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Word for the day REVERENTLY (feeling or expressing profound respect or awe)

Chapter 21, hahaha I amaze myself every time:] here youse guys go.


After breakfast Alice dragged me upstairs before I could offer Carlisle and Esme a hand in cleaning up the mess.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," she tsked my name, "what are we going to do with you today?" Oh…no, she has that 'Bella Barbie' look on her face. "Aha! You shall wear something red, hmmm….a dress perhaps?" She nodded to herself, agreeing with the ideas flowing through her mind. "I have the perfect outfit for you in my closet! Hold on, wait right here." She raced herself over to her enormous walk-in closet and came back with a silky, red piece of fabric.

"Simple, yet elegant. You shall still the hearts of many after I'm done with you! But hopefully one stands out over the others…." She praised in her high pitched voice, I groaned. "Ohh Bella, don't be like that because as I said before, we can do this the easy way or the hard way…" I hated when she did that.

"Whatever…" I knew she smelled an easy defeat the moment I opened my mouth to try and argue.

"Excellent." She smiled and the torture began.


Red lips, a little eyeliner, mascara, and a million curls later, finished. It took Alice at least 3 hours to do all this, not that I looked bad, but I really was a waist of time. I mean what is the point of going on a date if you secretly detest the man for being a disgusting sleaze. Well if anything I'll be getting him back out of this.

"I amaze myself every time." Alice giggled and hugged me, carefully. "Have fun tonight, okay?" she winked, "I'm heading over to Jasper's. You just stay in my room, your leaving in like 10 minutes." She walked out of the door and then I was alone.

Not ready, not ready, too soon. Why was I freaking now? I've been planning this since day one! Get it together Bella the guy deserves it! All his charm, including last night, is all a cover…he's really a pig! I can't believe I let him get away with that last night, I should have never kissed him upstairs, and I tried to torture him, but ended up torturing myself in the process. How can I want someone that's not right for me? I was brought up better than that to want what's not good for me! Whoa…now that hit me like a ton of bricks, I've never been so angry and so full of annoyance and as much as I would love to deny it… infatuation for one person before, I feel so unlike myself lately…what is this boy doing to me?



My heart beat sped up and I became very clammy, I was nervous. That certainly was not the reaction I was expecting. "Um…come in?" Stupid Bella! Don't act like an idiot. I could hear his soft laughter from outside the door, the knob turned. I held my breath.

The door opened and…. Oh dear lord, why must you tempt me so? There he stood looking more than inviting in his black slacks, white button up shirt, and red tie. We matched; courtesy of Alice no doubt.

"You look absolutely ravishing Bella." His voice said in its velvety smooth tone that made my heart beat triple time.

"You don't look so bad yourself." I smiled and curtsied.

"Why aren't we the formal one tonight Miss Swan?" He smiled back and bowed, extending his hand to me while looking directly into my eyes.

"Only for a gentleman such as yourself." I'll give him that, he is a gentleman; a pig, but a gentleman. I took his hand and he kissed mine longingly then stood up strait releasing it, almost hesitantly.

"Ready to go?" He asked.

"Absolutely, where are we going anyways?" I really hope he doesn't take me somewhere where we can be alone, only god knows what could happen then..

"It's a surprise." He said then that damned crooked smile broke across his face.

"I hate surprises." Oops…that came out colder than I had intended….

"Oh, well, then I guess, uh, we don't have to-" I cut him off before he could say anymore; damn him and his stupid sad face. You could hate the man 'til no end, but still fall for that damned face.

"No, no… I'm sorry, just nervous; I want to do whatever you had planned." Okay that's at least half the truth, but I couldn't let that expression fall upon his beautiful face again it was sort of depressing, sooo I partially lied; not liked I killed anyone, right.

After my words his face immediately brightened up and he took my hand, pulling me out of the room and down the stairs in a movement so fast I'm not sure how he did it.

"Edward what are you doing?" He just chuckled and kept pulling our way to the door.

"Edward?" nothing. Maybe if I pretend to faint I won't have to go out with this guy, seriously I don't think I can put up with him right now.

"Edward! Speak to me?" nothing. Okay now he's starting to freak me out here….

"I swear to god if you don't speak up i'll kick your ass." I scrunched up my face and he smiled brightly as he turned back to look at me, stopping our rush when we reached his car.

"Sorry, I just recently discovered that I like the look on your face when you're nervous, it's just so cute when you're mad."

"Ass…" He chuckled again and let go of my hand to fetch his keys in his pocket. He pulled them out and jingled them in front of my face.

"Ready to hit the road?" hahahhaa ohhh yeah, I gave him a wicked smirk.

"No." I said innocently.

"Oh really? Why not?" He crookedly smiled back, but a look of small confusion met his brow. I took that as my chance and snatched the dangling keys out of his unsuspecting fingers.

