew I wanted to be with him. I called Tenten leaving her a distraught message about what I thought Naruto's true intentions were and how I wanted to get to know him more but I didn't want him to play with my feelings. I was too out-of-it to go to classes so I blew them off, lounging miserably around my apartment the whole day. That afternoon I found myself crying on the couch, I never thought heart-ache could be so painful.

I vaguely remember hearing my door open, but I wasn't concerned Tenten had a spare key to my house, my instincts didn't fully disappoint. However, it wasn't just Tenten who was present in my house, and I found that out when a strong arms wrapped around me, a warm body pressing against mine in a tender, comforting hug. She bought Naruto with her. We talked so much. I cried, laughed and fell in love that day. By the end of that day, Naruto and I were together and the friendship Tenten and I had was mended to be even stronger than it was previously.'

Now the calm was gone from the bittersweet memory of how he and his boyfriend got together. Sadness filled Sasuke up again, as the idea of Naruto being dissatisfied with him became all too real. Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, Sasuke's attention was given to the four bottles of pills he brought with him. Contrary to what Naruto believed, they weren't Sasuke's daily pills, he had already taken those. These pills were just as important if not more so. Each had a silvery or chrome-like label, and each had a different colour at the top. Prenatal Medicine pills. Sasuke wouldn't lie, had he not have been placed in the Child Development class of his High-School by the district who needed more boys involved in the program; he would've never known to have taken the pills in front of him. He would've never known how critical and crucial the first month was for the baby's development.

On the topic of pregnancy, Sasuke gave himself a mental reminder to find and thank the staff member that left the new, perfectly packaged Pregnancy Test with the neon yellow post-it note on it. Sasuke frowned as the bleak note echoed loudly in his mind, 'I've had enough with trying for a while. Things happen, or they don't. Good luck making your own dreams come true.' It was clearly from a heartbroken female staff member. It was obvious by the handwriting and how she masked the want for having children under the 'dream' category. Not to say men don't want children, but it's generally more of a women's thing to be enthusiastic to start a family. 'The men category only fits for real guys, and not the freak of nature guys like me who have the newly found genetics and abilities to produce children of our own.'

Sasuke shuddered as he recollected the cruelty given to guys like him, who could have children of their own. How they were sometimes denied medical care and how people wouldn't hide their scorn for what they called 'Not right'. Many people argued it was a woman's job to have to children, and by these men having children it would upset the balance of nature and life as a whole. While those who were more ignorant would directly insult those who carried children of the male gender. Sasuke swallowed thickly, tearing up more. Any of those scenarios could potentially happen to him. With his doubts, fears and direct confrontation with his sadness, came exhaustion. There would be no need for sleeping pills that night, as the troubled young lover fell asleep almost instantly.