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Mightier than the Sword

"What on earth are you doing, Mudblood?"

Cue Hermione's twitching eyebrow.

"Well, let's see. What does it look like I'm doing you slimy little ferret? I only have a quill and parchment." Hermione feigns wonder as she looks down at her work, "Oh my! When I dip my quill in ink, and put in on the page, a magical thing happens! A magical thing called writi-"

"I get the point Granger." Draco snaps, "I was merely asking why you decided to waste your time writing of all bloody things."

"It's for the debate to put charms on bathrooms so the opposite gender can't get in." Hermione seethes along with a glare, "You know that thing Professor McGonagall wants us to finish by tomorrow? I see you've been putting in a lot of effort."

"How dare you suggest that I even need to try," Draco sneers, "filthy Mudblood."

Hermione once again decides to ignore his insults.

"Besides," Draco continues, "I find just doing it on the spot; all action is the best way to debate."

"Ever heard of the saying 'The pen is mightier than the sword', Malfoy?" Hermione asks with a sigh.

"What a load of rubbish," is his snide answer, "don't tell me that's more of your pathetic muggle mumbo jumbo. Give me a sword any day."

"Violence isn't always the answer Malfoy!" Hermione snaps along with her patience.

"How dare you speak to me in that manner, you filthy little-"

Later that day, Draco was found in the hospital wing, recovering after being stabbed with a quill several times. (He has a scar to this day.)

Moral of Story: The pen is sometimes mighter than the sword, as long as in the end it draws blood.

Moral of Story: no matter what i do my random stories never end up the way i want them too!

i dunno, i'll probably re-do this one. so give me ideas! constructive critism ALWAYS welcome. R&R (magical button below may come in handy)