"Hey!" He scowled and tried to reach the keys hidden behind my back. I pushed his hands away.

"Now I'm ready, chum." I tried to shove past his large frame, but he was like a rock; not going to budge.

"You better give those back, if you know what's good for you." Oh so he's going to make threats is he?

"Nope." I said, making sure to pop the "P."

"I know karate." He raised an eyebrow to me as if challenging me, HA if he thought that that would work on Bella Swan, he had another thing coming.

"Oh yeah, well I know something better then your weak karate." I smirked.

"And what might that be?" He gave me an amused, expectant smile.

"Well, I know a little something called kick-your-ass, it's very effective. Illegal in some states." I even did the whole air chop to help my point pass more efficiently and in a matter of seconds his suppressed snickers turned into loud guffaws, he was laughing so hard that tears were starting to build in his eyes.

You know its times like theses that I completely forget the Edward Cullen he puts up front for everyone to see and get to catch a glimpse of the true Edward inside. Like there is something more to the person I see lets on…. But nevertheless there needs to be something done for that overly high ego of his and cocky attitude; they both needed to be put down a few notches and well I don't know if I'm bold enough to do it, but I'd have to try and be the one to do so. Humiliation was my best bet (as Alice had said before a while back) and if anything I had the best chance to do it tonight.

"Ohh well now I'm scared." He finally managed to choke out and pretended to look frightened, it was my turn to laugh.

"You should look at your face." He stuck his tongue at me, real mature, but just like Alice haha.

They're all so alike, the Cullen's, it really make you think how wonderful and how warm a family is capable of being with each other. One look at the happy family your face grows a smile and you feel just a little bit happier in their presence. They all share such beautiful traits and genes and I don't think that a single one has a bad bone in there body…how did Edward end up with such a tainted seed…well he is a guy.

"Well you don't even know where we are going." He said matter-of-factly. He did have a point.

"Well- sooo….okay true, fine…, but this is the only time I'll let you win Cullen." He grabbled the keys from behind my back and opened my side of the door for me.

"Thank you." He shut it as soon as I stepped in and walked over to the driver seat.

Then we left.


"Sooo, we planning on eating soon?" I asked as my stomach was growling profusely.

"Almost there, I swear you will love it." Ugh. Okay, okay Bella game face on. He doesn't like it when you act like you don't care or like a bitch…you can do this so start it now!

"Whatever.." and so it begins..



Tonight I planned to take Bella put to somewhere special, my favorite restaurant, one I've never taken another being to; it was special to me and she was now too so she deserved to be treated differently then the others because Bella.. ah Bella, she was so much different, so much better than any other women could compare.

I need to prove to Alice that Bella is not just some girl, that she's the girl; the girl who takes my every breath away with her presence, the girl whose laughter fills my heart with the ultimate joy, the girl who could keep me at peace with just a gentle brush of her lacy skin, the girl that made me fall in head over hills in less than a week… the only problem to my fantasies was, well, Bella herself.

She seems…distant, yeah that's close enough. The more I try to get to know her, the closer I try to become to her- she shies away or becomes angry, well angry for her anyway (which is like a kitten trying to be the ferocious tiger.)

It's all very confusing and I definitely need Alice's help, soo I have to prove I'm serious about this.

"Whatever." She grumbled, I love how her nose crinkles when she's mad.

"Patience is virtue Bella." She bit her lip as her stomach rumbled.

"We better speed it up Cullen, before I start eating the upholstery." She said half jokingly-half serious. I pressed on the gas with a laugh.


"We're here." I parked in front of one of favorite places to relax. The restaurant was called "Laura's Dream" the owner, Sarah, named the place after her little girl- who I have met on occasion, she's really sweet and a bundle of energy.

It was a small owned business, nice, cozy, and calm. It was one of the only places I felt I could actually get some peace of mind form all the craziness life has to offer a guy like me, though I probably brought most the unnecessary problems on myself. Sarah and Laura were always delightful to talk to; food was excellent as well. I know Bella will love this place as much as I have: it reminds me of her –warm, comfortable, beautiful, and not to out there; my very own definition of perfect.

Its always very peaceful here and it makes the perfect spot to just sit and talk and have a nice first date. Wow, no playin, this is mine and Bella's first date –I grinned hugely.

"Why are you smiling freak?" she teased.

"Something amazing just caught my eye." I turned my gaze to her beautiful chocolaty brown one; staring intensely. She blushed.

"Okay…" Almost in a whisper.

I turned off the ignition and made my way out of the car over to her side to open the door as a true gentleman only would.

"You know you don't have to open the doors for me, I'm a big girl." She said as I helped her out; shutting the door behind us.

"I can't help it; I was just brought up that way. Looks like your gonna have to deal with the horrible person known as a gentleman for the night." I shrugged and she scoffed, mumbling something under her breath; probably something snarky. I think it was something along the lines of "yeah, sure."

