Be With You

By: DarkChocolateCat

Pairing: NaruSasu

Warnings: OOC, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi, uke!sasuke, mpreg, Tenten! (omgzrly?!), Swearing,

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Author's Note:

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The blond dialed the pinkette's number with a quick hand, knowing the digits by heart. "Hey." She picked up the second ring as always. "I'm actually going to come over today…something came up…" he paused politely to let the woman speak. Naruto made it to his parked car in no time and unlocked the SUV-ish car with a 'beep' of his key ring. "I figured you wouldn't mind, but you never know…it seems everyone has been acting so strange lately…" he cradled the phone against his ear as he got settled in his car. "Yeees…you heard right, everyone." He pulled out of his parking space smoothly, and started straight down the road, hopefully the route he normally took wouldn't make him even later. "Especially Sasuke..." Naruto glumly mumbled. Sakura heard just fine. "No I still haven't told him. I'm not an idiot Sakura. If I told him…"

He glared at the road and clenched his hands tight around the wheel for a moment before loosening his grip. "Just no…Okay. I hi— erm…fought pretty bad with him again last night. Telling him about… about you and about what we're doing isn't exactly the plan of action I have in mind." He dryly remarked, speeding up the car as he got onto the highway. "I'm going to go now...being unfocused and late for work isn't exactly a good combination. I'll see you around 3, 'Kay?" The pinkette on the other line sighed before agreeing. "Good. Talk to you then Saky."

"Damnit!" The minute his conversation ended with Sakura he shoved his phone in his jacket pocket and punched the plastic of the middle area next to his seat. "I almost ruined everything! Urgh." He mussed up his hair with an annoyed moan. "I can't believe I almost told Sakura I hit him…fucking hell! She would've lost all respect for me…" In a thick silence he stared ahead at the miles of highway, the many other cars whizzing by, splashes of their different colours adding life to the dull gray area. "She wouldn't trust me anymore…"

--**--**-- F i n a l l y --**--**-- A t --**--**-- W o r k --**--**

Naruto checked his watch for the millionth time as he parked in the large parking garage. 'Gah! Why did I even bother looking…I'm already miserably late.' In a defeated move, he moaned to himself, pressing his face into the wheel of his car.

'The longer I stay here pitying myself, the later I'll be…' Words similar to what Sasuke would say echoed loudly through his head. "That's right…I should go in now…" Sighing to himself, he unclipped his seat belt and got out of his car slamming the door behind him. He opened the back door, pulling out his orange and black messenger bag and the very important briefcase.

What started as a steady pace in the spacious parking garage turned into a run rivaling a sprint by the time Naruto made to the back door of the main building of his company. Throwing the door open, he thanked God that it was actually unlocked this time. Whipping around the corner of the formal building he pressed the glowing red elevator button. "Come on…come on…" He whispered under his breath.

--**--**-- F i n a l --**--**-- A u t h o r ' s --**--**-- N o t e --**--**

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