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The snow fell gently from the sky. Little Obi Wan Kenobi lifted his little hand towards the sky. A snowflake gently drifted onto his little palm. He shivered.

"It's so cold… "Obi Wan thought to himself.

A cold blast of wind blew towards Obi Wan. He quickly hugged himself to avoid his thin clothing from tearing and flying away. He walked towards the corner of the dump and cowered there. He had not eaten for three days. Obi Wan felt cold and sleepy.

Obi Wan took out his small pouch from the rags he was wearing and took out a blue pendant. This was his mother's pendant. It was a tradition in his family that this pendant will be past on to the youngest child in the youngest child's family and so on. Obi Wan had been the youngest child in his family. His mother was the youngest child too.

A tear rolled down Obi Wan's cheek. And another. And another. He thought of his mother, his father and siblings. He knew that his parents stole money for him and his sibling's education and needs. He knew that his parents loved him very much. So much that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for his. But what Obi Wan did not know, was that he was running a very high fever.

"I am sorry Mother and Father. I am so very sorry. I love you." He whispered and with that Obi Wan Kenobi blacked out.

That late afternoon, Obi Wan dreamed of the night three days ago. Those were powerful memories. Memories that he will never forget…