Good as Dead

I have no rights to the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. I recently read all eight books of the series in one week and couldn't wait until May to think of what might happen with the characters.  Hope it helps you pass the time as well! This is my first fanfic attempt. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

I offered to work the afternoon Halloween shift until 9:00 for Arlene - even though she's not on my list of favorite people right now, so she could take her kids to a Halloween party. No sense in punishing them because their mom decided to date someone who probably wanted to kill me. (It's not like it's the first time.) I mean I am still their "Aunt" Sookie. God only knows what she's told them about me now. They probably think I'm going straight to hell in a handbasket.

Of course, Sam didn't mention until after I offered to work that he wanted the staff to dress up, so I guess I had to find something to wear. I don't think I've worn a Halloween costume since junior high.

I cruised over to Wal-Mart and grabbed some essentials: paper towels, toothpaste and a few groceries. The seasonal department was pretty picked over, but there were quite a few choices still left in the costume aisle. I didn't need to ask why.

I peeked through the racks of nylon and plastic outfits. Sexy kitten, sexy bunny, nun, oversized baby. I don't think so. A witch – um, my roomies might be offended. I saw a ridiculously low-cut Vampira costume complete with the black wig and fangs. I can't believe they actually still sell these costumes when there are live – well, dead - vampires walking the street! I didn't imagine the vampires would be amused.

What would those Fellowship of the Sun folks say if they saw me in this?! I hesitated for just a second, decided I wasn't feeling that sassy and put it back on the peg. May as well not tempt fate.

I perused the other side and saw a pair of fairy wings and a wand and broke into a huge grin. Now that's funny - even if no one else will get the joke. I would just need something to wear with my wings. I couldn't justify spending money to buy myself a new outfit to wear for one night – at work no less, so I figured I would find something in my closet.

The gal at the register was wearing a black shirt with candy corn appliqués on it and greeted me with a big smile. She scanned my items as she thought about her mom's heart surgery that weekend. I opened my mouth and started to wish her mom luck and I stopped myself. She looked up expecting me to finish my sentence and I clamped my mouth shut and looked away. No wonder people think I'm nuts.

I unpacked my shopping bags in the kitchen and decided I better figure out what to wear with my costume. It really wasn't like me to wait until the last minute for something like this, but then, I hadn't had much time to prepare either.

Amelia came downstairs and looked at my fairy wings and wand. "Tell me those aren't for you." She chided.

"Sam wants us to dress up tomorrow. Come on, they're cute. Plus, this is the lesser of many evils. Trust me," I said. "I just have to find something to wear with it. It just can't be too nice because there is always the chance it could get a drink spilled on it."

"Yeah, a drink. I'd be willing to bet it would be vampire blood or gunshot residue. Not a gin and tonic." She teased.

I shrugged. "I'm not planning on getting into any trouble tonight. I'm turning over a new leaf. I've already gone three days with no trouble."

After a muffled laugh, Amelia hustled upstairs and returned a minute later with a garment bag. She handed it to me.

"This is probably your size. I will never wear this dress again and it matches the color in your little wings." She said, "I don't care if you drop it in the deep fryer at the end of the night. I can't believe I even bothered moving it with me when I came here." I caught an image of an overly pink wedding party and the drunken groom trying to feel up a disgusted Amelia.

"Okey Dokey then," I said, trying to block out her blaring thoughts as I pulled the dress out and held it up in front of me. "I think this will fit me and the color is perfect. Thanks for letting me borrow it, roomie."

"Sure, but it's not a loan. Have it. I'd rather not waste the closet space" she said. Her face suddenly brightened, "I forgot I told Tray I would call him about our Halloween plans." She turned to bound up the stairs.

Halfway up she stopped and shouted down, "Oh, and Octavia went to visit her niece and help with their big haunted house they are doing tomorrow night. She wanted me to tell you Happy Halloween." I heard her feet run up the remaining stairs.

I brought everything into my room and tried on the dress. It fit perfectly. I felt a little excitement about the next day with my fancy fairy get-up. It was a tad over-the-top for Merlotte's, but what the heck? You don't get too many chances to dress up as something you're not. Well, in my case something you kind of are.

Anyhow, I did have another stop to make after work where a costume may be in order. I had a bite to eat, showered and settled into bed for the night with my book.

The next morning was Halloween. I opened the back door. As the cold air hit my lungs I suddenly got the feeling that things would not stay as quiet as they had been the past couple of days. I grabbed an armload of wood to fill up the rack by the fireplace.

If I didn't know myself better, I might think I was psychic as well as telepathic.