Wait..! So My Grandfather Wasn't Crazy?

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"Mom, please?!" I nearly screamed at my mother; Hannah.

"No, no, no, no. Since you'll ask again… no!" She yelled back at me, stirring her hot cocoa.

I slumped down in the chair and pouted. My light black hair was covering my quivering lip and wisped over my bright blue eyes. The thing is; I got all my facial features from my dad, John Carver.

My dad was well respected in his line of work, but he was a high class snob; according to my mom. He had the blackest hair ever, almost jet black, and the brightest blue eyes. At least, that's what my mom told me he looked like. He worked as a judge; he was doing a murder case on some guy, named Bobby Brown, when my mother walks in as a witness.

After my dad saw her, it was like love at first sight. He talked to her everyday and she finally got involved with him, in both a physical, if you know what I mean, and emotional way. Then they started going on dates, having sex; you know the usual thing men and women do when they're together for 6 months. Then my mom found out she was pregnant; he wanted a baby boy, but of course 9 and a half months later, I popped out, and boy did he get pissed. He told my mother to give me up to an adoption agency and when my mother said 'no' he got mad and ran off to the local bar.

After he had a few drinks, he wanted to drive home. A mile up the road from the bar, his green car was swerving. A trunk headed at 70 M.P.H up the same road, crashed into the truck making my father's car get crushed and the Wal-Mart truck flip over and set on fire.

"Alexis; I only want the best for you sweet heart." She said to me, she stroked my hand that was on the coffee table. I looked at her hand on top of mine and took it back. Turning my hands into clenched fists, I slammed them on the table, making my mom's coffee cup shake.

"Your protecting me… by not letting me see my grandfather's grave!?" I screamed at her, frustrated. Then there was a knock on the door, my mother sighed and got up.

"Wait here." She said to me and went to answer the door.

"Like I have any where else to go." I snorted and got out my PSP, my beanie slipped down and I heard the door creek louder and footsteps. My mom stuck her head into the kitchen.

"We have visitors, be on your best behavior." She said to me smiling, she knows I won't, I thought and smirked to myself, shutting off my PSP while slipping it into my back pocket. Standing up, I walked into the family room.

"And there's my little girl." I groaned slightly, knowing better than to talk back when my mom was already pissed off.

"Hi," I yawned and gave a little wave.

"She seems energetic." A manly voice replied to my small 'hi'. I snapped my eyes open and looked at the man; he had black hair and brown eyes, kind of muscular. I snorted and looked at my mom.

"Your new boy-toy mom?" she stiffened slightly.

"No! They came to ask about your grand father…" She said, her whole face was flushed. I laughed a bit and looked at the younger boy.

He was around my age, maybe a couple months older. He had brown hair and brown eyes, in conclusion… he was extremely gorgeous; wearing a white t-shirt that covered his baggy, plain brown cargo pants.

I tuned into the conversation my mother was having with the older man.

"I found this in my late-brother's box…" He said handing her a book, not any book; my favorite book.


"So, look at all the notes…" she flipped through a couple of pages and stopped on one particular…

"Wait...?" She said, her eyes widening. She got up, slowly, going over to my grandfather's book collection and getting his copy of 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'. She opened to the same page; it was the same picture and notes. The guy looked confused.

"Take me up to the volcano tube, where my brother's machine is." He ordered.

"Fine; 2,000 dollars."

"A day, no problem." Trevor smiled, cockily.

"An hour…" My mother corrected him. His eyes widened and stared at her.

"Your kidding right?"

"Nope." Wow, my mom's blunt.

He sighed and then the younger boy spoke, "Will you take rolls of quarters?"

I had to giggle at that, that was pretty funny. The younger boy looked at me and I shut up faster than you can say 'pumpkin pie.'

"That's fine. Whatever you can pay me with… I just need money." The older man chuckled slightly and held out his hand.

"I'm Trevor by the way and this is my nephew Sean." My mom shook his hand and smiled at Sean.

"Hello, I'm Hannah and this is, my daughter, Alexis." My mom smiled brightly and took me by the shoulder and patted it.

"Hey." Sean said to me.

"Hey," I replied, smiling slightly.

"You can sleep in Alexis's bed; Alexis sleep on the couch and Trevor take my bed; I'll take the chairs…"

Trevor started to open his mouth but my mom beat him to it.

"NO BUTS!" Trevor shut his mouth just like I did before and smiled lightly.

"Alright." My mom smiled again and pushed me towards Sean.

"Show this nice boy, Sean, to your room and I'll show Trevor mine." I grumbled casually and walked towards my room, the last door on the right.

"Here is my room, it's not the best, but it's also not the worst room in the world. Night," I said curtly and started to walk away, but Sean took my wrist in his hand and turned me around.

"Hey, listen. Thanks for letting me stay in your room and everything." I could tell he didn't want to 'thank' me, but did anyway.

"Hey no worries, I'm used to sleeping on the couch when it gets too hot in my room." I turned the knob and pushed the plain white door open. Sean's eyes widened at the first glance at my room, it wasn't a normal girly room. Sure it had splashes of pink and purple on the walls, but it was solid, very dark gray, with splashes of water colours and rainbow colours on the wall.

The really only thing girly about my room was the stuffed animals and the white canopy bed that sat in the middle of the room, then again I also had a vanity covered with make-up and jewelry.

"I don't feel comfortable sleeping in your room…" I laughed, loudly.

"Why not?" Sean looked at me with a 'are-you-retarded' look.

"Boy…" he pointed towards himself and then towards me, "girl." I sighed and pushed him in my room.

"Nighty night Sean."

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