Chapter 13: What have I gotten myself into?

Wait! So my Grandfather Wasn't Crazy?


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I grabbed Sean's hand with my own, the clammy feeling was growing over to his hand, yet he didn't pull away.

Did I ever mention I had this deathly fear of heights? Well if I didn't already, let me mention it now.

Sean's hand was pulsating with heat, making my hand ever clammier. I was shivering, but I was hot. He looked at me and smiled lightly.

"Let's just get this over with shall we?" He squeezed my hand reassuringly, "just follow my lead." I nodded, hopefully nothing went wrong, but again; who was I kidding?

Once we reached the edge of the cliff, Sean let go of my hand and an empty, pathetic feeling filled my heart. Why was my heart aching so? Sean looked at the rocks that were in front of him. He took one step back and jumped to the first one. I felt my heart race, like it was going to come out of my chest. Sean sighed once his legs stopped shaking and looked back at me.

"Okay, once I jump to the next rock; you jump to the one I'm standing on okay?" I tried to nod my head, but it just came out as a hyperactive, compulsive shake. Sean's eyes showed worry, but jumped to the next rock. Just like the first rock, he was shaky at first, but slowly regained his control.

It was my turn now.

I walked backwards a good three or four steps, closed my eyes and just concentrated on my breathing. I started counting backwards and slowly opened my eyes. I started running forwards and took a leap of faith. I wasn't as graceful as Sean; I landed on my hands and knees making the rock lurched forward and crash into Sean's rock.

"Shit!" I screamed as Sean's rock moved farther away from me, he was gripping the rock with his hands so tightly his knuckles were turning white. My rock slowly started turning upside down. I heard Sean scream: "Hold on tight!" All I could do was do what he said. I closed my eyes as I felt my body being flipped upside down. I didn't look for a good minute, then I could feel my muscles slowly weaken.

"Sean! I can't hold on anymore!"

"Move your body forward! The momentum will help the rock flip over!" I opened my eyes for a split second and noticed he was safely on the other side. The rocks all piled over on his side; how was I going to get over? Better yet, was I going to die here? I lurched my body forward, just like Sean had said, and the rock slowly flipped over. She was more than half way there.

"Now what?" She screamed at Sean, obviously afraid.


That was actually a smart idea. I started "paddling" the air with my hands. My forearms were sore, but I had finally reached the other side and with Sean's help, I was up on my feet. Though I told him we couldn't more for a while.

"Why not?"

"My legs are about ready to give out you dunce."

Sean chuckled lightly, "Ah."


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