Qui-Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia stood at the main hanger of the Jedi temple as they waited for the shuttle to arrive. The wise old Jedi Master, Yoda, stood beside them. This was a rare appearance by the great Jedi, but only because of a certain young boy, with blond hair and blue eyes.

A surge of pride ran through her veins as she watched Siri help Obi-Wan walk down the ramp. That small boy looked so familiar. She moved her gaze to Qui-Gon. He was as still as a marble statue. She knew his pain. He had only lost Xanatos to the dark side just last month. The pain was still fresh in his heart.

"That's Master Gallia right?" Obi whispered into Siri's ear

"Yeah! How'd you know?"

"I just knew... Go on I am able to walk." Siri face lit up as her radiant smile appeared on her face.

"I guess I'll see you later!"

Obi-Wan smiled and waved.

Siri ran into Adi's outstretched arms, "MASTER GALLIA!" A wide smile spread across her face, as she sank into the warm embrace of Adi.

"After just a few weeks of being away from me, you have completely forgotten what I have taught you. Where are your manners? "Adi said as she gestured towards Qui Gon.

The redness flushed into her cheeks, making her look like a cherub. "Sorry Master Jinn… I apologise for my actions…" she was quiet for a few seconds. "ANYWAY, GOOD DAY MASTER QUI GON!" Then she ran into him and gave him a giant bear hug.

Oh Master Jinn… I know how you feel… All useless and squishy inside.

"Er… um… good day to you too young padawan." Qui Gon replied.

Siri then turned to Yoda and did a 90 degree bow. "GOOD DAY MASTER. I AM SIRI TACHI. "

"Old I may be, yet hear you I can. Not necessary it is to speak at the top of your voice young one." Yoda replied and gave Siri a warm smile.

Adi Gallia walked towards Obi- Wan. The force is strong in this one… I can feel it radiating of his skin…

Obi Wan immediately got down onto his knees and put his forehead against the ground. Peals of laughter soon followed.

"Sweetheart. Get up now. Don't be ridiculous. Why are you bowing down?" Adi questioned him.

"I'm sorry Master. I really am. I didn't mean to waste your time looking for me just because I was sick! I'm so very sorry…"

Adi got down on her knees and looked Obi in the eye. "You are special Obi wan Kenobi. You are destined to change the world, make it a better place." His eyes turned into blue pools of confusion.

Mace Windu walked down the shuttle ramp and went straight to Yoda, completely ignoring Qui Gon and Adi.

"Master Yoda. A great pleasure it is to be back." Windu looked at Yoda expectantly.

"At 2100 your council meeting will be. " Windu smiled for a second before returning to his usual face.

"About the boy Master, he's different. And the strange thing is that he isn't on the list of force sensitive children. And his surname… Kenobi, I've heard it somewhere."

"Strange forces at work it seems. Worry about it you should not." Yoda replied as he looked up to his former padawan. Windu bows and walks away.

Adi put her hand on Obi's shoulder and walked him to Yoda. "Master, this is the boy Windu was talking about. Obi-Wan Kenobi." Yoda hummed softly to himself as he look up at the very intimidated Obi-Wan.

"Afraid, you do not need to be. Safe you are. Obi-Wan Kenobi, this is your home now. Qui Gon, take him to the medical centre. See you soon I will… Young one. " He whipped out his stick and hobbled back to the temple.

Adi embraced her padawan again. "Were you a good padawan to Master Windu?"

"OF COURSE MASTER! I was on my best behaviour. Although I think there's something wrong with his face. He can't seem to be able to smile Master." Qui Gon and Adi both broke out in laughter. Qui Gon was laughing so hard he was almost tearing.

"It's true Master Jedi! I swear it on my life! He never smiled! Not once!" Obi Wan managed to blurt out.

Qui Gon finally stopped laughing and looked down at the two, "Master Windu is known for many things. But smiling just isn't one of them."

"Don't we all know that" Adi said as she winked at Qui Gon.

"Enough chatter. Come now my boy, lets bring you to the medical center. You are still weak." Qui Gon placed his hands on Obi Wan's shoulders as the four began to walk into the temple.

Maybe now that scary man won't find me here. With all the protection of these master Jedis.

At the Medical Center

Obi-Wan laid curled up in a ball on the soft bed. The med droid had just given him seven shots and his left arm felt like it was on fire. Still, he clutched his pendant with his left hand and cradled his arm with the other.

Qui Gon moved the hairs out of his face, "Obi Wan. Stay here alright. I'll be back soon to take you to meet the council but for now just rest." Obi Wan looked up at Qui Gon and smiled. He reminds me so much of Pa Pa.

Winna Di Yuni, the healer incharge of Obi Wan came to check on him. "You're healing fast youngling. Soon the pain we'll be gone." She gave Obi Wan a warm smile, "I'll ask my assistant to give you something for the pain. You're lucky you didn't need to use the Bacta Tank. Z come in here will you!" She said as she walked out of his room.

Obi Wan immediately sat up on his bed, despite his arm crying out in agony. He stared at the medical assistant coming into the room.

He had long dark hair that was all over the place. Stubbly chin. And that unmistakable musky smell. Obi-Wan's eyes widen.


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