"I call for a vote!" Jack announced. He saw all eight other pirate lords roll their eyes.

"I vote for Ammend the Corsair!" Ammend said.

"Capitaine Chevalle, the penniless French man!"

"Sri Sumbhajee votes for Sri Sumbhajee." The man assistant said.

"Gentleman Jocard."

"Mistress Ching!"

"Elizabeth Swan." Elizabeth said.


"Villanueva!" The Spanish pirate lord said, standing up.

"Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack said. All nine pirate lords looked at each other, confused as to what they were supposed to do next. Eight of them watched as Jack started to flip through the Pirata Codex...

"Do we vote again?" Elizabeth asked.

"So we could all vote for ourselves again?" Barbossa asked, rolling his eyes at her. "I don't think so."

"Then how do we-"

Suddenly, everybody was fighting again. Fists were flying, along with any else that could the thrown, including candles. Elizabeth watched as Barbossa simply rolled his eyes. Obliviously, he and Jack were more used to this then she was...

"Oi mates!" Jack shouted. "I found the answer. According to this, if voting were to fail, the Keeper of the Code will pick the Pirate King!" They all watched as Teague placed his guitar on the floor against his throne. He picked up a bucket and walked over to the table. Jack gave him a confused look."What's that for?"

Teague placed the bucket on the table. "You all are nine of the greatest pirates of the world, one of you is bound to figure it out."

Ten minutes later, while Teague was back to providing background music, all nine Pirate Lords were lined up against a wall, each holding a marrow bone, trying to get the dirty, mangy, greasy dog to come. "Here doggie. C'mon!" Jack said.

"Forget bout that sea slug!" Barbossa said to the dog. "Come over to ol'Hector!"

"Come here!" Elizabeth said, shaking the bone. Everyone was pretty much saying the same thing. The dog started walking towards Jack.

"C'mon!" Jack continued. "Bit closer, bit closer!" To his disappointment, the dog turned to Elizabeth and walked over to her...

"Ok, your Pirate King is Captain..." Teague started announcing. "What was your name again?"

"Captain Swann."

"Aye, your Pirate King is Captain Swann!"

Once again, everyone started fighting, this time about the bones. Some claimed that Elizabeth had a bigger bone. Other's claimed that their bone was too small. Some even said that they should try again. "NO!" Mistress Ching randomly shouted, raising her hands in the air.

"Am I to understand that you lot will not be keeping to the Code?" Jack asked, causing Teague to snap a guitar string and glare at them.

All of the other Pirate Lords settled down. "Very well." Mistress Ching said, before turning to Elizabeth. "What say you Captain Swan, King of the Brethren Court?"

"Prepare every vessel that floats, at dawn. We're at war." Elizabeth said, instinctively looking over at Jack for approval. He just nodded.

Sri Sumbhajee stood up. "And so, we shall go to war!" He announced in his unusually high voice, causing yet another argument...

Half a hour later, Elizabeth returned to the Meeting Room, alone. The dog walked over to her and sat down. She kneeled down infront of him. She looked from side to side, then pulled something out of her pocket: a set of keys. Then she heard what sounded like Jack's chuckling. She looked up, and saw Teague.

"Captain Teague, I-"

He shook his head and smiled. "I said that one of you was bound to figure it out."

The other day, I was thinking:

'What would the Pirate Lords have done if they only voted for themselves?'

And this one shot was born...

If you didn't get it, the keys were in the bucket with the bones...