Harharhar, it's a Mahou Sensei Negima! fan fic! Yay! lol. I don't know why, even though I read it awhile ago, I'm recently re-obsessed with it, and I finally felt the urge to write a fan fic of it. Which is shocking, because I'm the type of person that lacks motivation to do anything unless I'm really interested. You know what? You guys can blame Setsuna for being so awesome. She's probably the reason why I'm re-obsessed. And I can't seem to stop drawing Setsuna pictures with my horrible art.

Before I begin, there are a few things I'd like to address. First of all, I don't know exactly when this fic takes place, I'll just place it after the current arc and they've somehow solved it, because of this, there will of course be spoilers, so don't read unless you keep up with Negima!

Secondly, there are no pairings, except maybe Negi and Nodoka mildly, but I decided it best to leave those out to focus on the plot. Even though I am a tiny bit fond of KonoSetsu...

Thirdly, please excuse my stupidity as I am trying to pass this off as a story with some sort of plot, so plot holes, spelling errors and other stupid stuff WILL BE COMMON.

Fourth of all, yes, I talk a lot, you must be up to date with the Negima manga unless you like spoilers and not understanding what's going on. Because I will be avoiding trying to explain everything that happens up to that point, introducing and describing each character that's going to come in. I'm not going to do that, so you guys have to know what the story's about and the characters if you want to make head or tail of this story.

Another thing bugging me is... the complete lack of Setsuna fan fics here. Over 1000 fics and only 2 pages of Setsuna ones? A shocker! I'm here to remedy that with bad writing! To the rescue!

Anyways, I digress.... So let us just begin this stupid thing before I start rambling about something else again.

Ch 1

Morning was just dawning on the Mahora Academy campus as Negi Springfield, child teacher awoke rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning Negi-Sensei!" greeted a cheerful voice. "I've made breakfast! I hope you like sausages!"

Negi continued to rub his eyes. He had a strange dream last night, and now his thoughts were all muddled. Where was he? That's right, in his room. Who did that person's voice belong to? Right, the voice belonged to Konoe Konoka, a student of his class that he boarded with.

It had been a week since he and his group had returned from the magical world after defeating Fate. He had been having several weird dreams lately as a result, but those were sure to leave with time.

Negi wolfed down his breakfast and was out the door in no time, his head clear and ready for the day to come.

He arrived at the girl's middle school campus greeted by the masses of students making their way to their homeroom classes.

Suddenly without warning, an explosion resounded temporary rendering Negi deaf in his right ear. Something had gone off to his right, and now several students were running around in panic.

"Everybody please calm down and make you way to your class as soon as possible to await further instruction from your teachers!" Negi shouted, taking the initiative to calm down the chaos. He pushed his way to the explosion site, shooing away all the students and telling them to go to their classes. No one had been injured, except of course, the statue of the headmaster that had exploded.

Within minutes, more teachers made their way outside to usher their students indoors and to take care of the situation.

In the end, the students were all sent back to their dorms and the school was put into a temporary lockdown.

Negi himself was called to the headmaster's office. The headmaster solemnly started at Negi over his folded hands before he began. "I'm sure you sensed the traces of magic at the site of the incident, did you not, Negi-kun?"

"I did, headmaster."

"Well, there's obviously a mage involved, so therefore I would like to have you lead an investigation to find out who did this and why. I have several possibilities in mind and I've documented those in this file. Please report back to me when you have gotten a lead."

"Leave it to me Headmaster!" Negi saluted smartly.

Negi left the office with the file and headed back to the dorms.

Asuna, and Konoka were already in the dorms, and they had been joined by Setsuna.

"So Negi, what did the headmaster say?" Asuna asked

"He thinks that a mage is responsible for this, and he wants me to investigate. He gave me a few leads to start out on as well."

"Psh, why is grandfather so lazy? Can't he do it himself and not bother Negi-kun?" Konoka pouted childishly.

"I'm sure he has other things to tend to, Ojou-sama."

"Well, we don't have to do it." Kamo, Negi's talking ermine interrupted, "I mean, we just got back from Wales."

"Kamo! That's really rude! The headmaster asked me to specifically do this! I can't disappoint him."

"Fine, fine. Let's start by talking a look at the file."

The next hour or so was spent on skimming through the file of possible suspects. It was extremely difficult due to the fact that the file also included people that only seemed barely likely to commit an act such as blowing up a statue in public.

"Ah! I think I found something!" Asuna exclaimed "Look here! It says the head of the Northern Magic Association has some sort of hatred thing for the other associations. He believes that his Association should be in control of all magic in Japan. This, Yagi Shin guy also is the head master of Gizensha Middle School. If it's anyone, it's got to be him."

Negi took the profile away from Asuna and read it over. "This is it! It's probably this guy! See here, he even despises Western Mages, which is probably why he attacked the middle school, where I am!"

"What should we do next then?" Konoka asked. "Just suspecting isn't going to prove anything."

"Simple" Kamo said slyly, "We send someone in to infiltrate the school and get proof."

"One problem, Pervert Ermine," Asuna cut in. "It says here that Gizensha is an all boys middle school. In case you haven't noticed, we're all female here."

"But Aniki isn't!" Kamo countered.

"But he still has to teach class. The teacher can't just leave like that!"

"Well then, we'll have to go with plan B. We'll dress one of you guys as a guy to infiltrate the school."

"Well, who is it going to be? Passing off as male isn't exactly easy." Setsuna asked.

All eyes fell on her.

".... What?...."

Yeah, this chapter fails. I realize, it's much easier to write a Gyakuten Saiban fic. I dunno why, I think it's because it's dialogue heavy and there aren't too many characters.

It's being created off the top of my head, I actually have no idea where this story is headed, so that's why it fails. yay! 8D