"What's that suppose to mean?" She's been acting like this all night since we left in the car and a little throughout the week, it was about time I get the meaning of it all; bout time I said something.

"Nothing." She said yet again for what could have been the hundredth time today; so irritating.

"Yes it is something, what's your problem Bella?" I asked as nice as I could, not wanting to bring out Edjerk again.

"Who said I have a problem?" She raised her eyebrow to me.

"Me." I stated simply.

"Well I don't, happy. Are you done with the 20 questions mom?" then she walked away going inside the restaurant.


I walked in after her. "Bella, I'm sorry." She looked away form me and grumbled 'whatever.' Another one of her favorites tonight.

"You know Bella, I really don't like when you act this way." But I love you..

"Maybe we should leave then. If you don't like whom I happen to be."

Ah, there goes my foot in my mouth. But damn, GIRLS!

"No, I love who you are, but you're not this way, never." I tried to get her to see my point without upsetting her again.

"How do you know how I really am?" She challenged.

And there goes my other foot.

"Your right I don't, but id like to." That's all the truth, I really did.

"Let's just get a table please." At least I got her to say please… but no matter what she was going to have her wall up today, tonight was going to be difficult.

She was worth it.


Love? He said love….don't Bella, just DON'T. God he makes it so hard to act like a bitch to him and in the first place it's hard to even act like one; it's just not me. So, ugh! Why does he have to be so funny and sweet and- NO, remember the plan Bella, humiliation.

We got our table and took at seat. 5 minutes later the waitress, Shelly, came over to get our orders.

"So Bella are you ready to order?" He asked look at me from behind his menu.

"Sure, sure. You can just order for me, I don't know what's good here. And I'm sure you've been here bunches." With other women, a lot. Well let's at least see if he gets me a salad or whatever he thinks 'girls' eat.

"Okay, well I want the house special,… does that sound good with their famous BBQ sauce or not?" What's he driving at..?

"Um…no sauce?" I gave a confused look. Is he planning on eating in front of me or something?

"Okay Shelly I'd like to order the house special with the sauce and another without, please." The house special consisted of a fresh side salad, steak, and a side of vegetables. Wow he actually ordered me some real food. Well that's a first considering the other dates I had been on where the guy only bought the cheapest thing and me a glass of water…well Edwards was rich, that would give him the advantage most men don't have…

Oh Bella stop questioning yourself about him, it will only confuse you more. But…

"That's alright with you right?" He asked before the waitress left.

"Yeah." I smiled at his gesture, I mean actually smile. For like the first time tonight I couldn't hold back the small curl of my lips. He's just so charming… and a womanizer nevertheless. Shelly left to go get our orders.

"Well there's my favorite Bella." His lips too took a turn upward and I immediately scowled; trying to put the bitch act back on.

"Yeah…Whatever." See what I mean! He's just so hard to be mad at him, let alone act like you are. His smile faulted but regained presence as he saw that mine never really left my face. God damn stupid shiny Volvo owners and there blissful charm!

5 Minutes later. (of staring in each others eyes)

Thanks to the beauty of small business and their tendecy to have fast service, our trance was broken. "Here you go sweet cheeks." She said with a wink which was of course directed to Edward. I never really looked at Shelly until now, she was pretty. Blond hair, hazel eyes, and slender with a nice ass and great boobs( don't act like others girls don't check out other girls and size them up, if you did you'd be a liar.)

"Thank you," he said, oblivious to her sex-crazed filled eyes.

"Do you need anything else sweetheart?" Her smirk and lingo were all too nice, she was flirting.

That bitch.

Does she have eyes? Can she not see that I'm sitting right here? Hello. Me. Date. Sitting right in front of him.

"No thank you mam' that will be all we need. If we do, i'll ask." Edward always the polite one.

But he finally looked south from my face and seemed a little irritated.

Good, he's mine whore. Ohhh, god. I'm acting jealous? Shittt, I'm even giving her that one look that says "back the fuck up bitch, I own that shit!"

She looked at him

"Ok…ay, just give me a holler when you need me." She walked away and had the audacity to sway her hips in a seductive manner along they way. Slut.


As time went on Bella's mood lightened up significantly. We talked about everything we could manage and I even got her to talk about her mom, though I could tell this was a distant subject and that there was more to it then what she had told me.

But I only could sense this because I had discovered that over our many conversations over the week, when she lied her lip twitched and when she was uncomfortable about a subject she would fidget with her fingers.

She was like an open book, one look into her brown eyes and I could tell how she was feeling. Right now we were on the topic I really didn't want to go on about….. previous relationships, I gulped at what I was going to have to let her know.

It was now the moment of truth, the part where Bella will hear about the me she's never seen, but will never ever get to see. I was in fact a changed man because of her.

