I know; total shock, right?


I dressed quickly, stumbling a bit as I left the locker room. I was still laughing a bit over how right Mike was and how clueless he was about it at the same time. I searched the area for Edward's mind and found him leaning against the side of building, waiting for me- thinking about my gym class. He had eavesdropped again to see how I was in gym: so basically, he saw Mike hit me with the racket.

I walked right up to him, knowing I was the one he was waiting for. "Hi," I acted polite and not angry that he saw what happened. I gave him a grin.

"Hello," he greeted. He had a glint in his eye that was teasing. "How was gym?"

"Why don't you just ask yourself since you know already?" I smiled. "Busted…" I chuckled.

Edward was about to speak but, apparently, he was listening to the same banter as I.

'I HATE him. I wish he would die. I wish he would drive that shiny car off a cliff. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Stick to his own kind- to the freaks.'

I shook my head, rolling my eyes.

"Newton's getting on my nerves." Edward and I said in unison.

I chuckled.

"So, how's your head?" He brought up innocently.

My smile went away and I frowned. "You should not have listened in. It is wrong- you know that." We started walking toward his car. "I mean, you don't see me listening in to people's thoughts."

He gave me a pointed stare.

"On purpose." I added.

He rolled his eyes, half-smiling. "Sure, Bella, sure." He chuckled.

I skipped a step, hesitating in my walking as we approached a group of guys crowding around Rosalie's M3. We were ignored as we got into Edward's Volvo.

We tried getting out but the guys would not move and Edward's "scary stare" was lost from the tinted back window.

"Want me to try?" I suggested.

He waved his hand at me telling me to go for it. I got out of the car and whistled at them to get their attention.

They all stared at me in annoyance and appreciation.

"Mind moving out of the way?" I asked politely.

None of them moved.

I rolled my eyes and glared, gritting my teeth and tensing my jaw. They seemed scared enough and they backed away from both cars, leaving the parking lot. I got back into the car with a smile on my face.

Edward had a smile on his face, obviously holding in laughter, and backed out, driving me home.

"Are you still mad?" He asked.

"Yes." Not really.

"Will you forgive me if I apologize?"

"Maybe, if you mean it- And if I can drive this Saturday."

"Deal." He stared right into my eyes. "I'm sorry, Bella." It seemed like he couldn't look away from my eyes. Just the same in reverse… "And I'll be on your doorstep bright and early Saturday."

I nodded. "Don't drive to my house, though. I don't want to have to explain a Volvo. I don't think Toby would let me go if he knew I would be with…" I trailed off. I was so used to saying 'vampire' as an insult but now I can't even say it at all.

"A vampire." Edward finished, knowing what I was going to say.

"Yes. He's a very protective 9 year old."

"I imagine so since he almost saw you die."

"Not because of that. He sort of HAS to be protective. He's next in line for Giant Clan's protector."

He stared at me speechless. "You're going to put your 9 year old son in charge of protecting an entire clan?"

"It's only if I take the road less traveled: turn human on my 200th birthday."

"Will you?" He asked, keeping his eyes forward.

It took a moment for me to respond. "I leaning toward no. I might even take the road never traveled. But I'm not too sure at this point- my whole life is jumbled up…"

He parked in front of the house. "What exactly is the road never traveled?"

"Why did you say we can't hunt together?" I responded with another question.

"Just like every other immortal, we give ourselves to our senses. We don't think- just hunt. If you were anywhere near when I went hunting…" He shook his head, running his fingers through his hair.

"If you remember, I was there."

"Exactly and look what happened: I started to hunt you. On a longer hunt, I think I may actually hurt you if you came."

I looked at him with sad eyes. I bit my lip, wondering if it was okay to tell him. Debating, I realized that it was. "Teddy almost killed Charlie." I stared at him and into his eyes when his head swiveled to look at me. "The entire clan was out hunting in a major place down in Oregon and Charlie was there, visiting a friend. He went hunting for dear and his scent was to Teddy's liking. If I hadn't been there, Charlie would be dead, Teddy would be a Hacker, and the clan would have fallen apart. I'm the only one whose able to keep their head while hunting."

"What do you mean; Teddy would be a Hacker?" He didn't know the transformation.

"When a Shifter gets thirsty and drinks human blood, they are not Shifters any more- they turn into Hackers. Once a Shifter has a taste of pure human blood, they crave it constantly- they are always hungry and they always go after humans."

"What did you do to stop Teddy?"

"Theodore is a strong man, Edward. He can keep his head but he does lose it. I knew if a loved one was hurt, he would go to them. Theodore lunged at Charlie and I jumped in the way, taking the blow." I stared off to the side, remembering what had happened as if it were yesterday. "I was injured for three weeks, even with advanced healing. But as soon as Theodore realized I wasn't his prey, he got out of his bloodlust and helped me. He had almost eaten my jugular." I pulled down my collar to show a scar on my neck, running diagonal across it and going down and past my collarbone. "This is the scar he gave me the day of the attack."

Edward was gripping the steering wheel subconsciously, teeth grinding together. He was upset that someone I had trusted almost murdered me.

"I'm alive so it doesn't matter. The past is the past and what was forgiven is forgotten." I sounded so calm and bored.

We just had a soft stare down for a while. All of a sudden, I felt my pupils dilate and my canines grew, poking my bottom lip. The electrical hum- the same from Biology- showed up between us and I noticed Edward's breathing hitched where mine stopped all together.

I just wanted to reach over and touch him at least ONCE. But I knew that one touch would lead to another and that would lead to more- so much more. And it was forbidden- for us, at least. I suppressed the urge to lean over and press my lips to his- I could tell he was the same.

I drew in a ragged breath, closing my eyes and facing forward. Edward's breathing slowed down.

"Bella, I think you should go now." Edward's soft voice rang out.

I internally thanked him and immediately got out of the car, taking my bag with me. The window rolled down. I looked back to see Edward leaning toward me.

"Oh, and, Bella?"


"Tomorrow's my turn."

"Turn for what?"

"Asking the questions." After that, he drove off.

I walked up to my door to enter Charlie's home. My cheek felt like it was burning with no pain- the same spot where Edward had touched before. The electricity was a thrill to me.

I smiled. Even though I wanted him by my side now, which he wasn't, I was happy- I would see him tomorrow.


Okay, I don't know what's wrong but all of a sudden, I felt the urge to write more of this.

People have wanted me to continue it and every day I get reviews and viewers so I thought: why not?

Also because the idea was running through my head and wouldn't leave. So I hope you're all happy…I might write more- depends if I have time…