He woke up hearing someone throwing up and coughing, pained racked coughing. Isshin detangled himself from the bed sheets and got up a little groggily as he walked out into the hallway, the girls room was dark but Ichigo's door was ajar and the bed empty.

"Ichigo?" he asked worriedly as he halted outside the bathroom door, listening for any response, instead the retching continued. "Ichigo, I'm coming in."
"No dad…" Ichigos' voice was weak and filled with pain; Isshin ignored the no and opened the door finding Ichigo leaning against the toilet. The usually vivid face drained and the brown eyes were glassy with pain, he squatted next to his son placing a cool hand on the clammy forehead.

"How long have you been feeling ill?" he asked with a soft voice, as he wet a towel with his free hand and dried Ichigos' face with it.

"A few days." The short answer made Isshin doubt that his son was entirely truthful, he also knew that his son barely got any rest these days. Ichigo suddenly leaned back over the toilet and threw up again, Isshin felt his face blanch as he saw that the vomit was nearly all blood, Ichigo suddenly went limp in his grip.

"Ichigo, come on," he whispered as he gently laid his son down on the floor, a finger on the rapid pulse. He got up and rushed to the phone, this was not something that they could treat at their own clinic.

"Dad?" Yuzus' light voice from the opening door made him look back.

"Get an IV kit!" Isshin cried out as he called for an ambulance. "This is the Kurosaki Clinic; I need an ambulance for a patient presenting with hematemesis and probable hypovolemic shock, Kurosaki Ichigo, July 7th, 1993, blood type A neg."

Karin was kneeling next to Ichigo when he came back from the phone, he heard Yuzu coming back up the stairs carrying the emergency kit under her arm.

"I took the entire kit dad," she whispered as Isshin pulled the case open, taking his stethoscope and a scissor.

"Good, Karin, get me a port. His left elbow is usually easiest," he said as he cut the shirt in two, before listening to Ichigos' swift slightly irregular pulse, he checked the pupil response, normal albeit a bit sluggish.

"BP, 60/30."

"I can't find a vein dad." the twins were scared, he did not blame them; he was scared too.

"Let me try," he said with a reassuring smile as he took the needle from Karins' trembling hand. Isshin tapped the crook of the elbow repeatedly before changing the position of the strap. He felt along the muscles for an easy access and found one. "There… Karin, NS and put the pressure-cuff on it," he ordered as he returned to monitor Ichigos' life signs as Karin arranged a saline bag.

Isshin felt his heart jump when he heard the sirens wailing come up the street, silencing when they reached the clinic.
"I'll go and meet them," Yuzu said as she stood and practically flew down the stairs. The two men made their way up the stairs and a barrage of questions fired at Isshin who answered them as he helped secure Ichigo to a stretcher. As the ambulance personnel had loaded the still unconscious Ichigo into the bus.

"Kurosaki-sensei, we can't take all of you in the bus and I don't think that any of the girls should go alone with us. It is better if you take a taxi or your own car." Isshin nodded backing away as the doors closed and the blue lights swirled on the roof.

"Dad?" Yuzu asked from behind as she snaked her hand into his bigger.

"I have to call a cab, meanwhile get dressed," he said gently as he pressed her chilly hand.


Wordlist for those who wonder.

IV intravenous

Hematemesis vomit containing blood

Hypovolemia state of decreased blood volume