"How many girlfriends have you had, Mr. Cullen?" She looked down at her fingers; I knew this stuff would make her uncomfortable, as well as me.

"All of them or just recently?" I was trying to stall; she could tell.

"Whatever, don't tell me." Dammit! I just got her to thaw out and be nice Bella for me.

By god I have three feet. I guess its now or never. I sucked in a rather large gust of air and heavily blew out.

"Fine." She looked up, expecting. "I've only really had….3 girlfriends my whole life..." The rest you could say were 'flings' but I didn't want to go into ALL that, I already look pretty damn bad with my reputation and what not at school.

She gaped at me and stuttered on her words. "Only three? But, you, I mean? Huh… how long did you date them for?" Yet another question I didn't want to answer.

"Okay the first, her name was Nikki. That lasted about a month, when I was just starting 7th grade. The second, her name was…uh, Mindy? Yeah, Mindy. Well I started dating her for about 3 weeks until she cheated on me," Bella gave me a sympathetic look, but her eyes urged me to continue, "The last girlfriend I had wad Lindsey. We dated for about half a month."

I didn't even have the balls to tell her why. The reason because being that we broke up was that I cheated on Lindsey 5 time in about one week and many more after that. When I met her it was around the time I had discovered the effect I had on woman and I didn't have the heart to break up with her, she said she loved me. Thinking back on it now, that is a sad excuse to use. I never really took the time to see what my actions had affected upon others.

When I broke up with Lindsey (because even a person like me knew that she knew and still stayed by me and took my shit and that she was too good for a bitch like myself, though back then I just thought it would be easier to get ass without the ball and chain…. I was a complete and utter ASS, damn Ed…) and the worst thing is I don't remember any of the girl names I cheated on her with… pathetic.

She still hadn't said anything so I took that as my time to ask her, her skeletons in the closet. "So tell me who your boyfriends were?" I really didn't want to know though..

"Pass…" She started her finger fidgeting again.

Hmmm now Edward is intrigued. I smiled then gave her a stern look.

"Bella." I stated firmly. I told her mine, it's only fair she tell me hers.

"Edward…" Is she embarrassed?

"Bella, it's okay. I won't laugh. Promise." I said smoothly; trying to persuade her further.

"No…it's not that, it's just…" She trailed off leaving me restless.

"Just…?" I perplexed.

"Okay, but I'm only telling you this because we are friends." I grinned at her and she gave me a blush, and then continued.


"One?" couldn't be.

"One." I guess it could. I gave her an amused look and a crooked grin.

"No way. How could you only have one? You by far too amazing and beautiful to only have one man craving you. You had to have had to beat them off with a stick, probably still do." Her blush deepened, but she nodded, clearly embarrassed.

"I'm serious." She practically whispered. I needed to know more from this beautiful creature.

"Well why?" I looked at her reverently, a little shocked. How could this be? One is less than all mine and I'm the sex crazed villain. Her face suddenly went a little paler and she looked away from me, staring at nothing.

"I don't want to talk about it, please." She whispered, almost in tears.

Oh no.

I reached my out and gently took hers from across the table. I rubbed soothing circles on it with my thumb. "I'm sorry, we don't need to. Would you like to go now?"

Heart broken. It had to have been that. I can't believe that some man could have possibly been stupid enough to break such a beautiful woman's heart. Oh what I wouldn't give to kick the fucker's ass.

"Yes." She returned her gaze and gave me a strained smile that was so clearly obvious fake; it literately broke my heart. I gently squeezed her hand and sadly smiled at her while waiting until I saw Shelly pass by.

"Shelly? Can I get the check please?" I called and she turned to give my voice notification.

"Sure Hun, one sec." Shelly walked back to the kitchen, retrieving our check. I pulled out my credit card as she returned.

"Here sweet stuff." Seriously, enough with the names. She handed me the black leather booklet.

I said thanks and handed her the card, she walked back to go charge it. I returned my eyes back to Bella. She was staring daggers at me.

"What?" I asked totally unaware of what I had done to trigger this.

"Why did you pay!?"

"Because I took you out on a date, why wouldn't I pay silly girl?" She's crazy.

"I could have paid for myself." She growled and pulled her hand from mine.

"Now what kind of date would I be if I didn't pay?" She hmphed.

"A good one." My question was supposed to be rhetorical, guess she didn't get the memo.

"Ouch." I smiled and she blew her bangs out of her face with a 'whooshing' noise escaping her lips when doing so.

"Still should have let me pay for my half." She grumbled and crossed her hands across her chest.

"Nope. I like paying for you. Enough arguing." I demanded playfully. Shelly came back handed me my credit card. I –once again- said my thanks and stood up, jerked Bella up by her hand and towed her slender frame outside.

"Well I might as well get this out of the way. Thanks," She gave me a wink, " I actually had a fun time as strange as that sounds."

"Oh our date isn't over yet,"

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