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"Hidden serpent fireball jutsu!" a raven-haired boy yelled and shot off a string of flaming snakes towards a group of saplings.

As soon as the last flaming serpent reached the boys' hand again, he fell over panting hard.

Another raven-haired man came from the concealment of the bushes. "He isn't strong enough!" he roared and set the left side of the forest aflame without saying a word or using a hand sign.

"Calm down love. He's only a child," a woman with long purple-black hair said softly as she too came from the concealment of a bush.

The smaller dark haired boy looked up at the woman. "Orochimaru-san!" he yelled and jumped up.

Orochimaru smiled wide and opened her arms to the boy. "Has your daddy been mean to you Kaoro?" she asked sweetly and looked over to the now strawberry red looking man.

"I told you not to call me that teme." He growled and walked away.

Smiling, Orochimaru pulled a kunai out of her kimono and threw it at the man. "Cheer up Sasuke-kun!" she yelled and pulled Koaro onto her back.

Sasuke dodged the kunai and glared red daggers at the boy and the woman. After a few seconds of glaring, he disappeared into the treetops.

"Let's go see your sister Kaoro." Orochimaru said and began walking towards a clearing.


"Kabuto-kun!" Orochimaru yelled and set Kaoro down so that he could go find his sister. "Where are you Kabuto-kun?" the purple-black haired woman looked around, then put her hands on her hips. "oh Kabuto-kun! I have a special request of you!"

Within seconds, the grey haired ninja was in front of Orochimaru with a light blush covering his pale nose. "Yes Orochimaru-ku—san." He corrected himself before he could receive a long lecture on his mistake.

Finding out that Orochimaru was now a woman was hard on the poor ninja. He just wanted a place to work, and a friend, not a cross dresser/mentor/mother/male.

Orochimaru smiled and licked his lips greedily. "Kabuto-kun, I need you to find Sasuke-kun, and make sure he doesn't try to go into any villages. He has been restless ever since the twin's bodies were complete. I don't want him wandering off and giving a slip of his tongue." As he finished, he ran his fingers through Kabuto's hair slowly, then from his temple to his lips. "Do this for me and you'll get a reward."

Kabuto nodded eagerly and disappeared. His task seemed easy enough. A) Make sure Sasuke didn't do anything stupid. That wasn't so hard in the first place. B) Make sure he didn't go into any villages. That would be easy too if he planned it well enough. And C) follow Orochimaru's hidden instructions. The ones that were so hidden in his speech, that no one other than Kabuto would be able to decode it. Don't let Sasuke see Naruto at all costs.

Kabuto nodded to himself as he followed Sasuke's anger level. The ninja might seem calm and centered on the outside, but on the inside, he was a mess. A complete one at that.

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Teme— it can be used for many different bad names.

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