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Note: There is mention racism in this. I do NOT support racism in any way, but for the purpose of this story one of the characters is racist. I know it's a touchy subject so if any part of this offends anyone please let me know what it is about it that does and I will do my best to fix it (but please don't flame me).


Carter, Hogan, Newkirk, Kinch and LeBeau sat around the table in the middle of Barracks 2.

"We're going to bring Sharpf in through the emergency tunnel tonight. Newkirk, Carter, thank you for volunteering," Colonel Hogan said.

"When do we leave Colonel?" Carter asked excitedly.

Newkirk sighed and rolled his eyes at his friend's enthusiasm.

"Twenty-two hundred hours. You're going to meet him at rendezvous point two at twenty-three hundred."

"What's the recognition code, sir?" Newkirk asked through the cigarette between his lips.

Hogan sighed, "He'll say, 'The chimpanzee from the zoo escaped.' Then you'll say, 'I think his name is Freddy.'"

Carter smiled, "I sure won't forget that, boy! Uh, sir." He turned to the corporal next to him, "You remember Freddy, Newkirk?"

Newkirk sighed and pushed Carter's hat down over his eyes.

Carter tilted his head back and grinned at his friend.


"I think that's him," Newkirk whispered from their hiding place, crouched in the bushes.

The man walked closer and stopped, looking around.

"The chimpanzee from the zoo escaped," he said, cautiously.

Carter and Newkirk stood up next to him.

"I think 'is name is Freddy," Newkirk replied.

Sharpf sighed in relief.

"I'm Carter and this is Newkirk," Carter said, holding out his hand to shake Sharpf's.

"Good to meet both of you," he said smiling.

"Now that we're all introduced, lets get movin', shall we?" Newkirk said, irritated and nervous.

"Oh right," Carter grinned and they began the trek back to Stalag 13.


The trio climbed quickly down into the emergency tunnel and proceeded to the main tunnel, where Kinch was manning the radio.

"Welcome to our happy Stalag!" Newkirk said, sweeping his arm as if to show off a lovely view.

"I can't stay here," Sharpf said unexpectedly. "I must leave at once."

"Why?" Carter asked, confused.

"I didn't know you had them helping your operation," Sharpf said, looking at Kinch with distaste.

"You'd better be kidding," Newkirk said threateningly.

Kinch was crunching the note in his fist and Carter's face was turning red as he too clenched his fists.

"Of course I'm not kidding! I can hardly stand to be near those things!"

The next thing they knew, Sharpf was sprawled out, unconscious, on the ground with an angry red splotch appearing near his temple and Carter was standing above him, breathing heavily and rubbing his knuckles.

"Did he just...?" Kinch asked, astonished.

Newkirk grinned and put an arm around Carter's shoulders. "That was smashing Andrew!"

Carter pulled away and began pacing back and forth like a caged bull.

"Bloody hell, he's really steamed!" Newkirk said, as Hogan and LeBeau climbed down from the barracks.

"Who's really...What happened?" Hogan asked, taking in the scene before him.

When no one answered, he went to look at Sharpf. Hogan moved to turn Sharpf's face to get a better look at the bruise forming there.

"Don't touch him," Carter said shortly.

"What?" Hogan looked up at the young sergeant.

Carter ignored him and continued to pace.

"I can't believe I shook his hand. The scumbag. I'm gonna have to burn my clothes," Carter murmured to himself.

Hogan sat there for a moment, just watching.

"I woulda done it myself if he hadn't," Newkirk muttered.

"I still can't believe it," Kinch said, watching Carter as well.

"Believe what?" LeBeau asked, feeling left out.

"Carter punched him," Newkirk said, beaming with pride.

"Carter?" LeBeau repeated, not believing his ears.

Kinch nodded.

"Oh mon dieu!"

"Alright," Hogan said, standing up. "Someone had better tell me what happened. Now."

After a moment's pause, Kinch spoke up.

"Newkirk and Carter just got back with Sharpf and he immediately started saying he had to leave-"

"Why?" Hogan asked.

"Cause he's a ruddy pip, that's why," Newkirk growled.

Hogan put a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.

Kinch continued, "Because he saw me."

Newkirk felt the Colonel's hand tighten on his shoulder he tensed.

"He is a ruddy pip," Hogan agreed.

"Let's give him back to the Krauts," LeBeau said darkly.

Hogan went over to Carter, who was still pacing.

"Are you alright, Carter?" he asked, standing in the sergeant's path.

"I think I broke a couple of bones in my hand," he said, cradling the appendage.

"I'll get Wilson to look at it when we get back in the barracks, but that's not what I meant."

Carter looked up at Hogan, confused for a moment.

"Oh! I'm not really sure, I've never really been mad before. I mean, boy, I've been upset before, but..."

Carter's voice faded as he saw Sharpf on the ground.

His eyes widened.

"What?" Hogan asked, concerned.

"I hit him!"